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    New build after four years. Thoughts?

    Current rig is in my signature (Neptune). Looking to order these: CASE: Fractal Arc Mini R2 MB: Asus Gryphon Z97 mATX CPU: i5-4690K RAM: 4x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3-1600 Cas 7 1.5v HSF: Noctua NH-D14 PSU: Corsair HX750i GPU: MSI N760 TF 4GD5 (Twin Frozr GTX 760 4GB) Plus a Samsung Pro 840...
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    I need a new keyboard. It's been a long time.

    Since 2002 I've used the old Logitech MX keyboards. I had a wireless MX Duo, plus two wired versions, like this: This is the only design I've ever liked. I've never had issues with key blocking, and I like the media keys and volume dial. The layout is spread out nicely. Are there any...
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    Which Windows OS for home web server?

    Linux is driving me crazy. If I were to try a Windows route, which OS would you recommend? I tried Server 2008 once before, but it didn't natively support the Intel NIC (crazy that Ubuntu uses it no problem), and there aren't any Server 2008-specific drivers for the motherboard. I was thinking...
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    Setting up DDNS client on Ubuntu

    I have very limited Linux skills thus far and could use some pointers on setting up a DDNS client on Ubuntu 11.04. I'm currently trying to use ZoneEdit and ZoneClient. I think I've set up the zone correctly through ZoneEdit, but I'm completely lost with the client. I installed Python, but I'm...
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    Need some advice about hosting my website myself and DDNS

    Currently 1&1 is my registrar and host. I just assembled my web server, so sometime this week I'll be giving them a call to cancel their hosting so I can host my domains myself from home. I'll need DDNS since I don't have a static IP from my ISP. But here's where I'd like some advice on the...
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    i3-540 running super hot?

    I assembled my web server (see sig) a couple days ago, so the AS5 may not be completely cured yet. I am not overclocking it, and have no plans to. The first time I powered it on, BIOS showed it over 100C! I couldn't believe it. But it still runs that hot. I'm using the stock heatsink, and its...
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    Ubuntu 10.10 32bit or 64bit for web server?

    Just (finally) ordered the parts for a web server. Now I'm wondering which version of Ubuntu 10.10 to slap on it. Should I stick to the larger community for 32bit, or future-proof with 64bit?
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    Water in/under screen?

    Got a new NOOKColor about a week ago from another member here, who bit on the $200 deal, turned it on, and decided he didn't have the time to play with it. I fiddled with it for a day or two until my Ghost Armor came. I've applied half a dozen skins on other devices (iPod, BlackBerry, cameras...
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    WD 750GB Scorpio $93 shipped @ Newegg

    Someone at Slickdeals posted this. Great drive for an enclosure or laptop. 750GB 7200rpm 16MB cache 5-year warranty
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    Noooo! Is my MX518 finally biting it?

    The scroll wheel is acting up. I try to scroll up and down web pages and documents and it's spotty. Sometimes it won't scroll after several revolutions. Is it finally dying after three or four years? Middle-click is fine. Tracking and left- and right-clicking are fine. Just something going on...
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    Corsair CMPSU-750HX $111.99 after coupon + MIR @ Newegg

    Just got today's Newegg email, plus I saw it over at SlickDeals. Coupon: EMCKGJK25 Rebate...
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    Strange Antec 902 side panel resonance

    Anyone else with a Nine Hundred Two ever notice the windowed panel making a humming noise when the system is on? It isn't all the time. Occasionally I'll notice a subtle hum/buzz begin to crescendo and finally hum fairly loudly. To make it stop, I can reach over and just touch the panel, but if...
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    WD1001FALS 1TB Caviar Black $77.99 @ Newegg

    Bit on two myself. Coupon: EMCKGKB35
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    Anything wrong with this planned build?

    If my Amazon Sabertooth P67 order comes through, I'll likely be upgrading my rig. Planned Antec Nine Hundred Two Asus Sabertooth P67 I7-2600K 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 C8 Megahalems Rev.B MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) Corsair AX750 Current Antec Nine Hundred Two...
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    Help me with some plans

    My current rig is just over two years old. It's been a great system. A few days ago I received my MetroVac (woo!), so I blew the dust out of my case, fans and fan filters, and the heatsink, and then I removed the old AS5 and reapplied it. But I have the upgrade itch. Antec Nine Hundred Two...
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    Tripp Lite TLP810NET $24.95 @ Amazon

    Very warm! I haven't seen it drop below $34 or so in over a year. Great surge protector. I bought one over two years ago to use with my HDTV. Last year I moved it into the office for some computer and audio equipment. Now there's another on the way. :D $25 shipped for Prime members. For...
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    Major system instability (Win 7 Ultimate x64)

    Asus P5Q Pro E8400 @ stock Corsair 2x2GB XMS2 DHX Corsair HX620 EVGA GTX 260 I don't know what happened, but earlier today my computer suddenly powered down like it was reset. Then it seemed to freeze on the initial Asus BIOS screen. I shut it down and powered it on. Everything went...
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    Wii Sports Bundles - $179 shipped @ Amazon

    Both the white and black bundles are $179 shipped.
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    I need a new keyboard

    This is the keyboard design I've been in love with since 2002. I have three keyboards like it. First the white, wired version. Then the MX 700 Duo, and lastly the black, wired version shown below: I came home tonight to find water spilled on my desk. I know my cat tipped my cup (he's obsessed...
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    Another "which chair" thread

    I really need a new chair. I'm still using the chair my dad got me before I went off to college in 2002. I still prefer armless because I play guitar, but I suppose I'm open to armrests if the chair is worth it, although I never find myself wishing I had armrests. I rest my arms on my desk and...
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    Quick mod_rewrite question

    I'm still a bit fresh with mod_rewrite. I have what I need so far working, but I'd like to be covered in case the URL contains terms that don't exist, in which case the URL should be redirected. Example: Rewrite: RewriteRule...
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    Windows 7 + virtual Server 2003?

