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    Give Up The PC? Get Real!

    Exactly. What you guys are missing is that this forum is a congregation for the minority. We are the guys who, fifty years ago, said "Who would ever buy a Japanese car? They're no fun, there's no soul." We are the guys who said hot-rodding would be around forever- it still exists, but it's a...
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    MS SQL Server: cursor vs join, on a HUGE dataset

    I know the mantra, that cursors kill performance. However, in this case the dataset is enormous- I have a table with dozens of rows, and another with millions or more and the current (production) process iterates through the multi-million recordset once for each of the dozens. I know exactly...
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    Agility 4 128GB SSD $35, free ship, MIR @

    I've got my one, not that I needed it. $25 AR was too good to pass up. :) (And yes, I've done multi-rebate screw-ups successfully before. Multiple times.) Being stubborn is key. :p
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    [?] 1.8" SSD sales???where?

    Too much of a specialty part, they aren't mainstream. No volume=no sale.
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    Fall Clearance at NCIX

    "at participating Canadian resellers only", and all prices in CAD. Link is US.NCIX...
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    Fall Clearance at NCIX

    Where do you see a $10 rebate on the 620? It's showing at $50 for me.
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    [NCIX] OCZ EliteXStream OCZ800EXS 800W - $15 AR! (Large rebate)

    Meh. 80 Plus Vanilla, to be expected from a 2008 model. If you need that much power, don't cheap out; if you don't, get a newer, higher-efficiency supply. (Link requires manual editing since NCIX is blocked by [H].)
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    80+ Platinum by Sparkle - too new for reviews?

    From the sole Newegg comment: "Cons: There's only one PCI-Express connector. This is not modular. It is not as quiet as I hoped. But it is not loud." For a 400W, Platinum-rated PSU to be anything above "so quiet, I forgot it was on" is unacceptable- I'm eager to find out which fan they used...
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    NFC tracking for linens?

    I wouldn't look at "attaching" it to the linen, but rather making a laminated version that you could sew onto the label. (Laminating to make it waterproof if it isn't already.)
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    Seasonic's new 80+ Gold SSR-360GP

    Sorry about that, I thought I saw some mention of you in reference to the new AX1200i. Consider me properly shamed for my confusion. :( Corsair? And if you can go into it, why such an emphatic response to the Antec "accusation"? :p
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    Seasonic's new 80+ Gold SSR-360GP

    And currently of Antec, apparently...
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    GALAXY GeForce GTX 660 Ti GC 3GB Video Card Review

    I suspect that the 3GB version doesn't have this mixed-mode memory, and just doubles up on the optimal design that you'd see if NVIDIA had gone with a 1.5GB reference board. The performance difference going from 2GB reference to 3GB here will be HUGE in the 1.5-2GB texture range, if that's what...
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    APC 8750

    FYI: HDMI port only does 720p, unlike Pi's 1080.
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    Ivy Bridge Mobo with 32GBs of RAM

    Just remember that while it'll run, the K-chips don't have Intel VT-d or a few other features, which limits their virtualization functionality- limited peripheral accessibility in a virtualized OS, for example.
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    Asus P8H77-I mini-itx Xeon E3-1220Lv2 ECC memory without graphics card possible?

    Question is, did you test with ECC memory as well?
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    Asus P8H77-I mini-itx Xeon E3-1220Lv2 ECC memory without graphics card possible?

    Onboard video means it supports the CPU's built-in graphics. No CPU graphics=requirement for an external card. Also semi-confirmed that the Z77 version works with a Xeon, though still not sure about ECC:
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    Galaxy MDT GTX 570 - $239.99 amir @

    Because the Galaxy rep is officially recognized, and I suspect that Galaxy pays Kyle some much-appreciated advertising dollars.
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    High Tech Urinal Cakes To Curb Drunk Driving

    "Mommy, why'd the potty tell me to take a taxi?"
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    Sandia Cooler: no fan, just spin the heatsink

    My only concern is the heat transfer across the junction between the heat source and the moving part of the heatsink, but they seem confident that they've overcome that. The motor itself is loud for my taste, but I'll probably still get one just for the novelty of having it on my shelf.
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    It's 45. I'm running one. Glad they're finally available on these shores.
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    NVIDIA: PCIe 3.0 and X79 Will not be Supported with GTX 670/680 Looks like Intel has un-certified that socket+CPU combination for PCIe 3.0.
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    is using a tv for a monitor a bad idea?

