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    Case wheels? sources?

    Haven't looked into modding much in well over a year, noted a few machines posted here and there with some cool polished aluminum wheels and really liked them. I've tried stationary feet for added clearance so a bottom fan mount could 'breathe' but really like the wheel thing. So are these being...
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    iMac trying to use a Win98SE-shared printer

    have a Win98SE machine with a USB-connected Epson R200 printer. wife has an iMac running OS9. both machines are accessing the internet via a Linksys WRT54GS DSL Router. Both machines are connected the the router via RJ45, wireless is currently disabled. The printer is shared under Win98. I...
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    Need a 120mm DC fan with metal chassis

    or some info on a plastic fan that can take high contact temps on the mounting surface - ~140F EDIT - I want to replace the fan in this setup. It's AC and too damned noisy.
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    A case idea for the toolbox fans

    Was perusing a mechanical and electronic scrapyard today, and saw a couple of avionics test equipment cases that looked like they'd be great hosts for a toolbox / briefcase mod - Thought I'd pass it on / toss it out there. For those in the Los Angeles area, the place is named 'Apex'...
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    Krylon Fusion - on toolbox plastic?

    Anyone try this yet? Wondering how well it bonds / works on the type of plastic used in toolboxes (polypropylene?).