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    Feel free to make me an offer. They both have less than 10 hours of use and have the complete...

    Feel free to make me an offer. They both have less than 10 hours of use and have the complete box, etc.
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    Warm? 1920x $260 @ Amazon

    Dont forget the 1920x and 2920x get the full 64 PCIE lanes too.
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    Titan RTX - $1999.00

    Sent you a PM.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    There is more to it than just throwing them in a RAID-0 and calling it a day. You need to overclock or maintain a steady clock speed on Threadripper in order to get good performance out of RAID-0. Try disabling core-parking and lock your clock speed and do the test again. For example, the first...
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    Undocumented tech on Intel processors - another security issue?

    Because when you're cool.... You don't need the screen to be on..
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    Asus Realbench -9900K-BSOD

    The "general consensus" for a computer to be considered reliable, is that its stable under load for 24 hours. If Real Bench crashes in 2 hours, the machine is not stable. If it crashes in 15 mins, its not stable. If it crashes in between 15 mins and 2 hours, its not stable. In the end though...
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    99.5% GPU Bound with a 1080TI on Gears of War 4 benchmark

    Ummmm...Were you expecting to *not* be GPU bound when using that resolution with all settings set to Ultra, and running canned benchmark????
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    Friend building new Ryzen 2950x system. DOA no matter what.

    Hate to say this but this sounds like user error. The odds all these parts are bad? Basically 0.. Most common denominator in this is your friend, so I am just going with the odds here.
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    Apple devices are just going to be a means to get to the cloud. Apple = Chrome Book.
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    Windows 10 updates that fail to install no matter what i do

    I have seen some instances like yours when Windows is installing updates silently in the background while the user also tries to install essentially the same update windows is installing on its own. Just leave Windows update alone for the time being and it will clear itself on a reboot eventually.
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    I didn't change anything. I simply answered the question the OP actually asked (which involved WIRELESS CLIENTS in case you happened to miss that).. If you wanted to change the scenario from all wireless clients to an entirely wired network and wanted to add a separate VLAN with a corresponding...
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    No such thing as over doing it. If you are looking at using these skills in an actual career, you will come up against things a lot harder than this. The thing to remember when taking classes is that's its a free chance to screw up without any consequences. Screw ups in the real world are NOT...
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    MAC filtering on the VLAN has the same issue since all the users in the above hypothetical academic scenario are on WIFI connections. So again, its pointless. *IF* you wanted to protect the VLAN manually, forget MAC filtering and use static IP addresses with an obscure netmask for the VLAN. That...
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    I don't want to speak for BlueLineSwinger, but the overhead management isn't the major issue with MAC address based security. The issue is that its trivial to circumvent. So not only is it a management nightmare, its also 100% ineffective as accomplishing anything positive.
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    ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Threadripper Mobo Review @ [H]

    I was at Microcenter yesterday and they had them in stock.
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    Core Gen-X here..
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    Xiaomi Posts Foldable Phone Teaser

    Easy.. They just steal it like they do to all technologies.
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    9600k vs. 2600x upgrade question

    In a word? "No" In 3 words: Keep the 2600x...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing: i9-9900K CPU Testing @ [H]

    BFV system requirements state a 6 core processor for having RTX enabled.. That's why..
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    Old Sound Card... has RAM on it!?

    Having removable RAM slots were not crazy back in that era. You could load custom MIDI as well as pre-load the sounds on the card and could use the sound card co-processors for real time effects, etc. There were several sound cards that had that. Almost all of them also had IDE/EIDE as well as...
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    Windows 10 Mobile Is Officially Dead

    Microsoft isn't out of this space yet... You watch... The angle isn't that SmartPhones are becoming more like computers. Its that computers are becoming more like phones. The Surface line of products will have a pocket sized "computer" that will allow you to make phone calls.
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing: i9-9900K CPU Testing @ [H]

    Thanks for confirming your config. And I do understand the tension you face with regard to configuration and setting up the system when doing a review as it obviously has a big impact on performance. I suppose there is some room for ambiguity as to what settings would be considered "automatic"...
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    VMware vSAN - Single Disk Noncompliant

