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    DIR-655 Problem or Xbox 360 Problem?

    For about 2 years I used a Xbox 360 20GB with the wireless G adapter and it worked fine. I stream a lot of media through the software playback without an issue. I recently bought a new Xbox 360 Slim that has built in Wireless "N" It's crazy with "N" supposed to be faster it lags on gaming...
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    Trouble with BlackBerry Curve & Mac

    I just got a curve, had many BB's before. I am having trouble setting up Pocket Mac. I can install it, but it will not sync. My mac is a Mac book Pro 2.2ghz, 4gb, etc. I have never had a blackberry on the mac. I had installed and uninstalled this stupid PocketMac and for the life of me, cannot...
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    Apple 30" Cinema Display Help!

    I got a nice deal on a ACD 30" that was used, with the Apple Care until 2010. However, I have hooked the display up yesterday, and it looks great, I am not sure the resolution is set properly. I am using a Mac Book Pro, 2.2ghz, 120gb, 4gb ram,GeForce 8600M GT. The display seems to be not...
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    Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, I need to call MS Back...Help

    I searched and searched on google and the [H]... My console did the RROD... I don't even use it that often. I called the xbox number, talked the agent. She had remove the hard drive and power the unit on. She asked me what color my power supply light was. I said the light was orange. She...
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    Data not showing on Lacie Big Disk?? Help!

    I have a 1TB lacie big disk drive and I can still connect to it, but it doesn't show any of the files. If I login to the drive via http to see the properties etc. everything looks fine, it shows 500gb used, 498gb free. I also tried to create a new share to access the files, but same result. I...
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    Worth it to update current MBP?

    I have a 2.2ghz Mac Book Pro, 4gb, 120 ata hard drive. Had it for a few months. Is it worth it to step up to the 2.6(new chip) with the 6mb of cache? and to have the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 512MB of GDDR3 SDRAM instead of my 128mb now? Of course I could sell my current MB and the...
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    Anything comparable to Apple Cinema Display?

    I am in the market for a 23-30" monitor and was curious if anything was comparable to the Apple Cinema Displays. I see them in the store and they look really nice and crisp. Don't do hardly any gaming, a lot of photography,graphics and movies. My brother has a 20" that seems pretty nice. I am...
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    How much upload is needed to run a VPN for.. (Read)

    We are trying to connect a few people to our central server in Ohio. For now it's 3-5 users over a SonicWall VPN, that will be accessing Quick Books remotely. Currently the server has just been put up and only has a 384up! I KNOW! You can barely load QuickBooks and it takes days. I know 384...
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    Please! PHP Help - insert picture with link! Screen shots and A LOT of code in post!

    I am using cubecart as a shopping cart, and I would like to display 3 small gifs in a box, like the language box etc. as I imagine creating a new box would be insane. I have zero knowledge in php and not too much in good html. The three clickable images I want to display are little trackers I...
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    Temporary URL Redirect in Cpanel help?

    I have two web domains. We'll say, it's a retail store with about 130 pages I have a addon domain which is I want to rebuild and have ALL Traffic for about 1 week go straight to I tried to setup a redirect in cpanel but it doesn't appear to be...
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    Shopping Carts - Zen Cart or OsCommerce Help Please!

    Just curious which open source cart anyone preferred over the other. The site will have about 400 items, each item having 5-10 drop down options for size, and then multiple colors. Payments will be made through Paypal only and would like to do all shipping through usps/ups. I have played around...
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    Entourage 2008 email trouble

    I am trying to setup an imap email address into entourage. I currently have the same account setup as pop3 and it works fine. The domain is with network solutions and hosted with them as well. The company had the standard package but the standard package does not allow imap. I got them to...
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    Help: Need a High End Scanner $1000 or less

    I am in need of a high end scanner for scanning drawings and importing them into Photoshop. My budget is $1000.00. Thanks for your help in advance!
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    You Sissy's better hide! fenderltd back up in this mofo!

    Been awhile, still here, super busy with work, life changes, and life in general. I still owe Poco an interview for being Hard Folder of the month and I am getting on that today. I hope everyone had great holidays and a Happy New Year. I have been able to hold a sterady 6-8K a day so thats...
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    If you ever need to explain F@H to someone you borg

    I found this very helpful in helping people under just what F@H is and how it works. Sometimes, if someone reads instead of trying to explain it to them it makes it easier. I recently encountered this will a small borg I was trying to setup...
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    New Look to Hard

    I noticed it down for maint. but it looks like it's undergone a make over!
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    LIttle Trouble, WIndows SBS 2003

    I have about 20 computers on the network and for the life of me a few of them are not auto sync'n the time with the primary server therefore not allowing others into shared folders. I googled this but coming back with things that are not really related to me problem. Where in SBS or maybe it's...
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    Lets talk about ip address's

    I was wondering what the best way to block your would be from outsiders. After reading this it makes me wonder if I ever stumbled upon something and it said download or what. I don't even have anything P2P on any of my computers, but just in theory, is there a way to hide/mask your ip all the...
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    Maybe looking for a retail site to be built

    I currently have one retail site, and own another domain I would like to pretty much mirror what's on the current one and slowly fade the current site out to the new one. Current site was through together in Front Page. I am looking to incorporate paypal checkout as the only payment processing...
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    Enterprise Back up Software

    I need to back up about 300gb every night to a single drive throughout the network. I have tried the windows back up software and it's ok, have also tried back up now. I am looking for something to set it and forget it, I had errors a few times with Back up now. Thanks!
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    Email address on website question

    I would like to post my email address, but wondering if there is a way to mask it so spammers would not be able to pick it up. Thanks in advance
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    Since downtime, stats showing end of may

    First off, thank GOODNESS [H] is back online!! It seems the stats were rolled back to end of May ish. Just wanted to let the issue be known in case our main man King hasn't seen yet (which I am fully sure he has). Thanks King, and I know you will have us back up 110% very soon!
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    Where is all the [H] folders! MIA?