    I was using a 32" TV as a monitor for about 1.5 years, five years ago, then moved up to a 40" without moving further away from my desk. I highly recommend it. I'm also moving in two weeks, and will be using a wall-mounted 55" LCD as my only screen, meaning both TV AND computer. For the...
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    Mini itx vs atx?

    I disagree with p3sty, onboard sound has gotten pretty damn good- I'm not quite audiophile, but the Realtek ALC898 codec is pretty damn good. The single biggest difference as far as strictly motherboard differences go is memory support- there is NO ITX board with more than two DIMM slots, which...
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    New Western Digital N900 router+NAS

    There is a fan and vents. And re: door, I already said I'd prefer a BYOD (Bring Your Own Disk) version. If it's not BYOD, there's no reason to make it user-serviceable.
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    This Robotic Arm Is Jammin'

    Damn, you beat me to both of my points.
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    New Western Digital N900 router+NAS I love the idea of single unit bundling a quality N900 router with built-in 2TB NAS (though I'd prefer BYOD and put in a 3TB Green instead). The only thing stopping me from buying it already? Lack of...
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    SandForce 2281 controller doesn't do AES-256 encryption Confirmed by Intel (with corresponding refund on Intel 520 drives), SF2281 controller is physically incapable of higher key-length encryption. This is a controller limitation, all manufacturers/firmwares affected with a completely new respin...
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    Intel Refund on SSD 520 (SandForce) for improper AES-256 hardware encryption Only relevant for a VERY small minority, but if you actually NEED AES-256 (AES-128 works fine), Intel will allow a full return of your 520 SSD. Note that this is a controller limitation, which means all SF2281 drives are affected regardless of...
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    MicroCenter XFX Pricing [S]illiness

    The 6790 is really something like a theoretical 6830- it's a 68x0 with stuff disabled, not related to the 67x0 family at all; co-incidentally, the 6770 is actually a rebadged 5770. The 6790 has newer features, and is generally faster anyway- it's a no-brainer...
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    HOT!! SanDisk - Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDXC Class 6 Memory Card $49.99 w/fs!!!

    That's kind of a pointless statement, isn't it? Micro and full-size are two different products, it's not like you can trim down a full-size and stick it into your cell phone. "$20K for that car? Really? Wow!" "Yeah, but it's only a good price because it's a Fusion. A Focus would suck for...
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    HOT!! SanDisk - Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDXC Class 6 Memory Card $49.99 w/fs!!!

    That's SD, not Micro SD. Doesn't work in phones, MP3 players, etc.
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    Need to borrow a processor...

    Too late now, but technically 4-pin CPU connector from the PSU would work fine. The 8-pin is only needed for high-draw usage, like heavy overclocking. The second set of 4 is run off the same rail anyway (assuming multi-rail PSU), so it's only there for higher amperage.
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    Samsung Most Preferred Consumer Electronics Brand

    D505. I heard something rattling as soon as I opened the box. Popped the cover off of the LCD hinges, and saw that one screw was just sitting on top of the hinge, not screwed in at all. Six months in, half of the keyboard stopped registering. Overnight shipping and I have a new keyboard...
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    Is AMD Still Relevant?

    Not as a standalone entity, but as a driving force to keep Intel motivated. The last good thing they did was the Athlon 64, and considering how radical that was, I still believe that was Ruiz saying "I want to go out with a bang, so make sure everything in the pipeline comes out while I'm still...
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    Samsung Most Preferred Consumer Electronics Brand

    Dell beat out Acer more than 2:1? Sad, sad day. :( My Latitude- Latitude, mind you- was a smoldering pile, after which I started cautioning all of my friends/family off of Dell.
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    Silverstone Sugo SG09

    The fan layout in the top picture is bad- side fan looks to be an intake, pushing air into the back of the power supply. Presumably, the fan's "bottom"- with intake fan- is against the front of the case, otherwise there's a dead spot where the CPU and PSU fans are competing.
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    Opening up a loop that has been sealed for 6 years

    The wrong way: The seam:
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    BD with stock water cooler, lookie!!

    Indeed. Damn! I'll bet whoever came up with the idea has gotten a nice bonus or two since then... Edit: Ha!
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    Opening up a loop that has been sealed for 6 years

    I wouldn't worry about losing a finger, but perhaps about burning yourself- the copper may get pretty toasty, and- well, they chose to make the heat absorption part out of copper for a reason. If you're going to Dremel, I'd say split the top and bottom, rather than right-left. Not sure how...
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    Mini-ITX with 4 DIMM slots ?

    Not "pretty much." Just "no." Sorry. :(