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    So, the Asus ROG Swift PG279QM is finally available, and I picked one up

    So I bought this monitor from Adorama through Amazon and the monitor was defective upon delivery. So I started a return with Adorama through Amazon I got a response stating "Hi, I have followed up today with the manufacturer and unfortunately they don't have an update yet regarding our RMA...
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    Embracer Group is Buying Square Enix Montréal, Eidos Montréal and Crystal Dynamics for $300 million

    Damn, I wish they would use id tech engine instead. Semms like the new unreal engine has issues.
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    Dell Alienware AW3423DW 34″ QD-OLED 175Hz (3440 x 1440)

    I'm curious to see the input lag results with no gsync or adaptive sync.
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    3080 Ti @ $1299 ???

    What and how do you do the app trick?
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    Classic DOOM with Ray Tracing in New Video

    Tried it out and it really adds to the immersion. Too bad it doesn't work with brutal doom tho.
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    Nvidia’s new G-Sync monitors let you switch between 1440p and 1080p

    Would you know or have a list of which 240hz panels fast enough?
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    The Great RTX 3080ti / 3070ti Scalper Event starts June 3rd

    what lobby should i look at for drops?
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    Crysis Remastered

    Nope, check my pics for cpu usage.
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    Crysis Remastered

    I think I read somewhere that low objects in remastered are high in the OG crysis. But I dont remember.
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    Crysis Remastered

    Actually, I have a similar setup to yours. I'm on a 2080ti with a 10700k. There are settings to get gpu usage up to full. I see about 85-99 percent with these settings. This is at 1440p@144hz. Objects and vegetation set to low(now medium) doesn't seem to have that much of a lower picture...
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    Happy 15th birthday F.E.A.R.

    Any good graphics mods that are worth trying out? Maxed out im st like 400 fps. Lol
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    Competition is good! Now price war time. :)
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    5800X/5900X motherboard pairing

    If coming from intel to the 5900x which amd motherboard will be cpu-drop-in-ready without a bios update?
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    Crysis Remastered

    I loaded up the original and at 1440p@165hz very high settings with AA off, rtx 2080ti and a 8700 and I can't get the gpu usage over 45%. Jesus christ, I don't remember it being that badly optimized. Is there a way up up gpu usage at 1440p?
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    Crysis Remastered System Requirements Published - New "Can it Run Crysis? Mode Announced

    I hope so too. I havent heard anything about it being.
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    Creative Sound Blaster AE-5 Plus Internal Sound Card and DAC Review

    I just got this sound card. It sounds very good but one of my games with voice chat push-to-talk has an issue. Quake live now lags for a split second once I release the button to chat. My onboard didn't do this. This is with a fresh install of windows too.
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    Asus monitor out of range

    I just installed a new sound card(creative ae-5) and when I loaded up quake live it gave me an out of range error for my monitor. Wondering if it has anything to do with the pci1 lane interfering with my graphics card's pcie lane. motherboard is a gigabyte z370 and monitor is a asus 144hz...
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    Doom Eternal adds a kernel-mode driver for Denuvo anti-cheat

    Now I'm scared to launch the bethesda launcher because I don't want it to auto update . Is there a way to uninstall doom eternal without launching the bethesda launcher? I don't see doom in my add/remove section of windows.
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    Fan releases Super Mario 64 port for PC, no emulator required

    Anyone know how to use a controller, and how do you change resolution? Is there a option screen?
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    Doom Eternal

    Anyone know how to skip the intro movies while using the Bethesda launcher?
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    AT&T lowers price for 1 Gbps fiber to $39.99/$49.99 a month for the first year then $59.99/$69.99 after

    I live in milwaukee and going by ATT'S website internet isnt available at my address, yet i get att gigabit fiber through a local pc shop(milwaukee pc) for $90/month. Would be nice to switch directly to att to get this deal.
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    Rift CV1 3rd Sensor Issues

    Happened too me too. It was a bad sensor. Check to see if the white light comes on the top of the sensor. If not, probably a dead sensor.
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    People Can Fly, Square Enix Release Gameplay Trailer for Next-Gen Videogame Outriders

    Bulletstorm was awesome. So maybe this will be good.
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    Nvidia and Asus unveil a 360Hz gaming monitor designed for e-sports

    Quake live's common default fps is 250.
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    Rt-ac68r+att gigabit

    Yeah I'll probably just wait and see.
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    Rt-ac68r+att gigabit

    My pc and one of the 4k tvs are wired, everything else is wifi.
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    Rt-ac68r+att gigabit

    I have the ASUS RT-AC68R with spectrum right now with speeds at 400/30 and the wireless router seems to do good but I just signed up for att gigabit and was wondering if i'd need a new wireless router? I have 4 ppl in my house with 2 4k tvs and ppl are always gaming or steaming. Thx!
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    sold locally

    sold locally
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    Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro Is $299 via Amazon

    Can you explain a little more. what's obs? I'd like to capture some quake live matches.
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    Your 9900k still cant handle Crysis

    Want to sell that poster?
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2080 Ti Performance @ [H]

    I ran the game's campaign at 1440p with everything on ultra except AA and DXR on low and got these benchmarks, 13-01-2019, 10:21:06 bfv.exe benchmark completed, 287210 frames rendered in 3109.062 s Average framerate : 92.3 FPS Minimum framerate ...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2080 Ti Performance @ [H]

    I have a rtx 2080 ti with a 8700 and 16gb ram. My average fps at 1440p@ultra preset with rtx ultra is about 60-70ish, but there's a very odd feeling when enabling rtx. It's almost like a layer of lag has been added even when my fps are in the 70s. Anyone experience this or feel this?
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    NVIDIA RTX Titan Teased by Influencers

    Geez, that's pretty brutal.
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    Initial RTX performance...

    Is the game(single player) out yet?
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    Milwaukee water cooling.

    Damn that's sounds like a plan but I have one tube going through a hole in my case to the bottom of the radiator.