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    GreenManGaming 23% Off Site-Wide Code

    remove it then
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    Powercolor 5770 $129 shipped AR after BCB from ZipZoomFly

    For the peeps that get charged tax from TigerDirect, here's a 5770 from ZZF for a decent price. $20 rebate is good on purchases till 3/31/2010, Bing cashback gives you $3 bux back also. Total should be around $129 after everything...
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    XFX 5770 for $135 Shipped After BCB from TigerDirect

    15% Cashback, Search for "Tiger Direct" XFX 5770 for $159 Just picked one up for myself for 135 shipped after everything.
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    Need Mobo with Comprehensive PC Health Bios

    I currently run a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 motherboard and Im looking to upgrade to a core2duo setup, but I can't live without all my pc health fan settings in my DFI's bios. Because my pc lives in my room I really like how I can turn my cpu, pwm, and chipset fans down when the temps in the pc drop...
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    Socket 775 Mobo with Adjustable Fan Settings?

    I currently have a DFI Lanparty UT Ultra AMD board and in the bios I can set the pwm, nb, and cpu fans to go on and off at certain temps... are there any LGA775 boards that have this same feature?
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    Help, Random Lockups / Freezes

    Im having a problem with my pc here, and usually im really good at troubleshooting and fixing electronics/computers, but I cannot figure this one out... Its been going on for the past few months. I would greatly appreciate any help. Symptom - lockups completely, no response from keyboard and...
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    New York State Residents take Note! - Internet Sales Tax Starts

    I just got a mailer from newegg saying june 1st they will start collecting tax from new york residents for internet purchases. I'm literally shaking with fury right now.... I hate new york.
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    MSI 8800GTS 320mb - $119 AR

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    Create Account to PLAY?

    Why is it that almost all the games I've been playing recently require you to sign up for an account to even play the game... kinda sucks imho, I realize that they use the account to keep track of stats and all that, but im sure they sell your info down the line. Would be nice to get a choice...
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    Athlon64 3800 $148 - Mwave

    seems pretty hot, its oos at the moment but says more will be in on 6/9. wish It was more of an upgrade from my 3200, Id jump on it.
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    GRAW - 34.99 shipped from Circuit City

    snagged this from techbargains... Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for 34.99 shipped from Circuity city. LINK
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    Hidden directories in WinXP

    ive got a little problem here thats really bugging me... I have some hidden directories or hidden files that virus scanners arent finding. The only way I can even see the folders is if I run a program install file, If I try and view them from explorer theyre hidden from view. I really want...
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    Need Router for Server and VPN

    hey all, ive got some issues with my current router... DI-624, wireless 4 port router. Im trying to run a quake 4 linux server behind it but the NAT or some sort of translation is working very shotty, if I have the router with Gaming Mode enabled, the server works fine, but then my dad can't...
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    IDE/w OS to SATA clone is possible.

    maybe this will help someone out, so I figured id post up my findings. I just bought a 300gb maxtor sata drive to replace my 80gb maxtor ide drive. For about a day or so I fought with trying to clone the ide drive onto the sata, I used norton ghost, I used maxblast (came with the new...
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    ??crosoft.NET, rogue folder in xp.

    hey whats up dudes... I just got my second 2005fpw in the mail yesterday and I was testing out the marine aquarium multidisplay screensaver when I noticed 2 interesting folders in my c:\program files folder... thru the screensaver setup file, when it asks to choose where to install, I can see...
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    Logitech G5 Woes

    Ok so i've been using the g5 for a few months and Im starting to have some hand pains, around the thumb and wrist, (its not carpal I did the research and I dont have those symptoms). It feels like a muscle strain or something, a burning sensation right at the outer side of my thumb where it...
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    Cingular + Nokia 6030 = 150$ for you.

    i was actually looking to go to cingular from verizon cause my contract is up in 2 months and upon my searches at amazon i came upon this dealio... seems pretty hot to me.. if you buy a nokia 6030 and activate a 2 year contract with cingular amazon will pay you 150$ after their rebate Nokia...
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    WD 150GB 10,000rpm Raptor 279.50 Shipped

    seems like a pretty hot deal to me
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    XP key on bottom of laptop not working

    i dont understand whats going on here... i have a toshiba 6100 laptop that has a xp key sticker on the bottom of it, i put it in when im doing the install and it says its an invalid key? what the heck, i thought it was a good key do i need to call microsoft or something?
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    42in Plasma as second monitor?

    hello, i just found a rgb connection in the back of my plasma tv and wanted to try some quake 4 a monster 42 inches!... but ive got a question, im running a connect3d x800gto and have the plasma set up as the second monitor, now its max res is 1024x768, and my 2005fpw is set as 1680x1050, is...
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    CS_Militia Released

    welp i was just gonna fire up some css and noticed it was updating, i checked out the news to see what the update was and its the new cs militia... err old remake militia i mean, i didnt think it was gonna be out this early. bout to check it out in a few mins.
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    Non Digi Camera for nature / long distance shots

    hello, wondering if anyone could gimme some advice on some cameras too look at im a real noob to this stuff, i do have a nikon coolpix 2500 that i mess around with now, but im looking at possible taking some long distance / nature shots in hi res without spending 2000 dollars on digital...
  23. E needs a team.

