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  1. Smoked Brisket

    The custom/unique case thread.

    Are there any small business/custom/unique case makers out there any more? Any failed kickstarters that will still offer products? Please dont say MountainMods(love them, scratched that itch years ago) and do not say singularity(2000 plus for an acrylic distroplate with legs???Barrowch offers...
  2. Smoked Brisket

    Satin acrylic tubing

    Can anyone point me to a video guide specifically about this? I am about to try my hand with satin acrylic and I understand that the tubing will discolor under heat. I have no problem bending acrylic but have never worked with a satin finish. Any advice appreciated.
  3. Smoked Brisket

    Singularity Computers has updated the Protium

    The last time we saw an update from Singularity in terms of reservoirs was a strangely shaped distro for close to $400, no pump included. It seems they have updated the protium series by mounting the D5 sideways, allowing for different mounting positions, sort of. I know that singularity has...
  4. Smoked Brisket

    PSA: Be aware of rigid tubing inner diameter.

    I recall a post here on these forums asking for help with bends that were collapsing/flattening. The usual responses were given, add more heat, no that's too much heat etc. After a few builds I have settled on 14mm OD as my size of choice, am real familiar with it and have two or three silicone...
  5. Smoked Brisket

    Alphacool drops some new radiators and some new coolant, or is it?

    I am very into water cooling, and love promoting it any way I can. At first glance this seems like good news. Alphacool is releasing new rads! When is the last time we have seen innovation in radiators? Looking at the short article on TPU it does not appear that we have some new world beating...
  6. Smoked Brisket

    AMD finally gets some love with a unique WB from Bitspower

    Bitspower has announced some interesting GPU blocks for AMD 6000 series. According to TPU the blocks are supposed to mimic the reference AMD design. At first glance the blocks look a bit "plastic" to my eye, however they are all aluminum and plexi according to BP. Design is subjective, and while...
  7. Smoked Brisket

    Philips Momentum 55' vs. LG CX

    Both panels seem to offer the same things in terms of size and refresh rate. Philips has Display port LG has hdmi 2.1. I am upgrading from a wasabi mango 55UHD perfect pixel because I have a 6900xt and want to have 4k at 120hz. Is there a clear winner here? Why...
  8. Smoked Brisket

    Aquaero 6 pro not reading temp sensor

    I have recently completed a build and am using an aquearo 6 pro along with a high flow 2 that advertises built in temp sensor. I have the HF2 connected to the 3 pin "flow" connector on the AQ6 and the included sensor part of the cable connected vertically to the 2 pronged sensor 1 connector. I...
  9. Smoked Brisket

    Samsung to build 3nm node in Texas? Yeehaa!

    Well this would be pretty cool to have in my home state. Here is the link
  10. Smoked Brisket

    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    So I started a thread about the 5700xt that was largely panned by the community. However in that thread I was given the suggestion that a poll was needed. So then I thought that I would expand the poll to include all graphics cards just for fun. I do not have the knowledge to make that list, but...
  11. Smoked Brisket

    EK has a big showing at CES with one surprise.

    The water cooling giant showcased several new products of interest including an active backplate that EK claims lowers vrm temps by double digits. However the most interesting thing to me is the very last slide shown in the article. The slide was not even mentioned, just slipped in, but it...
  12. Smoked Brisket

    Arctic anounces new series connectable fans

    Arctic has announced it's Bionix p-120, rgb fans capable of wireless series connectivity. If these perform as well as their p-12's they are quite exciting coming in at $55 for a pack of 3. Great to see some competition with Lian Li Unifans in shortage and largely available only at extreme...
  13. Smoked Brisket

    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    I have owned many cards since my first build in 2001. I started with a 9800pro. That card lasted many years. By that time I had the bug to build, I loved it, and I lived by the mantra that an enthusiast builds with the best product at the time, regardless of brand. I got lucky three times, in...
  14. Smoked Brisket

    Water block arrived for 6900xt

    Here it is with some pictures. Please forgive me for indulging myself. I thought that [H]ard should have some kind of record of this card with this block. So I am not very good at editing [h]ard posts but I got the block today and installed it. The block is the heaviest I have ever dealt with...
  15. Smoked Brisket

    WOOOOOHOOO! Help me find a water block!

