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    BitSight Discovers Critical Vulnerabilities in Widely Used Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Really should start finding other sources for some of this tech. BOSTON – July 19, 2022 – BitSight announced today the discovery of six severe vulnerabilities in the MiCODUS MV720 GPS Tracker, a popular vehicle GPS tracker made in China and used worldwide by consumers for theft protection and...
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    Windows 11 and Windows Update KB5013943 warning with Sophos

    I have actually already delt with this and got working again. But this morning the malware/ virus software I run (Sophos Home) posted a warning as I booted up letting customers know this is an issue and not to install the update. Windows 11 Bluescreen/stop error after Windows Update KB5013943...
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    D.C.S. World AH-64 Simulator

    Anyone else out there messing with this sim ? My controls are a little jacked ATM but I'm working on it.
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    Stephen Wilhite, creator of the GIF, dies at 74

    "Stephen Wilhite, the creator of the looping animated GIF image format, died this month. The death was confirmed in an obituary, which said Wilhite, one the chief architect of America Online, died March 14 — just days after his 74th birthday on March 3. He died of Covid, his wife, Kathaleen...
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    Open Pandemics connection to new variant.

    Came across this last night while doing some reading. For those working on WCG's Open Pandemics you know that it's being done through the company Scripps Research. Looks like one of their Immunologists, Kristian Andersen, has been involved with this latest variant Omicron from the start...
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    Inside VR - DIgital TV

    Saw the announcement on the AMD event video from yesterday. Is Inside VR episodes going to be available mainly off Youtube or will it be offered via another source ? Any other tidbits to offer here that wasn't on the presentation ?
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    Laplink PCMover

    Searched the forum and only found posts back to 2006-08 so a bit dated for my current question. Bosses are asking about Laplink's PCMover because Win10 isn't supposed to include Windows Easy Transfer any longer and Microsoft has partnered with Laplink to use PCMover as a replacement. We're not...
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    Stanford down ?

    I haven't been able to get any work units for the CPU for a couple of days now. Obviously my connection is up and nothing has been changed on my end. [02:38:04] - Connecting to assignment server [02:38:04] Connecting to [02:38:04] (Read 3524038 bytes from...
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    Another assignment server issue ?

    I came home and found two different machines showing the same problem. One has a GTX295 and the other a GTX260, both were getting this. [22:04:05] - Preparing to get new work unit... [22:04:05] + Attempting to get work packet [22:04:05] - Connecting to assignment server [22:04:06] -...
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    Down for the Cold

    They've instituted rolling blackouts, so all machines are off. Working off the laptop.
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    Even moar for the [H]orDe

    Went by Microcenter and picked up one of those i7 950s (199.99), Gigabyte MB, Win7 64, HSF, CDRW, and a Corsair 800D case. Then taking the RAM, HD, and Pwr supply I already had to build up another machine. First new parts. The I decided to disassemble the 980x box and move parts around...
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    Thinking of switching to evga's Folding team.

    Because I would only need a 24hr avg of about 90K points to be in their top 20. You guys are killing me with needing to be at 120K+ :D Every time I find or tweak a little more D and raise my average, so to does the minimum to make it into the top 20. I've just managed to make it for an update...
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    I ordered the Wendy's Triple with Cheese !

    If anyone here remembers the lecture that Intel microprocessor engineer gave several years ago about Intel and their CPU designs (P4 time frame), he mentions how Intel's marketing took a lesson from Wendy's. Well here is a Triple Cheeseburger and some sides to feed the [H]orde...
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    I'm Feeling a Bit Flat Right Now. .

    Because as of the latest update I've been Mowed over Dephcon - Congrats dude, keep up the steam ! (does this mean I've been Dephacated by his Mower(s) ?)