    No he diddnt..
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    NVIDIA's First 65-Inch 4K HDR Gaming Display Arrives in February for $4,999

    This already exists today. Both ASUS and ACER have models that are 4K, HDR, GSYNC, 144Hz, 27" and are under $2K (both are $1799 right now):
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    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    oops.. That taxes was a freudian slip as its tax season... :) And thanks for the confirmation. Thats exactly the information I was looking for..
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    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    Lets get to brass taxes here... Does this mean all Freesync monitors will "work" at variable refresh rate on NVidia video cards? I put "work" in quotes as I mean this in the broadest terms possible. Like, I am not saying that if the panels strobes, then it doesnt work, etc...
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    Tyan Server MB - Power Supply

    Yeah, I hate to say this but that Seasonic power supply is the problem.... The latest generation high end Seasonic power supplies are using a new digital circuitry design that is for all intents and purposes not playing nice with certain setups. Yours (and mine) are unfortunately ones...
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    Tyan Server MB - Power Supply

    OK- so everything works fine with components installed until you turn the system off. Once that happens, the next power on gets you no beep codes with momentary power then full off. Hmm.... Its possible you could somehow be tripping the power protection circuitry in the power supply. That is...
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    How do you change the Windows 7 Startup Sound?

    The sound you have associated to the "Windows Startup Sound" is the Windows Navigation Start.wav... Which if you were to listen to it, is the "click" you are describing.. See red huge arrows in the two pictures below: So how do you change it?!?!? Well, you hit the Browse button to the...
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    How do you change the Windows 7 Startup Sound?

    Yes, its really that easy.. Hit the "Browse" button on that screen and change the sound...
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    Tyan Server MB - Power Supply

    What I am assuming the manual means is that not all variants of those power supply standards listed may have a 24 pin connecter with *2x* 8 pin CPU power connectors. If you run it on a power supply with only 1x 8 pin, you may cause damage to the power, CPU, power supply, etc. The one you listed...
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    How do you change the Windows 7 Startup Sound?

    Crap dude.... Not sure what on earth you were trying to do by doing what you were doing, but changing the start sound is not what I would have guessed. All you need to do is go into control panel and click "sound". There is a tab in there called "Sounds" that has all the events you can have...
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    Techspot Tests a Multi GPU Setup in 2018

    Ahh, I do see what you are saying with regard to not being able to have *pooled* memory in this specific setup (without a performance hit).... You are indeed correct on this... I misinterpreted what you initially said due to the "performance benefits that each core is working from its own...
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    Anyone have experience converting MBR to GPT using this?

    Hmmmm.. This is interesting.. I would try this in a VM to see what the side effects were before trying on a system that I actually cared about. The only other issue I could see is that there are actual differences in the HAL in BIOS vs. UEFI. Its possible thats why they say you need to use...
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    Techspot Tests a Multi GPU Setup in 2018

    Your Threadripper example isnt entirely accurate. Two of the CCX modules on a Threadripper have PCIe and Memory Controllers. The other two CCX modules lack the PCIe and Memory Controllers and thus need to send the data over infinity fabric to the CCX modules with the controllers. The other issue...
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    High Gain Versus Low Gain Settings on Headphone Amplifiers

    Ummmm..... Is there anyone out there who didnt already know that higher gain adds noise if used with efficient speakers?!??!?!?! The only reason to use additional gain is if you cant get the volume high enough.... If you have efficient speakers, the lowest gain setting will be fine. If you dont...
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    Upgraded to 9900k. Which 2080TI to get?

    You are correct! My $0.02 on the whole 2080ti situation is this: While there are some people who have had issues with their cards, I personally dont see why this in and of itself should be a deterrent to getting one. If you do end up having an issue, you RMA the card. Yeah, thats inconvenient...
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    Upgraded to 9900k. Which 2080TI to get?

    I have a 9900X and a Gigabyte 2080ti Gaming OC (got it at launch) and have had zero issues.
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    Windows as a Service Is Failing

    You completely missed the point I was making about the multiple versions, but lets move past that.. The idea of Windows as a Service is that you **DONT** own anything! Its like cable TV. You stop paying, you dont get no service. Why do you think there are all the pre-installed apps like Candy...