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    What to do with XB360

    A while ago I posted a thread and I got all I wanted out of the system. The games I didn't finish (including arcade) I cleared. Even the bad ones... So what can I do with this system? I was going to toss it on the curb and let someone take it for free. But if there is a possibility of running...
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    Can't update 2009 Macbook Pro

    I have a 2009 Macbook Pro and for the life of me, after wiping it, can't get it to install a fresh copy of the OS (High Sierra or Catalina). I have tried to... install from the OS's built in recovery partition. use Internet Recovery. install Catalina from a USB. Set the date back a month after...
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    Non-HDMI XB360 (looking for VGA to HDMI)

    Trying to connect my 360 to my TV and the only connections are HDMI or component. I've tried many VGA to HDMI connectors and they have all failed. Is there a legit option for this? Something from MS? Or am I just out of luck when choosing from the 1000's of "vga to hdmi" adapters from...
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    GDC 2022 - Unity tech demo "Enemies"

    For those who like to keep up with these things. In terms of what is visibly displayed, I find this more impressive than the Matrix or Valley of the Ancients demo by Epic Games. This character looks damn near photo-real. Other than a few issues on the skin and lighting, I like this more than...
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    NZXT - Customer Service and Reactions

    I just finished a new build and the best case (size and layout) available to me was NZXT. NZXT has some nice PC cases even with a few issues with threaded holes. So my case had a fan die within a couple months and I wanted a replacement. Anyone who's ever bought a product outside of Japan (or...
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    Strange Desktop glitches w/3090

    I lately (before the driver and after the recent update) I have been getting this strange glitch on the desktop background. It only affects the background so I won't know until I close an application or window. The glitch is not consistent, because I can go a day or so and not see it, but when...
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    Printer paper size selection (Canon LBP60330)

    I have an issue with my printer not showing all the available paper sizes that are listed in my Control Panel under Print Server Properties. Below is the printer dialogue box from within any application: Then here are the available sizes in my Print Server Properties that I would like to have...
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    iPhone 6s Plus, dead wifi and Bluetooth?

    Has anyone had their mobile devices wifi/Bluetooth just die on them? Mine has.. maybe. Quick rundown of what happened: Monday afternoon I went to a friends home and noticed that the wifi wasn’t connecting. This is a network that I set up and it should have joined automatically. I put the key in...
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    Lenovo Y700 Power issue

    Hello, I purchased a Lenovo Y700 (17") June 2, 2016 and of course it fails to power on a month after the warranty expires. It's been sitting on my desk for the past year, despite it being a mobile device. It did have some power on issues last December, but I just re-installed the OS without the...
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    Dell U2410 replacement parts

    I am having trouble finding spare parts for the Dell u2410. All the sites I found have basic things like LCD, power or bezels, but I want the touch sensitive buttons and the power button board as mine stopped working (unless there's some way to control the Dell via USB :P ). Any help would be...
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    Mac Mini as a NAS

    I have an old Dual Core Mac Mini (2009 Intel version). Was trying to get rid of it, and halfway through a purchase for a NAS setup from Amazon, I thought "Why not use the Mac Mini?". I have movies, music and such, but my biggest concern is using it to archive projects and photos from...
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    Find Young Mexican Ladies Front page ad

    I keep getting these ads on the front page that don:t seem to be what should be there.
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    Looking for a new mouse non-Logitech/Logicool

    I've searched tons of these threads, but my tastes are a bit different. I have been using Logitech mice since 2002 (MX 1000 and on..). And each one dies from a broken MMB, doesn't charge or LMB breaks. This is my 10th Logitech mouse (the 2nd time I have purchased as all others in between have...
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    Chrome update makes me log in on browser restart

    I have the latest version of Chrome and it's always asking me to log in each time I start the browser. This wasn't a problem before. Did a couple of Google searches and didn't come up with a solution that worked. Thanks for all the help.
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    Fixing clogged print heads

    I have an Epson 774A, but the heads have been clogged with generic ink. How can I fix this? Or should I just toss the damn thing? (I am so sick of printers...)
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    Mac network monitoring app(free is best)

    I am trying to help someone who isn`t great with computers see what network traffic is going on (webcam spying apps and such). The more visual the app is, the better.
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    Gamasutra: When big games launch badly

    Found an interesting article on Gamasutra, worth the read: When big games launch badly: Breaking the 'vicious cycle'.. This is the industry as it is. Many gamers have a clue, but this article clears up a lot for those who want to know more. When you are in the trenches working on stuff and...
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    VLC Player Timestamps

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the screen-grabs (shift+s) to have the time-stamp in the file name and or on the image itself? I have tried the file name string formatting on the VLC wiki and had zero luck. Using VLC 2.1.5. Thank you.
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    myimeiunlock reputable?

    I want to use to unlock an Sprint iPhone4s, but before I do, I`d like to check to make sure that anyone else has had success unlocking with this site. I also have an AU (KDDI) 5 I might unlock...
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    WIndows 8 re-install from MS DL page

    I have to reinstall windows 8, and do not have access to the drive with the ISO`s. So I am wondering if I can use this (Upgrade Windows 8 MS Page) and re-install over my current Win8 install? Then get access to the ISO for a full install, wipe and re-install the OS. If not, does anyone...
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    ASUS alternative..

