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    Need help with cisco 1811 dual wan port forward config

    I'm trying to configure cisco 1811 with dual isp internet connections. Everything is working fine till i get to setting up port forwards. The port forwards for 2nd ISP do not work while connection to 1st isp is active. If if shutdown the connection to isp1 the port forwards work fine. here's...
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    ZFS Damaging WD20EADS Drives?

    OK this might seem kinda silly but I'm starting to suspect that ZFS is somehow causing bad blocks on my WD hdds. About 3 months ago I've created 2x 8drive raidz2 pool using WD20EADS hdds. All drives were tested prior to this and none had any problems. About month ago I started to get zpool...
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    Yet another ZFS Build

    So I've decided to jump on the ZFS bandwagon. Still undecided on the OS but it will be something that supports zfs. Here's what I've got for hardware so far. case: norco rpc-4224 mobo: Supermicro X8DTH-6F cpu: Intel Xeon E5620 memory...
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    Possible to run VCenter on intel atom ?

    I want to get rid of my virutalized vcenter and replace it with small/cheap rack-mountable server. I was thinking of using one of the supermicro intel atom D510 barebones like this one My setup consists of 2x vsphere 4U2 servers 12 active vms 2-4 play around vms that only run some of the time...
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    Project: Alters - VMware ESX Server, 56K warning - lots of pics

    Project name: Alters - is a name for alternate egos or personalities in people diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, now given that virtualization allows one to run multiple systems with multiple distinct operating systems all one one server I though the name was fitting. Goal of the...
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    LG 42LBX as a computer monitor

    So I'm thinking of buying LG 42LBX to use a monitor for my pc and just wondering if anyone uses that screen as a monitor and could share some opinions. The LG would be replacing my 37" westy.
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    SAS Raid controller for VMware ESX

    I'm thinking of building an ESX server and I need a sas raid controller for it. It has to be 8+ ports and low profile. So far I'm considering: Adaptec 5805 Areca ARC1222 and ARC1680ix-8 (can't find the 1680 in stock anywhere) 3ware 9690SA-8I The controller will be used with SAS Drives...
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    Project: No Name File Server. 56K beware

    Ok so it was time to upgrade my file server. My old one had 5TB in 2 raid 5 arrays(15 drives) and with 300 gb of space left it was time to expand. I couldn't come up with a good name for the new box(all the good ones are already taken ) so for now it will be "the no name" file server, if you...
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    Boxee Invites.

    Looking for an invite to boxee If I get one I'll give away my invites to [H]. For those that don't know Boxee is a new "operating system" for htpcs. You can see it in action on the last episode of (Episode 244)
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    Areca raid controllers and WD WD10EACS drives

    I'm about to upgrade my storage server with ARC-1680IX-24 controller and 20 WD 1tb drives(WD10EACS) so I was wondering if anyone has any experiance with those drives on the areca controller. I read some Ockie's post where he was having issues but hes running jbod where I will run them in raid...
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    Low cost archiving solution for small business

    I'm looking for low cost archiving solution. I'm trying to find a solution that will allow my company to store our orders and some accounting data in read only archive. Basically I want something like Content-addressable storage but all the CAS products I find are way out of our price range...
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    Looking for LCD to use in portrait mode.

    I'm looking for lcd that offers good quality image in portrait mode, something i can use for word processing and web browsing. Looking for something 19-22" So far I've been considering dell 2007 and Samsung 226CW. Any others I should consider? Any one know of any good reviews for portrait mode use?
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    OCZ ATV Turbo 8GB

    Just wondering if anyone has one of those, is the 8gb version as fast as the 4gb? any benchmarks? I need a fast usb drive and with the corsair gt sucking ass now I need something new. I know the ocz 4gb version is fast just wondering if the 8gb uses same chips etc.
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    HP LaserJet P1006 $50 Shipped from Egg

    Just got this in my email HP LaserJet P1006 for $99 with free shipping Use promo code: EMCACBKAB for extra $50 off total $50 shipped
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    Looking for reliable wifi ap/bridge for corprate network, cisco 1130ag?

    Ok I'm looking for a reliable wifi access point/bridge for my company's wifi network. I'm currently using netgear wag102 aps and for the most part they work pretty well but from time to time they crash and require a reboot sometimes I can't even bring up the gui and have to reboot them by...
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    Low profile bracket for intel pcie nic

    Ok I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I need a low profile bracket for my intel pro 1000 pt nic I'm rebuilding my torrent box, I want to put it in a slim case but the nic I have right now has a full height bracket. Now I know i can buy this nic with a lp bracket but I...
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    ODD issue with strider st75f

    I have an asus p5n32-e sli plus with e6400 and 2gb of ocz ram, I tried powering it up on my test bench using the silverstone st75f the power supply would turn on for about 2-3 seconds then shutdown. The st75f works perfectly in my amd opeteron machine. I tried powering up the p5n32 with my old...
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    Help me choose: asus Commando vs P5N32-E PLUS

    Im building a new c2d system and i cant decide which motherboard to go with, im torn between Asus commando and the p5n32-e plus. I mostly use my system for gaming (rpgs, strategy, some fps) Heres the rest of the components cpu: e6400 ram: ocz flexxlc DDR800 2GB gpu...