    Sorry for the flambouyant post but I am bustin'. I thought I would have to wait until march but for shits and giggles I logged in to Newegg tonight and started f5ing a 6900xt combo and holy shit I got one in cart. Panic started to set in as I fumbled past insurance and had to find my wallet to...
  16. Smoked Brisket

    Alphacool releases 4 new blocks for RTX 3000.

    I am on the fence with these blocks. I like acrylic, but this is A LOT of acrylic. I would like to see some metal to break it up a bit. What do you all think? Here is the link: When is the RX...
  17. Smoked Brisket

    Another beautiful product from Optimus

    Optimus has released a GPU block for EVGA FTW 3080/3090 series cards. If you get the backplate it ain't cheap but, as a recent convert to their cpu blocks, I can tell you that the quality is not just skin deep. This block is great looking and oozes craftsmanship. Take a look...
  18. Smoked Brisket

    New bitspower 3000 series blocks spotted at PPCS!

    I know, good luck getting a card any time soon, but these blocks are a bit different. I was hoping to see some compact block designs based on the FE pcb and this block and the EK vector blocks are very good looking. I think the Vectors have more of a wow factor but these Bitspower blocks are...
  19. Smoked Brisket

    ZEN 3 performs best when paired with RTX 3000???

    Techpowerup recieved some criticism when their early reviews did not confirm that ryzen 5000 series had not, in fact, nuked intel in gaming. They wondered why. Here is the link:
  20. Smoked Brisket

    EK has anounced "Vector" waterblocks for 3080 founders edition cards.

    I know that this is about a week old but these blocks look really cool. I have said before on these forums that the 5700xt Liguid Devil had the best looking water block I have ever seen, and I stand by that, but, man, these look really cool. I will wait a few months for benchmarks and custom...
  21. Smoked Brisket

    Aquaero for beginners. What else do I need?

    So after listening here and doing some research I decided I wanted to dive a bit deeper into this hobby and control my loop based on coolant temperature. So I ordered this...
  22. Smoked Brisket

    New water block boutique enters the fray.

    The past couple of days I have noticed a new CPU block over at Performance PCs branded TechN. They look to be high quality, the AM4 version is a huge monolith. I dont regret my recent Optimus purchase, but these would have been in the running. Igor's lab has a review from October, they beat...
  23. Smoked Brisket

    Ultitube at great price.

    Was just browsing around and stumbled on to the ultitube/d5 combo, pump included for $159. Relative to competing companies this is fantastic value. Thought it was most useful in this forum. I have seen a few new threads asking about new build advice. At this price I would start here if I was...
  24. Smoked Brisket

    Wasabi Mango, Remember those?

    So i think the first time I heard of the "Wasabi Mango" Perfect pixel monitors was here. It was around 4 years ago around the time when the cool kids on the [H]ardforums were finally adopting 55 inch Samsung high end televisions as pc monitors. Around that time, I dont know where it started...
  25. Smoked Brisket

    Unifans are here!

    Lian Li's new wireless daisy chain-able fans are finally getting released to reviewers and I, for one, am impressed. I have been waiting to see these in the wild since last years CES and the videos do not disappoint. These fans look great, especially from the side. Pressure and airflow ratings...
  26. Smoked Brisket

    Help me identify these fittings.

    The build is certainly using Barrow fittings overall but I cannot find these "T" splitter type fittings he is using. Here is a pic and here is another angle...
  27. Smoked Brisket

    Id cooling fans?

