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    Free CCTV server software - what do you roll?

    What do you do for the database, SQL Server Express?
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    Free CCTV server software - what do you roll?

    Curious whether others are running custom CCTV servers for home or small business, if so what software are you using? Not interested in paying a license if I can help it so... I'm trying ZoneMinder but it's a bit rough around the edges and seems very resource intensive (chews up a whole CPU...
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    AMD EPYC “Genoa” (Zen4) to feature 96 cores across 12 chiplets, 12-channel DDR5 memory and SP5 (LGA6096 socket)

    Who said anything about AM5 or TR...? :P I want higher clocks on EPYC too!
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    AMD EPYC “Genoa” (Zen4) to feature 96 cores across 12 chiplets, 12-channel DDR5 memory and SP5 (LGA6096 socket)

    Love the fact they are offering even higher TDPs, hopefully that's also the case on the lower core count models to give higher clocks and turbo :cool:
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    SAS HBA and expander low profile

    I've had success with an LSI 9220-8i (IT mode) into a Supermicro BPN-SAS2-826EL1 backplane (which has the expander built in) It's only SAS2 6Gbps but that's more than enough for HDDs.
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    Work Server Advice

    Presumably there is an existing server for the same system of 15 users - can you tell us what that looks like to compare? What's the current user experience, is there an issue you need to address or they are happy and you just need to replace due to age? Difficult to judge when we don't know...
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    NZXT H1 case recalled due to fire hazard

    Really glad we have people like GN in the community who have the passion to tackle issues like this and hold companies to the right standards. 🙏
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    Best way to set up 24-drive ZFS NAS?

    ZIL is the log itself and SLOG is a dedicated device that the ZIL sits on; by default if you enable sync writes but don't have a SLOG, the ZIL sits on your pool (hard drives in this case) which is bad for performance as you effectively write the data to the same pool drives twice. So if you're...
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    Best way to set up 24-drive ZFS NAS?

    What's the minimum usable capacity you need to provide overall? This might help to narrow down what pool layout options are available to you in this scenario. For example if you need at least 250TB usable, that would rule out a pool of 2-drive mirrors, as (by my calculations) that would only...
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    Rumor: 3080Ti with 12Gb Vram to launch in April

    What's the point, just focus on producing enough quantity of 3080s and 3090s...
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    NVIDIA to Drop Max-Q and Max-P Differentiators in Mobile GPU Specifications

    Sorry if not clear, that's exactly what I meant. Not expecting it to be a totally different chip (if it was it should have a different model number)
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    NVIDIA to Drop Max-Q and Max-P Differentiators in Mobile GPU Specifications

    What happened to just putting "M" on the end of the mobile version of the GPU? Companies obsessed with coming up with new naming schemes all the time, confusing AF.
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    GTA 6 Could Gain This Next-Gen (AI) Intelligent NPC Technology From Rockstar

    You mean like live-time? That wouldn't be practical or cost-effective as there are so many real players, you'd need millions of these employees...! But perhaps you could employ a few hundred people for a few months to just play all the characters in the game over and over, then use their...
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    Is a 17" laptop really worth the extra expense over a 15"?

    Personally I wouldn't want to game on a screen smaller than 17" And 17" laptops are not that heavy - in a backpack it's hardly noticeable (unless you're a small child...) To be honest I wish companies would make more 18"+ models, for those who are more towards the desktop/workstation...
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    ASUS officially increases graphics cards and motherboards pricing

    Looks like I'll be running my 1070 until at least 2022...
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    Why not handle SLI/Crossfire in the driver or hardware and make it transparent to the application?

    But clearly devs are not doing a very consistent / reliable job of "taking advantage" of that - in fact some don't at all. And surely even if DX12 gives them very low level access to the GPU, it still needs to go through the driver. So I still feel like the driver would be a better method...? I...
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    Why not handle SLI/Crossfire in the driver or hardware and make it transparent to the application?

    My understanding of SLI and Crossfire is that the individual application (e.g. a game) is presented with separate GPUs and has to be coded to split its rendering tasks between them. This means compatibility and performance is flaky, unpredictable, etc - some devs do it well, others don't, some...
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    AMD Radeon Navi 21 XTXH Variant Spotted, Another Flagship Graphics Card Incoming?

