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    Made a new NR200

    AMD 5950x, ASUS ROG Strix x570i Gaming, Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Copper /w 2x TL-B12W, EVGA 3080ti FTW3 Ultra(deshrouded), G.Skill Neo DDR4 4000mhz 18-22-22-42, Crucial P5 Plus 2tb, 2x 5tb spinning disk, Coolermaster V850 SFX, 4x140mm Thermaltake Quad Ring I really only built another...
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    How far behind would a TRUE copper be in the current era?

    I have a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Copper that I bought in 2007 I think and I want to reuse it due to its rarity but I have to make sure it is not woefully behind the technology curve now. No one has compared it to modern coolers as far as I can find, all reviews that used it are from...
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    Yet another small monster.

    Been out of the game for a while but have been wanting to bolt an H115i onto an SG08 for a while now. Before anyone says this was not necessary: Overkill is underrated.
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    Massive decrease in performance?

    This image is directly after a fresh install of 2 OCZ vertex3's in raid 0 dated March 3rd 2012. This image is taken today February 18th 2013. Where did all my write speeds and access time go and how do I get it back?
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    Why do I see kepler reviews where the core voltage slider is maxed?

    I ask because every time I have ever adjusted that slider it has resulted in lower actual voltage and worse overclocks. Unless they're using a MSI power edition/lightning it really is a bad idea to even touch that.
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    There appears to be something sticky on my MSI GTX 660ti's heatsink

    I have been a little concerned about the temps my card reaches compared to every other one I have seen on the internet. Mine will get to 80c sometimes and I have never seen one review say theirs got over 70 honestly. I decided to take the heatsink off and reapply the paste and discovered some...
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    Should I return my 680 FTW?

    I bought an eVGA GTX 680 FTW model as soon as they were available, however, I am currently not in the country so it is just sitting in the box waiting for my return. I have read a few posts about the FTW model not being any better at overclocking compared to a reference pcb and that is the only...
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    Can a 670 owner do me a favor?

    The GTX680m was just released on a number of laptops and is essentially a downclocked 670. No one has posted a GPUz of it yet though and I was hoping someone would be kind enough to downclock their card and post the GPUz results here? Core clock should be set to 720mhz unfortunately I cannot...
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    Seagate has some funny requirements for RMA shipment...

    Why are the three most common packing materials disallowed? Are they just trying to make excuses for RMA denial? On another note, Inside a bubble wrap in peanuts was how the drive was originally shipped to me...
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    Can I raid0 different models of the same architecture together?

    my situation is my sager laptop has a OCZ Solid 3 in it and I just ordered an OCZ vertex 3 for my desktop with the intent to buy another for raid0 once a new rebate comes around. Lets say I take the Solid 3 out of the laptop and replace it with the vertex 3, would I then be able to raid a Solid...
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    my HD3000 keeps driver crashing

    well the HD3000 igpu on my 2600k keeps driver crashing on me. Is this a sign of defective product or is there a driver issue I haven't been able to find via google? The gpu is on auto everything in bios.
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    Funky issue with intel HD graphics for second monitor:

    Recently I switched my second monitor from my 6970 to running on the intel built in HD3000 stuff. I figured it would give me some more fps as I watch movies while gaming. Anyways sometimes when I wake up all the stuff that was on the second monitor has moved to the main screen. I keep the...
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    Is PLL overvoltage safe?

    I am speaking of the internal PLL overvoltage option in my Asus z68 board. I can find tons of claims of what it can do, though not any of them can agree on it, but what I can't find is claims of safety. Will turning on this option damage my cpu much? How is it different than manually...
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    MSi Z68A-GD65 wont hold overclocks....

    I cannot figure out what is causing this but my cpu keeps clocking down from what I set when under load. I have the ratio set to 46 in bios and when I load the cpu it goes to 4.6ghz for a few seconds then backs down to 3.9/3.8ghz. Turbo boost on or off has no impact on this. Googling...
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    Safely power a motherboard outside of a case?

    I would like to test my new motherboard+cpu without taking my desktop apart do it. Is there a safe way to do this without using a case such foam under the board or perhaps wood?
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    Quick test on that new 9.5mm samsung 1tb drive:

    Just thought you all in the mobile computing world would care to check out the new 9.5mm thick 1tb samsung drive. Considering it fits in a normal slot this is great news for us! In theory I suppose they could make a 12.5mm thick version that is 1.5tb.....
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    The search for a laptop to travel extensively with

    Well I started looking at a simple laptop with a 540m in it to cover my gaming needs. Then I moved my search higher to systems that separate the cooling systems of the gpu and cpu because I don't like my laptop to cook my legs when looking at flash. This has led me to the G53sw, which I...
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    How is Sager's customer service?

    I am seeing a lot of mixed reviews. Some people get everything solved immediately while others have to fight with the company for months. Is it worth getting a sager over say an Asus G73/53sw? Basically I have my laptop search narrowed down to the NP8130 or G#3sw anyone got opinions on...
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    Why does no one stock the i5-2500t!?

    honestly the 2500t: . It exists but it doesn't, I can use google shopping to locate places that will special order it for me but why doesn't everyone just stock it. Seems to me that it should have made the regular 2500 redundant. I just want one...
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    When making a low power pc how important is 80 plus rating?

