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    S-Video Output in black and white

    I finally got the output to work but it's in black and white, is there any way to fix this? I'm sure i'm not the only one who has had this problem.
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    Game saving

    How do you guys back up your saved games? Is there a special way you have to go about it? Because I backed mine up just incase my computer crashed (which it did) and now i tried loading them back into the game and they won't work for some reason. How would I go about this?
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    More Nforce3 Ultra boards?

    I check back in on newegg every once and a while looking for more variety in the Socket 939 NF3U boards but it seems as though they only carry the Gigabyte Solutions. Anyone know when the rest are going to be hitting the shelves? Preferably from MSI :D
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    Moving from an Athlon 64 3200+ to a LGA 755

    I'm trying to figure out my next pc upgrade, and i'm looking at the Intel LGA755's right now. I wanted to upgrade to the 3500+ but it's out of my price range. I use my machine mostly for gaming, and using photoshop among the normal web surfing, word processing, ect. I was looking at the...
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    Sound absorbtion

    Wait, bad idea..nevermind
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    Radeon x800 XT and Heatpipe Cooling

    I'm building a Silent system, and with that slapping a heat pipe on the video card would be grand. What's your opinion? I was looking into the Aerocool VM-101 (can dissipate more than 70W of heat); have you guys tried or thought of going the heatpipe rout with your x800s? I've been looking...
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    Antec Sonata Power Supply

    I just made my power consumption estimate for a system i'm planning on building and I got around 350W For this system Athlon 64 3500+ Mushkin 1GB DDR433 Level One ASUS A8V Deluxe Visiontek Radeon X800 XT 2 Western Digital 36.7 SATA drives Nu DDW-082 DVD-RW Lite-On 16x dvd-rom Creative...
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    3400+ vs 3.2C

    I'm building a new system soon and i'm trying to decide which motherboard/CPU combo I should base it off of. Athlon 64 3400+ nvidia nforce 3 250 or Intel Pentium 4 3.2C (Northwood) i875P based motherboard I want your opinion on my intel based system; would that motherboard combo...
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    Vibration absorption alternative

    I've look around, and all the fan silencers, you know the rubber/silicon things you put between the case and the fan are all so expensive. what are some alternatives you guys have used? I thought about putting little pieces of cardboard between the fan and the case, that would work i'm sure.
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    How fast is Hypertransport?

    nevermind, i'm a tard.
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    Power Supply AUX connection

    What on earth is this thing used for? I have never had to use it before; I know that they keep putting them on power supplies. But I wanna know, what are they typically connected to? I"ve been into computers for a while and have yet to find this out :D
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    Dell LCDs

    I know everyone's head over heals for the 2001FP, from what i've read it performs well in everything, including games. But how about some other Dell displays? Are there any other good performers? that maybe are a little cheaper:) how's the 1703FP or the 1901FP ? I guess what i'm...
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    Annoying beeping

    For some reason everytime I watch a dvd on my computer i get this annoying beeping every minute or so. I'm running a samsung dvd/rw combo drive through VIA Envy audio..but i think it's one of the settings i'm using..or maybe interference...or maybe just shitty speakers..they're altec lansing...
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    The Age Old Question: Windows XP Pro or Home

    Well, since search is down, and I can't seem to find a thread about this topic; I thought i'd ask a quick question. I used to run XP pro and I loved it. I've also run XP home and liked it as well. Now i'm in the market for the full version of one of those OS's (I only ran the updates...
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    Delay write failed errors

    I hate these things, they're happening constantly and really pissing me off. :mad: but i'm really not sure what I can do about them, any tips guys?