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    Which Linux distro for old Eee PC 1000ha?

    I knew I'd find you here. Hahaha.
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    cyclone3d I just tried it and to my surprise the installer can't see the HDD either. I'm going to assume its the USB drive. I'm burning a copy of win7 with another computer and am going to try taking the drive out of it they're both dells so it should be somewhat plug and play. We'll see what...
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    I am using a OEM SP1 of windows from the web.. not sure if this could be the reason but I figured it's worth mentioning. I just downloaded a copy from digitalriver I am going to try here soon. I might be able to jack the optical drive out of another computer in the house.
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    @DejaWiz No options in my BIOS anywhere for anything about raid laptop doesn't have option for raid. I'll look again to be sure however it is a pretty limited bios. I've installed win7 with a standard HDD in this before no issues but I did use a CD because the drive worked at that time.
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    @theydroppedme I've updated the BIOS to the newest version see first post.
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    @cyclone3d Tried that still no luck. I am starting to think it is what rsbennett00 is saying.... Anyone else??? I might have to go get a eSATA cable...
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    I'm about to take this thing and chuck it.... A good friend of mine suggested to try adding the intel rapid store drivers as I have a hm67 chipset.. still nothing. I did manage to get the SSD to show up as a CD drive through diskpart. I'm pretty much at a loss. I pulled it into a USB 3.0...
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    Unfortunately I only have a bunch of laptops.. I was able to format the drive assign letters etc through diskpart and it SHOWS UP as a drive if you "browse" to find the drivers to install it... but yet it doesn't show up for install...
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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install my SSD. Samsung 830 256gb... I have Win 7 on a USB drive that boots fine. However Windows 7 installer can't find it. I have tried switching it from ATA to AHCI makes no difference. I've updated my bios to the newest and still nothing. The bios CAN see it...
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    Building a new system...been out of the game a long time who is on top?

    Been out for a long time now. Looking to build a system. Who is on top? Intel or AMD. I want a monster computer here people. I will be using it to do training for my MCITP training so ill be running VMWare with multiple instances of 2k3 server and 2k8 server at once along with being able to game...
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    HP Jet Direct Print Server Problems with AS400 (IBM iSeries) Anyone?

    Having a problem with getting a new HP Jet Direct Card setup on a DOT Matrix printer. It's currently on a similar model Jet Direct card and works fine, moving it too the new one, we can print from windows, but not from the AS/400 i Series. All configurations are the same, not sure about the dip...
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    Sling Box Owners? Have a few easy questions.

    Here goes: Can more than one person in the house hold be using the sling box at the same time? If yes is their a performance hit? Second, can I take my coaxial cable that comes out of the wall and plug it right into the sling box PRO or does it have to go through a cable box this is normal...
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    Need new laptop recommendations!

    I am looking for a new laptop my dell xps is taking the big one. I need suggestions. I have a 2ghz,1gb,6800ultra right now XPS gen2 I don't really need much more in the video department. I am looking for a CPU speed boost tho. More memory but I don't want to brake the bank. I have been out of...
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    Dell freak out?

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    Help Odd CD burner problem.

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    Tom's New Interactive VGA chart up

    Wow pretty cool, ive been waiting for something like this.
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    Partition with windows installed already?

    What software can I use to partition my hard drive if I already have windows installed on it?
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    Anyone else have a PIA case?

    Would make for an interesting mod project...anyone know where to buy one?
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    Installing windows...on this computer. Grr help!

    I got this shuttle used no manual :) And didnt have this problem the 1st time around installing on an other drive.
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    Installing windows...on this computer. Grr help!

    Havent tryed this yet but I will when I get time. Ill let you know how it works out.
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    Installing windows...on this computer. Grr help!

    It is sopposed to restart. And continue installation with a GUI.
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    Installing windows...on this computer. Grr help!

    nothing you guys have suggested has helped any :( anyone else have an idea?
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    yestoday. i had use PAPER to made a case look~~

    This has to be the stoopidest pos evar. That is all.
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    Installing windows...on this computer. Grr help!

    Ok problem is I goto install windows on this computer, boot to cd ect go through set up, computer will restart in 15 seconds and will continue at same point. So it restarts and boots right to cd I figured id disable cd drive as a boot device... if i do this it says Boot disc failure...
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    I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!/rant

    I fail to get anything out of what he posted.
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    "Oh I've always liked Intel, AMD was just a hobby..."

    You people talk big, but when someone is bashing your brand of cpu you can't take it. Like they aways say "They can dish it out, but they can't take it."
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    NewEGG limiting video card orders to 1

    The way I see it, you shouldn't spend money you don't have.
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    Foxconn, SG-01, Opty 165... what do you think?

    Unless you are playing on a network alot there is no need for gigabit LAN in reality, if it is that big of a consern just buy a Gigabit lan card for pci.
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    School Project

    What kind of school do you goto? wtf lol.
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    Foxconn, SG-01, Opty 165... what do you think?

    Case :) Mobo :( PSU :( CPU :) I would recommend something else for the mobo and psu, thermaltake psu are crap, I speak from exserience, I have had nothing but problems with them. I just don't like foxcon period. Get something like Biostar mabe or msi or anything but foxxcon. just my honest...
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    "Mission" Impossible: Mission-Style HTPC

    wow thats cool walking static bomb niffing computer parts...... :rolleyes:
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    Somewhat of a SFF Case

    I personally don't like it too much, i think its more of a ripoff of the mountian mods bob slay. imho
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    Best video card of all time?

    Lets just face it for a long time if you where cool you have a 9800pro :)
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    Free Toothpaste

    Wow thanks got mine coming lol :D <<<clean teeth.
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    free thong

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    Close to new laptop battery life sucks need help fast!!!!

    Ok the laptop that is having the problem is a Compaq R3000, with a 7200rpm hard drive which isnt what was original. The laptop has an AMD Mobile 64 processor with cool n quiet ect....from a 100% charge it drops to 2% in 8 minutes. Something is wrong with this picture. Anyone have any ideas...
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    New Keyboard Recommendations.

    ^ Thats really strange....mines just fine and I have had it for a while now almost as soon as it came out.
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    New Keyboard Recommendations.

    Don't be n00bs buy a Logitech G15, I have one holy shit its sweet. Nothing more.