    Does anyone have any experience with these fans? I like the looks of them, yea i like pastel, and the numbers seem decent in terms of static pressure. Anyone use the zf 12025 in a custom loop?
  28. Smoked Brisket

    AIDA 64 failure. Should I be worried?

    So I have an Asrock x570 Taichi with a 3700x and Gskill Trident z Neo that was advertised for AMD x570 boards. When I leave the ram at stock 2133 I can run AIDA64 stress test all day long. When I enable xmp profile I get a hardware failure message. When I enable xmp profile and set infinity...
  29. Smoked Brisket

    Are there any boutiques left?

    So Caselabs is closed and used ones are impossible to find. Are there any boutiques left that make full tower cases? I know Mountain Mods still exists but they havent changed in over a decade. I know there are a few small form factor startups out there but what about something big? I would...
  30. Smoked Brisket

    Nickel plating. What if it wears off?

    So I see a good deal of posts around the interwebs where people are concerned after flushing a loop that their gpu blocks dont look brand new and show a "rust" color. I see a great deal of overreaction to blocks not looking "brand new" anymore. I would like to open a thread here because there...
  31. Smoked Brisket

    Guru3d does an in depth review of the EK Magnitude cpu waterblock.

    The review is very technical, well done and worth a read. Here is the link:,1.html One thing the article notes is that there is no benefit from having an all metal block vs say copper and plexi. Something I had...
  32. Smoked Brisket

    Water cooling is dead....except it is REALLY not!

    Every time this discussion comes up it is always about cpu's. Why is there never any conversation about gpu's and the benefits of custom loops. I know, personally, that the loudest, hottest, part in my builds was/is the gpu. Can any water cooler here tell me they want to go back to ramped up fan...
  33. Smoked Brisket

    How can I get the most out of my 3700x?

    So, in the past, I have never cared about overclocking or seriously tweaking in the bios. My first build was with an Athlon xp and a 9800pro, that will tell you how long I have been a builder(for myself and the occasional family member.) Back then tweaking was more serious and, quite honestly...
  34. Smoked Brisket

    New bargain pump/res combo worth a look.

    This is not a brand new release, it came to market in February, however I had never heard of this company making water cooling products. I was just window shopping online and had to do a double-take when I saw the D5 was included in the price. Here is the link...
  35. Smoked Brisket

    Recomend an inline temperature sensor.

    I like the thermaltake options but they seem to be nowhere in stock, Bytski seem to be all aluminum. Can I get a tried and true recommendation on a sensor? Simpler is better, I just want to be able to see water temp in real time inside my case.
  36. Smoked Brisket

    New windows install, where is my 5700xt?

    So I am trying to install the latest drivers without AMD's extra adrenaline software. I have a clean install of windows 10, when I access device manager all that is listed is microsoft integrated graphics. It is a 3700x and a 5700xt in the system. How can I get windows to see the 5700xt so I cam...
  37. Smoked Brisket

    AMD is a billion dollar company that is not your friend! Ok that is clickbait, but read on.

    AMD has been killing it. I have built two AMD based computers this year. Both those computers have AMD processors and video cards in them. Now these are both x570 boards. AMD made some promises to its fans, and some guarantees that it is now backing away from. Gamers Nexus has now done two...
  38. Smoked Brisket

    Karma finally catching up with Nvidia? Investors are angry and feel mislead about Nvidia hiding the reasons their business was booming in 2017 and 2018. Accusations are that Nvidia new...
  39. Smoked Brisket

    AIO liquid cooling is coming to video cards. Finally a use for that second pcie slot?

    Asetek, creator of cpu AIO liquid cooling, has come up with a "radiator card" that slots into a pcie slot underneath the video card. I think it is a good idea considering that SLI being dead has left a gaping hole in that spot for years. I predict a series of "custom loop wcooling is dead"...
  40. Smoked Brisket

    10900k review leaked. Good news for team blue?

    Looks to be that way. With new AMD processors around the corner Intel could use a win and competition is good for all. Here is the link: