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    Fractal Design Core 1000 smallest Matx case (Modded)

    Got it from: I am an Matx fan. I have used Matx boards since the AMD K2-300 back in 1997. Was with Intel since 1998. Currently have a Asus B550m-plus Tuf Gaming Wifi Matx...
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    Alzenit X79m-CE5

    Went to Ali and picked up one for $60 shipped. I had an Intel Xeon 1620 v2 left over from my old Mac Pro 2013 cpu upgrade and 32gb of DDR3 HyperX 1600 laying around. Shipping took about 3 weeks and arrived in fairly good condition. The board is a micro-ATX ish sized. It is the same...
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    ASUS P8P67-M PRO connection problem

    Playing COD- Black Ops and on Skype at same time will cause it ot drop connection to both programs. It does not show any problem in network/ taskbar or anywhere else. And the internet/web stays fully functional. I tried: Checking Firewall settings Connected cable modem directly to...
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    Crazy Idea? Geothermal cooling

    I have searched, but haven't found anyone whom has tried it. I am thinking of scrapping my radiator for buried copper pipe. In NJ, the ground temp is a constant 55 degrees. About 16 feet of copper pipe would have enough surface area to cool the water before returning to the resevoir. I...
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    Warm- Velociraptor $199 at Bestbuy 2/01/09

    They are having a 20% off sale on all WD HD's. Picked up two raptors for $199 each.
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    Intel I7 8 cores/Oct core release date

    Has the release date for the 8 core Intel I7 been released? Not just 4 cores with Hyperthreading. I searched and didn't find it. Want to upgrade my Q6600, but can' see it if it is only to the same performance. Thanks, Stan
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    Dell QX6700 upgrade experience

    I have a QX6700 and am a Dell type user. I have tried the QX6700 in the following computers and it works perfectly without a hitch. 1. XPS 410 2. Precision 390 3. Poweredge SC440 4. Optiplex 745 Just an FYI if anyone else wanted to upgrade and had a question about it
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    2007 Intel Chipsets

    Is Intel planning any chipset releases for 2007 above the 975x chipset? Thanks.
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    Dell SC440 and PCI-E video HELP

    I did not know where else to go for help on this one. Bought a Dell SC440 with the 3060 Xeon. Installed a PCI-E Nvidia 7800 video card in it and the 16x slot pci slot is only showing a 1x connection. Anyone else ever come across this problem? Thanks, Stan
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    Benefits Pentium d 8xx vs 9xx

    Is there any benefits to either series processor? NOT OVERCLOCKED I have read that OC is better with the 9xx series, but the 8xx series have had a recent price break. Is there any performance differences between the two different series cpus? Thanks
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    Overclock the Dell XPS400- Screen shots I don't know this guy but he has the screen shot. He said he did something to the CPU, BUT what could he have done. Anyone know? Thanks, Stan
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    Dell 5150 bios hack HELP

    I am interested in reworking the Bios of a 5150 to accept Dual Core CPU's. The Dimension 5150 has a 945G chipset which supports the Dual core 820 -840 CPU. When you install it, you get the Unsupported CPU message in screen, BUT no error Beep code. This leads me to believe that it is a...
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    Intel Dual core overclock

    Looking for an Asus board that will overclock the best. I searched dozens of posts without result.
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    Intel BOXD955XBKLKR 955xe motherboard

    I did a serch but could not find it. Anyone using one? If so, any impressions. i am thinking of putting a system together with this board, an Intel 820 dual core, 2 gig Corsair ram. Please post. Thanks
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    Best Intel 775 Overclocking 915 Board

    Need your help. I am building a new system and want to overclock on air, but don't know about which board to pick. Corsair TWIN2X1024-5400C4 1GB DDR2-667 XMS2-5400 Xtreme Performance Memory w/Black Heat Spreader Intel Pentium® 4 550 Processor Prescott 3.4GHz, 800MHz FSB, Socket...