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    AW3418DW - 34.1" Curved IPS LED Monitor via BuyDig/Google Express $704 shipped

    This is the best price I've seen on this monitor. Worth a shot at $704, free shipping and returns through Jan 31, 2019. Apply code BF18 at checkout...
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    PA: AT&T users, 10GB Family Shareplan now 15Gb, current subscibers are eligible.

    Just "upgraded" my 10GB plan to 15GB. No issues. Free. My wife and I never really got close to 10GB but hey, more is better right? :p
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    iPhone 5s - 32GB - Verizon - New/Refurb from Apple New replacement from Applecare!
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    Sony a33/a55

    Anybody have experience with either of the cameras? I've been in the market for a mid level dslr for the past couple weeks. My price range is roughly $600-1100. So far I've tested and price out the T2i, D90, D3100. I only just discovered the a33 at a local Ritz shop this week and was quite...
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    Good deal on a Rokit Setup? (RP-6, RP10s)

    Hey fellow [H]ard members! I'm in a position to buy a gently used pair of Rokit RP-6's and an accompanying RP-10s Subwoofer along with all necessary cables to set it up (monster.. but whatever). The asking price is $450. I'm in the market for a solid 2.1 system but I don't do any studio...
  6. F PNY GTX 280 $390 AR, Free Shipping

    LINK Looks good to me if you don't mind PNY. :)
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    Inherited a Dell PowerEdge 2800 from work today, no clue what I'm doing

    I'm not sure if it even has much value to me, but it's brand new so I took it (I didn't steal it, it was "scraped" after we updated our systems). It has redhat linux on it, can I install XP (I have a copy) or do I need server 2003/08? Some Specs: 2x Xeon 3.4GHz processors 4x 1GB Ram 8x...
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    Rear Panel Issues... HELP!

    Ok, I built a small, basic PC for my parents. I used THIS motherboard. So, I finished installing everything and go to boot for the first time... Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Checked all the connections and so forth, still nothing. Then I unplugged everything from the back panel and tried...
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    As low as I can go: Cheap build for my Parents!

    I just finished putting this stuff together for my parents new "rig." They were getting sick of the fussy old eMachines so they contracted me to build. They are coming from an old Celeron and 256MB of ram so this should be a kick in the pants for them. It's mostly going to be used for...
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    Upgrade to a Q6600 or wait for an E8400?

    Hey guys, I recently "stumbled" into some excess scholarship money that I can spend (as long as it's school related I'm ok. PC is school related in my book. :) ). I was thinking of picking up a Q6600 from microcenter while they have them for $200. Do you think thats a good idea or should I wait...
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    8800GT vs. 8800GTS vs. 8800GTX... read on please

    I sold my 320MB GTS so I'm looking to upgrade. Here are my options; EVGA 8800GT + Accelero + fan = $265 ($290 shipped next day) Plan to OC a bit EVGA 8800GTS $300 ($325 next day) Plan to OC a bit Slightly Used EVGA 8800GTX $280 ($300 next day) OC? I game at 1280x900. What do you...