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    Irdeto Launches Denuvo Anti Cheat

    Denuvo's DRM software is extensively used throughout the AAA gaming industry, but it's also been the focus of several recent controversies. Some have accused it of degrading performance in the games that implement it, while others claim it barely puts a dent in the piracy of more popular titles...
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    AMD Confirms Stadia Will Run on Intel CPUs

    They could've (erroneously) been talking about AMD's SMT implementation. However, I admit that is pretty unlikely, seeing how AMD wouldn't want to mix up their branding with Intel's SMT as part of the announcement for many reasons, hence they would be careful about the wording.
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    AMD Confirms Stadia Will Run on Intel CPUs

    As one of the world's most pervasive cloud service providers, Google is in a better position to launch a successful game streaming platform than almost anyone. The hardware they choose to use for the launch of their "Stadia" streaming service will undoubtedly influence future game streaming...
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    PCIe SSDs Will Overtake SATA in 2019

    The effect is further multiplied by chip manufacturer competition, I think. The flash memory market is fairly oligopolistic, yes, but everyone and their mother is coming out with a PCIe SSD controller these days. There used to only be a handful of PCIe SSD controllers to choose from, and many of...
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    PlayStation Introduces State of Play Broadcast

    Last year, Sony dropped out of E3 for fairly nebulous reasons, and canceled their annual Playstation Experience event. The announcement left many wondering what Sony would replace the events with, and today, it seems that the company took some notes from their competition. Mirroring the periodic...
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    PCIe SSDs Will Overtake SATA in 2019

    A recent report from Digitimes claims that PCIe SSDs could finally overtake SATA SSD shipments in 2019. Unit prices for 512GB PCIe SSDs have supposedly fallen 11% sequentially, down to a price of $55 in Q1 2019, while SATA SSD prices only dropped 9%. The price gap between the different SSDs was...
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    Ransomware Encourages Victims to Subscribe to PewDiePie

    PewDiePie's battle with Bollywood star T-Series has pushed some of his more enthusiastic fans to extremes. A group of hackers used printers to promote their favorite YouTuber last year, and more recently, they hacked their way into Smart TVs, Chromecasts, and Google Home devices. Now, recent...
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    Nvidia Releases "Creator Ready" RTX Drivers

    Earlier this week, Nvidia rolled out a set of "creator ready" drivers that are compatible with consumer GPUs, but optimized for professional applications. This level of support is typically reserved for drivers that only work with pricey Quadro GPUs, but Nvidia says they've conducted "exhaustive...
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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    That's a heck of a chart. I'll link that in the front page post, thanks.
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    CD Projekt Red Reiterates Plan to Release 2 Games by 2021

    It could be related to their previously announced (and publicly funded) multiplayer "research" project. While I don't know the details, I heard that they changed Cyberpunk 2077 to have more of an SP focus.
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    Unreal Engine is Getting Destructable Environment Support

    High-quality destructible environments seem like something that should be standard in 2019, but even today, it's a relatively rare thing to find in a game. It was a headlining feature Red Faction: Guerilla back in 2009, and a prominent feature in the recently released Crackdown 3, but detailed...
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    CD Projekt Red Reiterates Plan to Release 2 Games by 2021

    In post by an official CD PROJEKT Moderator on their forums, the company re-iterated its promise to "release a second AAA game by 2021." The Polish company started teasing Cyberpunk 2077 way back in 2012, and the game still doesn't have a release window, but just what else the company is working...
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    All Digital Xbox One S Could Launch May 7

    Following up on previous reports claiming that Microsoft could unveil a disc-less Xbox One in April, Windows Central allegedly got their hands on some photographs of the upcoming console, and recreated them in Photoshop to protect their source. "Additional documents" they obtained suggest that...
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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    Based on what I've seen, it seems that Disney will be launching their service as something seperate, and they can't necessarily take over Hulu since Comcast still owns a 30% stake. That puts Hulu in the akward position of competing with the company that owns a majority stake in it. You aren't...
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    Health Apps Sell User Data

