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    Sapphire's thermal compound application. Normally this sloppy?

    Over the past 2 months, I've noticed my GPU temps (7950 OC, reference cooler) gradually rising regardless of static room temps, fan additions or compressed air dusting. I was tempted to RMA, but after a nightmare return process years ago with a x1950xtx, I didn't feel like waiting / dealing...
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    q8300 to 955 BE for gaming.. worth $35?

    An opportunity has arisen to grab a dirt cheap Phenom II 955be +board from work. My roomate already wants to buy my current hardware so essentially I would just need to purchase new RAM (still using ddr2). An 8gb kit would be what i'm aiming for. After numerous google searches, I can't seem to...
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    To upgrade or not: The limits of an old faithful

    Within a week or so, I plan on installing 2 additional drives: another WD black and a corsair SSD. However, it struck me today that my once epic PSU is now about 5 years old! (535W Enermax EG565P-VE ). I think this was among the first generation PCIE SLI power supplies and has served me...
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    Xbox 3 RRoD only on cold boot, gone after quick reset.

    About 4 days so I purchased a used 360 from a local pawn'ish shop, but I've encountered a very odd issue with it: When turned on for the first time (in a day), it will red ring on me however, all I have to do is turn off the console and turn it back on and it boots fine (don't even have to...
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    Is my 7900gt on its way out?

    Well, a few days ago I started to recieve a few minor artifacts (black shards / checkerboard patterns) in a few of my active games (WoW, Fear, C&C 3 and even speckles in Diablo 2). As a result, I started to fiddle with drivers and even went through with a total reinstall of windows (reformat)...
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    Partition question

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    Hard drive death approaching?

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    Strange Artifacting Problem (90% sure it's psu related)

    Hmm.. where do I begin. Well this morning started out as any other, fired up the box and decided to play a game. All went well untill I decided to play some FEAR mp. About 5-6 min into a round, all lighting/ shadows suddenly vanished and small black and purple particles started to apprear...
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    Hard drive death approaching?

    No earlier than last night, I was simply surfing and listening to some music as I normally do on my rig when I decided to shut down for a few hours. Upon my return, I noticed that the windows xp boot took literally 10 times longer than it normally does (about 30 some odd rotations of that blue...
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    More screens with the UnrealEngine 3

    To whom it may concern: Enjoy! :p
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    MSI 6800 Ultra (NX6800U)

    Well, after a long wait, a 6800 U is finally available in my area. However, I have not had pleasent moments with MSI in the past (mobo+ Ti 4600 issues) so I was wondering if A: Is this a well built card? and B: Is there anyone who has it or anyone who can give their opinion of this card? (oh...
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    An IRC bot that can run off web space?

    Well, as the title says, Im looking for a decent IRC bot that can run off webspace as I dont keep my computer turned on 24/7. There are many great bots that I can run off my comp, but it would ruin the point of maintaining a channel. If anyone could reccomend one, that would be awsome, thanks.
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    dll file remover

    A while back I stumbled upon a thread where the starter was upset that his computer was loading items rather sluggish, he was then suggested to grab a program that searches through your comp and finds un needed dll files (or some sort) and gives you the option to archive them in a seperate...
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    Massive Power fluctuations

    Well.. I dont think its too serious, but I recently took a few min to look through my bios features and noticed, in my hardware monitor area, that my voltages are fluctuating rather quckly.. as in every second.. for instance my +3.3 rail will go from 3.4v to 3.5v a second later.. same with my...
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    Comp Will not boot

    Well as the title says, My board seems to be giving me problems. Basically, When I hit the power switch, all fans spin, hard drive spins, cd rom turns on but there is no desplay.. nothing.. almost like the monitor thinks the computer isnt even on. Now.. It did this once before, but I reset the...
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    My limit?

    Well .. I finally got my new motherboard on the weekend (Asus A7N8X-X) to replace my ageing ECS k7s5a pro and I decided to overclock my processor a bit more. Originally I had my Xp 2000+ at 143 fsb but it was still a tad shaky on the k7s5a, however, with this new board, It just kept posting and...
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    Partition question

    I know this topic should probably be in the data storage section, but I need a quick response. Anyway, Im buying a new motherboard and processor as a quick speed boost but I have too much data and media on my computer so a format is out of the question. If I burned all this onto cd's it would...