    Need some advice. I'm taking a Networking course that revolves around Server 2003 with XP being the main interface, and I'd like to be able to do lab assignments at home. I'm not sure what my options are though. I subscribe to TechNet, so I have the plethora of Server 2003 downloads available. I...
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    Asus monitor from Newegg headache

    I bought an Asus VW266H from Newegg in February 2009. One bad pixel, so I couldn't return it, but it's near the top of the screen and unnoticeable most of the time. Great monitor. Happy with it otherwise. Near the end of July, it started suffering severe artifacting during cold boots. See...
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    Severe artifacting during cold boot

    For the past several days, whenever I cold boot, my primary monitor has extreme artifacting. So extreme that I took a video of it with my BlackBerry. If you watch the video, note that my secondary monitor is connected to the...
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    Time to drop the E8400 back to stock?

    I've been running my E8400 at 3.6 on stock voltage since I built the system. It's been about a year and a half. I know overclocking reduces chip life, but I'm under the impression that increasing the voltage is the main killer. About ten minutes ago I suffered a PFN_List_Corrupt BSOD. Firefox...
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    Dell Inspiron 1520 + Windows 7 x64 + drivers

    My girlfriend has an Inspiron 1520 from late 2008 that came with Vista. Over the past two years, it was getting really sluggish. It's not that powerful to begin with. I decided it was best to backup her data and start fresh again. I kept Dell's restore partition, but I decided to install Windows...
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    Cancel hosting with 1&1, but keep registration?

    I have several domains registered through and hosted by 1&1. If I were to transfer the domains away from 1&1 and host them myself, will registration also be dropped by 1&1, or would they continue to automatically renew them for me? And what's the best way to go about this once I submit the...
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    SFF web server build advice

    I made a similar thread two years ago about using a Shuttle KPC as a web server. The plan never came to fruition. I'd like to see if I can put together a small, solid system for relatively cheap that can be a web server for years to come. I'd like it to be powerful enough (bandwidth permitting)...
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    Probably simple, but need help [PHP, MySQL]

    First, I want to compile into one list the most recently submitted items from multiple tables. For example, a list of the last five items I've put into the database, whether they're blog entries, pictures (or a gallery), a song, or a writing piece. Right now blog entries are stored in one table...
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    Strange chirping noise

    Sounds like there's a cricket in my case. I've put my ear up to all sides. I opened the case and tried to pinpoint the source, but I can't figure out what's causing it. It's steady and constant. I ramped up all the case fans and the heatsink fan, and it didn't change, so I'm assuming they're...
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    PHP and simple, static URLs

    I've always passed non-sensitive variables through URLs, but it can get very messy. I'm starting to revamp my solution so that URLs remain neat and simple while allowing certain content to still have static URLs. Instead of links like:
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    Did FF XIII marketing really just snag me?

    I went on like a 15 mile bike ride this morning with my mom. Then breakfast with the family. Then downtime between breakfast and dinner with relatives later today. So I was half-asleep on the couch watching TV, my legs jello. The FF XIII/Xbox 30 bundle commercial comes on, and now I'm on my...
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    Stealthmachines? Been considering buying a laptop soon. Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of stealthmachines? They are decently customizable with reasonable prices, and within 30 days you can return it for a full refund and an extra $100 apparently...
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    A nothing-fancy laptop under $1k?

    Let's say I have $1000 to spend on a nice laptop. This is after taxes/shipping (which is why I prefer ordering one from Amazon or Newegg). The problem I'm facing is that the specs I want seem to come only with gaming laptops. I don't want a gaming laptop. I simply want speed and high...
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    quick Visual Studio (console app) question

    My class is finally done with logic planning, and now we're touching on VB. My homework doesn't require this simple program to actually continue, but it bugs me that it wants my output to include Press the ENTER key to continue, yet it simply exits. Is there a relatively simply way for this to...
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    Windows 7 start menu search box doesn't work like Vista's

    On my girlfriend's Vista laptop, I can type in the name of a program in the start menu search box, and the program will run. For example, if I type ccleaner, CCleaner will run. Under Windows 7, I never get a program to run. It simply does a system search no matter what. If I type in ccleaner...
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    Focusrite Saffire oddities

    I've been using a Saffire for just over a year. I've been running Windows 7 64-bit since August. The Saffire drivers are listed under Vista, and the site recommends using legacy Firewire drivers under Windows 7. I did all that. I didn't notice anything unusual after I transitioned from XP to...
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    WHS updated, can no longer RDP

    One of the first things I did after assembling my WHS box was to enable RDP. It had been working fine since. I don't keep it running 24/7 due to energy costs, and I hadn't turned it on for probably two months. A couple days ago I turned it on to look through files, and it downloaded some...
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    Torchlight monsters are low level

    I'm running 1.12b, and just discovered TorchLeech. I installed some mods (mostly little stuff), and now my monsters in Shadow Valley are level 13-15. They were normal before the mods, so I have to assume something happened. Additional Gem Availability Bigger Gems Dog and Cat Dash Dragon...
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    Firefox 3.5.5. + Adobe update instability

    When I got to work this morning, I pulled up Firefox and saw that it had been updated to 3.5.5. It suggested I update my Adobe add-on for security reasons, so I did. Now I can't use Firefox for more than maybe five minutes before it locks up and stops responding. So far it's happened on Newegg...