    *Strangely excited even though I'm not in the market for a card right now*
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    AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT: max GPU clock of 3GHz

    I think this explains why der8aeur found the 6800XT is hard limited to 2.8Ghz If they let that go higher then there's even less reason to stump up for a 6900XT Gotta remember, all the new Radeons are very similar - all have 16GB vRAM etc. Also, I still think it's silly to call this an XT - why...
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    ZFS Storage Layout QUESTIONS

    I don't immediately have an answer as there are too many unknowns in the scenario, but just some points to think about: - Backups should not be stored on the same physical system, unless you don't care about recovering from fire/flood/etc. Depends how critical your data is, what it's for, etc...
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    27"+ 1440p 120Hz+ HDR G-Sync/FreeSync

    27"+ 1440p 120Hz+ HDR G-Sync/FreeSync Does a good monitor with all of the above exist? I am looking at the LG 27GL850, which claims to be HDR10, but Linus said in his review that the HDR is lacking/non-existent. Anyone in the same position and decided what to go for?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    What's that chair? Looks sweet but is it good/worth the money?
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    Looking for information on 20XX Nvidia Mobile GPUs

    lol I am also waiting for new mobile GPUs as I am in the market for a new gaming laptop. There doesn't seem to be anything official yet, except a few places reporting a sighting of a mobile part code ("TU104M") listed - I'm no expert but apparently this indicates a planned Mobile version. I'm...
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    Japan to Deploy World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer for Fusion Research

    .... But will it run Crysis? :whistle:
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    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    Can someone just confirm for me, which generation of Intel CPUs will address the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Unusual desk - details?
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    Coffee Lake-S Details: Intel's First Mainstream 6C/12T Launches February 2018

    Is it seriously called Coffee Lake? I thought that was just an internets joke...
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    Recommend 8TB drives for ZFS mirror raid home server

    If this is just really a static media server you could look at the Seagate Archive 8TB (ST8000AS0002) - cheaper because designed for "archive" (i.e. write once and just make sure I can read it back at a reasonable rate if/when I need to) so not designed to give you great write performance...
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    How do you store and share your internal system documentation/passwords?

    Thanks for the replies so far. To be clear I am talking from the point of view of a serious corporate environment where security is a major concern, so storing documentation and passwords in the cloud is definitely not an option. Thanks firedrow, this is the kind of detailed response I was...
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    Lenovo To Unveil ThinkPad Gaming Machine With New Cooling Technology

    How much do you bet it sounds like a jet at take-off?
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    How do you store and share your internal system documentation/passwords?

    I figure this is the most appropriate section of the forum for this type of question. For those of you who work in a corporate IT environment, where you have many staff working in network/server/storage/system admin roles, how do you go about securely managing and protecting your documentation...
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    ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS

    Why not ask Asus? :confused:
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    Considering a Xeon-D 1540 for ZFS vs. IvyBridge-EP E5

    Either would work. From what you've said I think an E5 would be overkill so I would be tempted to try the Xeon D. I considered getting one but in the end I got something else second hand. It's more of a long-term investment with the low power savings and 10GbE may be useful at some point.
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    What to do with my new 15x 4TB HGST (and other goodies)

    It depends exactly what you'll be doing but I think you'd probably be making it more complicated than necessary by adding FC/IB. Just stick with GbE, unless you have some extreme use case that you didn't mention? To maximise the size of your new pool you could export the current pool and then...
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    Bourne 5 Will Be About “A Post-Snowden World”

    Awesome, love the first 3 films (and Legacy wasn't bad). Didn't know about this so thanks for posting this, now I'm excited :D
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    Windows 10 data mining has been caught

    They don't though, do they? It is common knowledge nowadays that online businesses and the government use your personal data and track you. Some concerned individuals and activists are objecting, but most people aren't really bothered.
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    Windows 10 data mining has been caught

    Certainly you have the choice with your personal devices, yes. What about at work, where Windows is mandatory? Application compatibility, user familiarity, support, etc all matter. I can't just decide that all users will now switch to Ubuntu - there would be uproar. In a large organisation it...
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    Windows 10 data mining has been caught

    [Citation needed] please. Can we not just find out these IPs and block them with a firewall?
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Supreme Commander Forged Alliance!
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    Xeon D's

    Thanks! But they look like a big outfit that would deal with business customers - is he going to be interested in me ordering just one board? :P