    Where is everyone?? To much weekend fun? Good night all, and have a safe weekend!
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    New server is here, Xilikon, Hope I can catch you soon!

    I hope to catch you back Xilikon, and for lelliott731 to not pass me :eek: Xeon E5345 Quad x 2 4GB of Ram to start
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    Need Help with server 1 Quad for now, or 2 Dual Cores?

    Getting a new server through Dell instead of building it because of the OS cost etc and I figure this beast needs to do some SMP. Do I go with one quad core for now or two Dual Cores? The choices in life.:p What's going to be the best for folding!! hahaha
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    I Fold For:

    Thought it would be neat to have a thread where members can tell why they fold: maybe you have a reason, maybe you don't and just like helping. I fold for my father who has passed away in 2001 to Cancer.
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    Wits end with a Evga 8800gts Freeze up & Crash

    System: Bad Axe 2 E6600 (changed back to stock) 2gb ddr2 4 sata drives 1dvd Antec Neo 550w System folds 24/7. About 2 weeks ago I had to RMA an Evga 7800GT Signature card, so I thought what the hell, upgraded from my opty 165 etc. to the above. Evga sends me a 8800gts 320mb. The...
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    AMD 165, Epox 939 Mobo, Gskill Ram, Hynix Ram, more

    Some of these items are listed in FS/FT but I would like to directly offer to the [H]orde Heat - Fenderltd ebay - degoodstuff ALL Prices include shipping to the 48 US States PM me with any questions Other Pics upon request Non CC Paypal Only Trades - Let me know what you got...
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    Another OC problem thread e6600 & Bad Axe 2

    This is my first Intel in 6 or 7 years. After doing much reading, I am still not able to really get anything out of this cpu. Intel Bad Axe 2 e6600 <--ram Here is a link to what the bad axe2 performace bios settings look...
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    Fry's Dallas Ad 4-27-07 Q6600 Deal & e6600 Deal

    Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI & Q6600 $629.99 Free Guild Wars while supplies last e6600 & ESC PT890T $229.00 mobo is PCI-E Other random deals on other things, these ones caught my eye.
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    Problems with NON-SMP Boxes

    It appears that my 18+ boxes that are running console are not reporting. Logs look fine to me, but no points are being sent. I have noticed this since Friday when every update nothing was going through. The only thing that's sending is my SMP's. None of the consoles :( I have checked around on...
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    Can I upgrade my IBM Z61T from T2600 - T7400 ?

    Is this possible and if anyone knows really how hard this will be. I have put ram into the unit before no problem. Thanks in advance
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    Calling out God of Death!

    You keep passing me, I pass you back, I pass you etc. You are putting out more points than I think but I am going to do some tweaks this weekend. Are you down for a one week points race run? Saturday April 14th till Saturday April 21st. Let me know if you are up for it. We are also both...
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    FS: Crucial Ballistix 512x2 PC3200, Artic Cooler

    Heat - Fenderltd ebay - degoodstuff ALL Prices include shipping to the 48 US States PM me with any questions PQI DDR-266 PC2100 BRAND NEW IN BOX! 512MB Stick $20.00 shipped! Also Have an Artic Cooler Artic Freezer 64 never opened, $20.00 shipped SOLD ITEMS...
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    Send the WU I don't like this Windoz SMP

    [18:16:07] Loaded queue successfully. [18:16:07] - Preparing to get new work unit... [18:16:07] + Attempting to get work packet [18:16:07] - Connecting to assignment server [18:16:07] + Attempting to send results [18:16:07] - Successful: assigned to ( [18:16:07] + News From...
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    Older Computer F@H...What's the Best Config Settings

    I have quite a few old rigs that are getting the melt away's etc. and are taking FOREVER to finish. What's the best setup for rigs 1ghz- 2.4 ghz celerons? Thanks in advance!
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    FAH Spy @ work (Pic included) I love it!

    I am so thrilled I found this app. I used emc along time ago, but I love this app. It makes it so much easier to manage all your boxes... Atleast if one of them is having trouble. 1 computer does not have the console installed yet, and is running the regular task bar icon and it shows the WU...
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    Best CPU For Folding: New Xeon or E6600

    Getting ready to buy some new parts tomorrow, curious which will be better for folding A new Xeon or a 6600. Both would be overclocked slightly Thanks, Happy Easter!
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    Last SMP Question I swear!

    Ok, with the SMP even on a dual core box you would only install and run one versino correct? It seems you do not need to do multiple installs like the console version. I ask this because I am having trouble with a second client running and with just one SMP running, it tacks my CPU @ 100 With...
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    Windows SMP Client eats WU

    I am about ready to get rid of the Windows SMP clients as I needed to restart my main box today ( that I use @ work) and both WU's were @ 80% and after restart they were both giving a new WU!!! Almost 24 hours of work down the drain.... I am so mad @ these clients right now!