    Basically I want to build a very low power PC for file serving so I can stop using my power hungry 4ghz i7 920 and I was wondering how important is it to get a higher 80 plus rated psu? As far as newegg is concerned there is only one Platinum rated PSU and the markup in price is $30~ versus a...
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    Trying to get i7 920 past 4ghz ex-58 UD5

    I can get 4.4ghz to post to windows for about 30 seconds and I am unsure what settings I need to tweak to really dial it in. I have lowered the ram speed to 1333~ to remove that as a factor. core 1.35v northbridge 1.28v qpi 1.295v (I went as high as 1.335v) CPU PLL 1.86v QPI PLL 1.2v...
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    Corsair H50 performance degrade over time?

    When I first installed my Corsair H50 I was replacing a TRUE Copper which at the time was the best on the market. The temps were basically the same between both coolers but over the months of use the H50 has slowly gotten worse. I did try new thermal paste and it didn't help but I will say the...
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    EX58-UD5 not seeing pcie cards in 4/8/16x slots.

    I just purchased a D-Link DWA-556 wireless card for my desktop. It's PCIe 1x and the 1x slot on my board is blocked by a silly heatsink. I figured no problem use the 4x slot just below it but when I put the card in the slot the computer completely doesn't see it. No new devices of any sort...
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    About to purchase 2 kingston ssds for raid any reason not to?

    Kingston SSDNow V Series SNV425-S2/64GB ^ These drives. Just want to know if they are to be avoided for any reason. They seem like a good deal and the rebate has a limit of 2 per person so sounds like they want me to raid them.
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    How hot did old P4's get and what is safe?

    I ask because a computer I built years ago came back to me with a problem of performance and shutting down on flash based websites. Opened it up to find the cpu heatsink had been messed with and pushpins were now non-functional. Basically the computer had been overheating for months. pretty...
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    DDR3 Tracer as unreliable as DDR2 Tracers?

    I purchased a set of DDR2 ballistx tracers for my C2D system a few years ago and they were nothing but trouble. Does anyone know if the DDR3 versions are better or worse or anything about them at all?
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    Thermalright Trad2-GTX only works at horizontal.

    Just a warning to anyone else considering this combination. The Trad2 was clearly designed to be mounted horizontally and not vertically. The heat from the GPU just gets trapped in the upper U of the heatpipes and never makes it back down to the fins :(. Saw temps that quickly reached 100C...
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    intelburntest ALWAYS fails test 2 on my new i7

    just built my new i7 system: EX58-UD5 i7 920 Mushkin 3x2gb ddr3 1600 I have discovered that my system always fails test 2 of intel burn test. It does this even with large amounts of voltage. Should I ignore the failure as a false positive? edit: also fails when I use even tiny amounts of ram...
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    here I was looking forward to the new gigabyte 1156 boards

    Because they said they would use lotes sockets. Nope lotes retention mechanisms and foxconn sockets. Seems like wasted effort if you ask me.
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    Trying to find an old fan type!!

    It was unlike any current fans that have the motor in the center. This fan used magnets on the outside of the blades to spin. Had nearly no dead zone because of this. I remember it had a silver outer cover and that it only came in 70mm originally though an 80mm was released later. Anyone...
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    Pentium 4 520 safe temperatures?

    An older computer I built is beginning to beep at me under load and I checked the temps. 83c! And that's before I stopped IBT. I was just wondering what the safe temperature range was for an older pentium. It's the 90nm LGA775 model 2.8ghz with Hyperthreading. On stock heatsink. I just...
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    Why doesn't my GTX285 downclock when idle?

    I noticed the other day that my 55nm GTX260 downclocks to basically nothing when sitting at the desktop or doing anything not gpu intensive. My GTX285 doesn't do this. I have only ever seen it downclock once when I left it on over night but it immediately clocked up once I moved the mouse...
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    How much liquid is in a heatpipe?

    I have done tons of googling and have yet to find any reply to something even remotely similar to this. Does anyone know how much liquid is in a heatpipe? Is it half full? 90% full? I MUST KNOW!?
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    Any advantages to running second monitor with onboard video?

    I use a GTX 285 to run 2 monitors right now 1920x1080+1680x1050. I never do any gaming on both screens at once and I don't intend to. Would there be any advantages or disadvantages to running a second or 3rd monitor off of onboard video? 785g or G57(when it comes out).....
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    E7200 to Q8400 will i notice the -1mb of cache?

    assuming a decent overclock to 3.4-3.6ghz which is where my E7200 runs all day would i notice the 1mb less cache per 2 cores when editing videos or playing games?
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    I recently purchased an Acer X233 Hbid. It claims to have HDCP compatibility only on the DVI port. My question is would i be able to use a HDMI-->DVI cable and still get HD content?
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    Time to replace the E7200 @3.6ghz. Going to quad.

    I had intended all along that the e7200 was temporary. After 9 months I need something better for editing. Q9400 Q9550 Q9650 those are the choices, and I do plan to sell the e7200 hopefully for a decent amount. The Q9400 might be able to hit 3.6ghz might not though. Q9x50 pretty much always...
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    I fell in love with evga <3

    I bought a GTX280 from newegg after Christmas printed out and filled out the rebate thing for $30. I didn't even look at it and just sent it in. Little did I know that newegg had linked me to the wrong form. EVGA was nice enough to find the correct rebate for me and resubmited it. I was...
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    GTX280 to GTX285 for $20~?

    Bought my GTX280 about 2 weeks ago and paid $379.99. GTX285 is $389.99 so a step-up with evga would probably cost me $20.
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    Funny noise from GTX 280 when running atitool artifact tester.

    it's almost like a whine or a screech. Card is not overclocked just got it yesterday and this worries me. I've turned the fan on max or off to see if it was fan whine and it's not. Should I RMA it?