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  1. Jelly

    Warm? Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds 40$

    Snagged a set. Good features for the price point.
  2. Jelly

    SLA printer thread (Mars, Anycubic, etc)

    I recently obtained a Elegoo Mars for 200 bones off amazon and have been fairly impressed so far. I haven't done a whole lot with it yet, but initially i'm impressed. Who's got a resin printer? I have only printed with Elegoo's Standard Grey Resin so far, but I like it enough i'm going to order...
  3. Jelly

    Gaming Rig 2019: Budget 2k

    Stuck with helping a buddy plan/possibly build out a system for, he's got 2k to work with. Would probably be willing to spend more if it was justified. In the past he's bought Alienware for the warranty, but he's looking to upgrade. Problem is, i'm out of touch with new/current hardware, i'm...
  4. Jelly

    New build, No experience with new hardware.

    Ok, I don't know that much about current hardware, but let me tell you one thing. I would like to run anything current (games) above 60fps with no slowdowns. Long have I sat with a crappy laptop stuttering along in games made off year 2000 technology at 15fps, It's time to build a Tim the Tool...
  5. Jelly

    Help me come up with a PC Build.

    nevermind.... Im a retard. lol.
  6. Jelly

    help me figure out who this is

    Just like the title says, im looking for more of this model. I used to see her pics all over but i cant for the life of me remember her name. thanks!
  7. Jelly

    Purchasing Used PC's

    So, I am in the wholesale business. I often get computers from leasing companys. I find it AMAZING at how stupid some BUSINESS people are, leaving thier personal data, pictures, music, movies, ect ect. Thankfully im not a creep, but my god dont these people think about if thier personal data...
  8. Jelly

    Netbook question

    Is there a netbook with non-integrated graphics? Intel has nothing to offer me, I'd really like something small, portable, and non-integrated. Any suggestions?
  9. Jelly

    Hey all! How many are bored with WoW?

    Im new here, and I need to get my post count up. So I figured I'd introduce myself a little, and as the title states... How many of you have played WoW, and gotten bored with it? I myself started playing at release (known as Vanilla wow now) I was in a Full t2 geared raiding guild, and Upon...