    i dunno if this is the right place to do this or not, so please let me know if its unwarranted. i recently purchased the domain, and am looking to build a page for it, but i would like to work with a couple of people instead of just doing it all myself.. i think itd be more fun...
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    Q4 DEMO Linux Server

    hey everyone... i got a server i been workin on for the past week or so... ive got quake4 demo up and running on it and was wondering if a few people might help me test it out. im not sure if its even getting listed in the gamebrowser, i have a feeling its not cause its been empty ever since...
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    20 Pack Sanyo AA/AAA Batteries, 2.95

    you guys owe me for this one :) I found these while perusing one of my fav sites... picked up a emergency space blanket for 3.00, mikes car seat backpack for 20.00 (im a service technician so this is gold to me), and a AA 20 pack and a AAA 20 pack of batts. Its like christmas all over again...
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    Logitech G5 Woes

    ... ok so i got this g5 about 3 weeks ago, and only just recently have i started having problems.... actually i think it mightve been since i installed my ipod + itunes but i could be wrong. my mouse randomly changes dpi on its own... right now i have it on the highest it can go, but evrey...
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    quick and dirty jpeg creation

    anyone know of an app to take a huge ridiculously sized jpg and just make it a nice for the web size? i hate having to open up photoshop, go to crop, go to save for the web, apply jpeg and settings then save to new name, is there like a program that will do it for me in one click and possibly...
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    IBM 350 Quad Xeon P3 (Game Server)?

    whats up dudes... just curious i can snag a ibm 350 server for about 100$, do you think this could run a couple of game servers on it? q4, cod2, css? all at the same time no issues? prolly use linux i dont know if windows supports quad cpus heres the specs so far quad p3 xeon 700mhz, 1mb...
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    3dfx, doom3 60fps????!!

    i saw this on ebay... im pretty sure this guy is full of shite "Diamond Monster 3D II x 2. Below is a link to drivers for windows xp, these cards will run doom3 with about 60fps, very playable but alot of the detail is not present due to lack of technology on the cards. Halflife and all...
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    Matrox G450 Problems - Crashes

    whats up fellers... im in need of a little assistance here or else im just gonna buy a diff chipset video card. i recently bought a refurb matrox g450 dual head agp video card from for a real sweet price, and im trying to get it to work in a system im building for a friend...
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    x800gto --> 7800gt, quality got worse?

    is it just me or has anyone else experienced this... i was running an ati x800gto and playing quake4 like a good little fragmaster, then i went and upgraded to a evga 7800gt and it seems like the graphic quality in quake 4 has gotten worse.. i cant really explain it but im getting some tearing...
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    Albany, Ny Lans?

    hey there, just curious if anyone around these parts would like to do a lan party, itd be nice to meet some of the hardcore gamers around in this area. if anyone wants to see this happen, shoot me a pm or catch me on, my username is erebus1
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    GoGamer 48hour Madness sale! Q4, FEAR

    i just got an email from go gamer, theyre having their 48 hour madness sale. Quake 4 DVD Special Edition FEAR use code GEARUP for 10% off any accessory. 15% Off any Activision XBox 360 Game Use Coupon Code ACTX360 merry christmas
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    Gamespot Gamecenter Members?

    anyone here a gamespot member? im thinking of subscribing to which includes all features and theyll host game servers for you... im curious if anyone has any experience with them? id hate to drop 80 bones for a year for something that sucks
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    BYO Game controllers

    anyone ever try building your own controls? ive heard of / seen some people build their own controllers for racing sims but have yet to see any stuff for FPS games.. im actually thinking of building a controller of some sort to take the place of the keyboard.
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    Project IGI and IGI 2

    man how come this game never caught on... i thought the MP was pretty amazing... SP was pretty good but the AI was horrible, level design was key though.
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    Hot? Logitech G7 54.99 AR

    i just got an email from that says they got the logitech G7 for 54.99 after 20.00 rebate, not sure if this is hot or not.. lemme know.
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    Feeling Nostalgic.

    does anyone remember a long long time ago... i think when doom was just coming out, there was an interview with one of the top gamers at that time, i think it was carmack, but the only reason he was the top gamer was no one else had the game yet, anyway they were interviewing him about what...
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    usb drive holding page file?

    is it possible to use a usb drive as say your xp page file? i would think if you could it would be a million times better then from an ide drive.. anyone try this?
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    Fans going crazy!

    im not sure exactly what my mobo is doing here, but i think maybe its the amd cool n quiet thing... my problem is my computer is constantly lowering and raising fan speeds id say it gets quiet and then loud maybe twice a minute or itll just keep doing it, .... is this normal? i think id...