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    Are my temps about right?

    When I'm running at stock speed and vcore, I'm getting about 47-49C on idle and 57C on full load. Case temp is 38C. When I'm running at 3.7Ghz and 1.6 vcore, I get about 50C on idle and 61C on full load. The room temperature is about 29C. Are those temps about right for a lapped XP-120...
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    new ForceWare 62.01

    62.01 is now out. dl it here i'm running these on my 6800gt with mixed results. 3dmark03 score went down by 1000. used to get 12600 but now 11500. far cry performance is better though. i think that's a good trade off.
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    far cry 1.2 patch probably not out today
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    how high can 6800u oc?

    i was wondering how high the 6800u has been getting up to. anyone one have some numbers?
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    need guide for p4c800 droop mod

    ok i need to do a droop mod on my p4c800-deluxe. i set my vcore to 1.6 in the bios but it actually cant get over 1.5 even under load. the vcore goes from 1.44 to like 1.49 and that's it. i cant oc worth crap because of this, so it all comes down to the mod. i've searched google but i cant find a...
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    p-65 120mm fan mod?

    is there enough room at the back of the case to put a 120mm fan?
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    how to hook up radiator to case?

    i've seen cases with the radiator attached to the top of the case, and i'm wondering how to do that. i dont want to put it up on the top of the case, but instead, i want to put the rad where the back exhaust fan should be. does anyone have an idea?
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    Help Choosing Pump

    Ok i'm planning on building a water system for myself. Here's what i have so far. D-Tek White Water Cpu Block DangerDen Maze4 Chipset Block DangerDen Ice Micro II Radiator (maybe something else) Bay-Rez (probably, not sure yet) add in some tubing now i'm not sure what pump to get. i...
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    omg gateway AAA 10% discount!

    i just found out today that if you have a triple A membership, you can save 10% at gateway. i freakin got my xt pe for $421! you cannot beat that! the original price was $434 and with the discount it's $390. you have to call though. if you already placed an order, you might be able to just add...
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    enamal on plastic?

    can i use enamal to paint plastic or do i have to use laquer? oh and can i get a mirror finish on plastic like i can on metal?