    I have always bought ASUS hardware (mobo and videocards). Now that my mobo went to poop, looking for something with a good layout. I am not into overclocking, just stable, good bios and plenty of ports for expansion. I game, but mostly applications like Photoshop/3DS Max/zBrush. My last mobo...
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    UPlay problem

    I purchased a couple of games on UPlay recently and both have the same issue where I will start the game and it will instantly quit, bringing up the screen below. (I know it is UPlay... strike one) This happens at home (Win8 64bit) and work (Win7 64bit)
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    Looking for a new camera bag..

    I currently have a 5D w/grip and my old Lowpro backpack does not fit it well (camera is too heavy/big). Looking for something that is easy to travel with and take the camera out quickly. One of the problems with the Lowpro was getting my gear out and traveling to events with such a big backpack...
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    iTunes share with Windows 8.

    I can not get Airplay/Sharing to even show up on my iPhone5 (swipe up and it is not there). Fresh install of Windows 8 and iTunes. Has anyone had this issue? Bonjure is running and not blocked. Did Googling and did not find a working solution.
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    Stereo Bluetooth Headsets

    I did a search for BlueTooth headsets, but I really don't trust the reviews for some reason. Came to [H] and did another search here, while I found threads, they were dead or old. So, I am looking for decent Stereo Bluetooth headsets (not earbuds, too painful). About $100 range. iPhone5...
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    Asus GTX 580 2x 6pin to 8pin adapter.

    I wanted to run SLI, but ran into a small issue. My PSU (1000) comes with 2 x 6pin and 2 x 6+2 pin adapters. However, I need 4x 8pins. The PSU is also modular ( My question is: Can I use a single 6 pin to a 8pin (or use one side of...
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    Cloning the Mac Mini

    Running 10.6.7 and would like to clone to and restore from over the network. I tried to get Netrestore, but the link is 404, CCC doesn't back up over network unless it's another Mac. So right now I am making a disk image to put things into over the network (SMB vol on my PC), I hope it works...
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    WIn 7 64 Ultimate - Freeze on screensaver

    When I leave for an extended period, and come back, and bring the computer back from turning off the monitors, my system freezes for a minute or so, then functions resume. List of things I thought it could have been: Having 4 network drives mapped USB Devices in "sleep mode" Network...
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    Toaster Kun trailer

    Something I did for my first iOS game.
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    NMB Tech keyboards

    I've had this thing since 2001 and I hate to get rid of it. It was damaged last year and now my spacebar and a few other keys are screwed. The company doesn't make them anymore. So I am looking for any keyboard without all the glitz/lights and soft feelie's and proper layout. It has to weigh a...
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    MacMini XP64 Network drivers

    I know how Apple likes to change hardware vendors every 3 weeks so it's the Core 2 Duo 2.0 Mac Mini from a few months ago. Got the Mini going with Bootcamp. I got everything BUT the network drivers installed. At first I thought it was that Marvell stuff, then Intel, and finally nVidia. After...
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    Dropbox-like service on personal web space

    I am looking for a way to have a Dropbox-like service with where my website is hosted. Went looking around for apps and such, but didn't find anything that was simple for my clients to use (some think AOL is the internet still). Sometimes FTP is too much for them. :rolleyes: My first thought...
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    HOT!! Nintendo DSi - $62 @ Mantomi - Walk in Only

    For the few of you who are kinda near one of these stores. I just got the paper in the post. Mantomi in Akita... that be in Japan. DSi for 5,900 Yen.
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    COMPLIMENTARY subscription to Motor Trend

    Follow the link:
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    Dropped connections issue fixed.

    I've ran the same Linksys Wireless gateway for a few years and recently moved to IL and had Comcast as my ISP. I ordered the fastest residential service they offered and wasn't very impressed and thought about downgrading many times. I'd loose connections and such and had to power cycle...
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    Nintendo PowerPad 2.0

    Check this out. Wife wants to get it:
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    Defend your Castle - Wii

    I bought this game yesterday afternoon. I would say it's good for a bit, but once you build up a castle so strong that you can go take a piss-break with the game still running, it's not fun anymore. Last night I played for I think an hour and a half straight till my wife came in and woke me up...
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    N+ Custom levels

    Anyone want to swap N+ levels? There isn't anyone freakin online when I play this game!!! Gamertag is MegaLamont
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    USB GPS/XM and Traffic

    I am looking for a device that's windows compatible and does all 3 in one unit. So far I found the Garmin, but it only works with the Garmin. Any help would be welcome. Thanks.
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    Lifespan of a UPS battery?

    My UPS pretty much left the world with a poof. Opened the battery compartment to find it swollen and over heated. What's the lifespan on these things? I am gonna call Belkin to see if they can replace the dang thing... prolly end up costing as much as a new UPS. I feel timid running my comp...