    A recent study from the BMJ found that many popular health apps share more data with advertisers than they probably should. The researchers analyzed 24 Android apps with scripts that simulate real world usage, and found that 19 of them shared potentially sensitive user data with 55 "unique...
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    Intel Previews Processors and Graphics Software at GDC 2019

    At their GDC 2019 conference, Intel confirmed that they'll launch 9th generation mobile processors in the 2nd quarter of 2019. While 9th generation H-series and Y-series "Ice Lake" parts recently showed up on the EEC website, Intel told PC World that these parts are based on 14nm Coffee Lake...
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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    My vote for "favorite new Disney princess" goes to Lana. Disney already owns ABC. TBH, I have a hard time keeping track of the ownership chains these days...
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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    In spite of regulatory hurdles and anticompetetive accusations, The Walt Disney Company completed their acquisition of Fox yesterday. Disney themselves value the deal at about $71 Billion, and say they expect to make at least $2 billion from it by 2021. As we've noted before, the deal could have...
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    Intel Shows Off Graphics Card Designs at GDC 2019

    Intel reportedly unveiled some "early designs" of their upcoming discrete graphics cards at their GDC 2019 presentation. The graphics card in the first and 2nd slides they showed largely reassembles an Optane 905P SSD with a blower fan and a conspicuously short PCB. While the Xe's specs and...
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    Nvidia Skips Ampere at GTC 2019

    Several news outlets seems to think Nvidia's GTC presentation was relatively longwinded and unexciting this year. The three-hour keynote reportedly featured some software announcements and a low power Jetson board, among other things, but didn't feature the 7nm Ampere GPUs many were expecting...
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    Facebook Unveils the Oculus Rift S

    At GDC, Facebook unveiled their next PC virtual reality headset. Among other things, the Oculus Rift S features a "higher pixel density" and "improved optics," but doesn't divulge many technical details. According to UploadVR, the new headset now uses a single 2560x1440 LCD instead of dual...
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    Google Fined $1.7 Billion Over Monopolistic Practices

    The European commission has reportedly slapped Google with a 1.49 billion Euro (or $1.69 billion USD) fine for "abusing its monopoly in online advertising." More specifically, the report alleges that Google prevented companies that using its search service from running any third party adverts...
  23. AlphaAtlas

    Microsoft Criticizes FCC Broadband Report

    According to a recently spotted FCC report, Microsoft thinks that the government is a little generous when it comes to their analysis of broadband availability. Based on their own analysis, some areas that supposedly have access to speeds of over 25 Mbps really don't have much access at all, and...
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    Samsung Introduces Next Generation HBM2E

    At NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference, Samsung unveiled an even faster version of their HBM2 memory. A stack of "Flashbolt," as they call it, can deliver up to 410 GBps of bandwidth, which they claim is 33% faster than previous offerings, and a single package can hold up to 16GB of memory...
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    Digital Foundry Analyzes Google's Stadia Platform

    Following Google's "Stadia" game streaming service announcement yesterday, Digital Foundry decided to take a closer look at the hardware behind the platform. Google says they use a "Custom 2.7GHz hyper-threaded x86 CPU with AVX2 SIMD and 9.5MB L2+L3 cache," and while they didn't mention the...
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    Anthem Was Bioware's Second Best Launch

    Following their trouble with Mass Effect: Andromeda, Bioware has a lot riding on their last big release: Anthem. Recent reports of low physical sales, as well as mixed feedback from the players in the game, suggested that the title might not be doing particularly well. However, a recent report...
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    Otherside Teases System Shock 3

    We haven't heard much about Otherside's upcoming System Shock sequel recently. They teased the game back in 2016, and have released a few other screenshots and some concept art, but the devs just made a bigger reveal. At Unity's GDC's keynote this year, Otherside Entertainment showed off some...
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    Apple Launches iMac With Coffee Lake and Vega

    Today, Apple updated its iMac lineup with 9th generation Intel processors and AMD Vega graphics. The 21.5 inch iMac now sports up to 6 cores, while the 27 inch iMac gets what's presumably a fully enabled 8-core Coffee Lake die. Apple also says they're they're offering "Radeon Pro Vega graphics"...
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    AMD Talks 3D Stacking at Rice Presentation

    AMD has talked up their "chiplet" based approach used in their upcoming products, and according to some reports, Marvell is already selling products based on the chiplet concept. But the next logical step from that approach is to move from 2D to 3D, where different dies are "stacked" on top of...
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    Not All RTX 2080s are Created Equal

    Manufacturers have had some time to stock store shelves and warehouses with Nvidia RTX laptops, but as Techspot pointed out earlier this year, the nomenclature can be very confusing. The laptop "RTX 2080," for example, doesn't have the same performance as the desktop version of RTX 2080, and...
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    Intel Ice Lake Shows Up In EEC Database

    Intel showed off a 10nm Ice Lake "client SoC" at CES this year, and revealed that it will use the "Sunny Cove" CPU architecture. While they gave a few details about the upcoming mobile chips and the core itself, we didn't hear much about Ice Lake in higher power parts. However, Twitter user and...
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    MSI Expected to Overtake Samsung in the Curved Monitor Market

    A recent report from Digitimes claims that MSI could soon steal the rather specific title of "world's largest supplier of curved gaming monitors" from Samsung in 2019. While flat monitors have dominated "gaming monitor" sales in the past, MSI claims that curved monitors accounted for about 60%...
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    All Myspace Data Before 2016 is Gone

    Thanks to a "faulty server migration," MySpace has lost all data uploaded to the site before 2016. MySpace users started noticing the problem over a year ago, but tech support staff only recently started acknowledging that users' data may never come back. The Guardian claims "50m tracks from 14...
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    Obsidian Employee is Remaking Star Wars Dark Forces

    People have been asking for a KOTOR I/II remaster for ages. Frankly, I don't know what's taking EA so long, especially since the KOTOR mobile port and remasters from other IPs are selling really well.
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    Logitech M185 and Other Mice are Vulnerable to Keystroke Injection

    According to a recent post on David Sopas' security blog, the very popular, and very cheap, Logitech M185 is vulnerable to a keystroke injection attack. Using a recent version of the "Bettercap" hacking toolkit and a 2.4ghz USB dongle, the security researcher used the mouse to open a script...
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    Lazareth Teases a Transforming Hoverbike

    French car and bike maker Lazareth just teased a flying, turbine powered "hoverbike" that can transform into a motorcycle. No, I wouldn't believe them either, and many were skeptical of the company's claims back when they showed off renderings of the LMV 496 years ago, but they uploaded a live...
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    3DFX's Unreleased Rampage GPU Lives On in 2019

    Fixed, thanks. My excuse today: not enough caffeine.
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    Remastering "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" with Machine Learning To be fair, those use neural nets designed for images too, but you can pre (or post) process them with temporal filters. Using temporal information is a mixed bag anyway, as you can...
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    Obsidian Employee is Remaking Star Wars Dark Forces

    Jason Lewis, a professional senior environment artist at Obsidian, is reportedly porting the environments of Star Wars Dark Forces to Unreal Engine 4 as a passion project. While port looks significantly better than the 1995 FPS, to say the last, it doesn't feature any shootable enemies yet. If...
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    3DFX's Unreleased Rampage GPU Lives On in 2019

    Before 3dfx was shut down, they started developing a "Rampage" GPU that never saw the light of day. Even though the Rampage cards didn't enter mass production, a couple of prototypes were made, and Oscar Barea and Martin Gamero Prieto got their hands on one for their upcoming book on the history...