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    1 to 1 1080 pixel map on a screen under 32"?

    Just wondering if there are any recommendations at all for a monitor that can 1 to 1 pixel map a 1920x1080 digital signal. I understand there are no panels that are 1920x1080 native (or at least none I know of), but I wasn't aware of how any of the 24" or 26", 1920x1200 monitors out there...
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    Customized RSS Channel Guide?

    Anyone know of a way (short of writing a lot of custom code) to get a channel guide in RSS format? What I'd like to do is select certain channels and pull the listings once a day for those stations. I think it would be perferable to set up one feed per station, but having a single feed for all...
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    37 1080p help

    This is second hand info, but you may want to check out the LG 37BD5D. Brand spankin' new and a friend of mine who just saw a demo said it was an amazing set. I've requested a demo with my supplier, so I might have more info sometime next month.
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    Specs for a Linux HTPC

    Thanks for all the good info! Here's a 1080p AVC clip, if you're ever in need of test material : (warning : 100+ megs!). If you get the time, let me know how it looks on your system and what the usage stats look like. As to...
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    Specs for a Linux HTPC

    I thought I'd have a go at setting up a MythTV client/server system. So far, I've been finding most of the information that I need, but one thing seems to be rather lacking and that is hardware specs for 1080p AVC playback. I know that hardware accelleration is non-existant at this point for...
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    NEC 20WMGX-BK vs 20WMGX2-BK

    I have a better question : where is the 24WMGX2?
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    Joost invitation please ?

    Sorry about disappearing yesterday, work got crazy and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. truthelixirx, that made me laugh, so shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send the invite. I need you to do so with some haste since I just got a notice that my invites are...
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    Joost invitation please ?

    Lets try this again. I've got 1 Joost invite. I'll be giving to *someone* at 4pm EST today. Just reply to this post with why I should give it to you. Best/coolest/funniest reason gets it, no post length requirements this time. Just tell me why you want it.
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    Joost invitation please ?

    I'm on Joost now and you're not missing a whole lot yet. Its a neat concept, but most of the content is MTV style crap. The coolest station is the National Geographic channel. Some of the short films are cool on ... well ... I forget the name of the station that runs all the shorts. So I...
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    Why play PS3 X360 on your small monitor?

    Actually, I had to move almost every semister. I didn't know of any college that allowed students to reside in a dorm room 12 month out of the year. Almost everyone had to move out of their current digs at the end of spring semister even if they were returning to that room in the fall.
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    Why play PS3 X360 on your small monitor?

    That's not a defining trait. By definition a monitor is a video display device. By definition, a TV is a video monitor with an RF demod built in. Period. Resolution alone does not classify a display as a TV or a monitor. Your statement is only a current trend in the marketplace.
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    Why play PS3 X360 on your small monitor?

    You do realize that the only difference between a LCD monitor and an LCD TV is an RF tuner, right?
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    Why play PS3 X360 on your small monitor?

    You seemed to miss the point about being in college and having to move around. Finding a place to put a 200+ lbs monster CRT, much less having to move it on a semi-annual basis is completely ludicris. If you're using a PS3 with HDMI output, more inane is the idea that using an analog...
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    Why play PS3 X360 on your small monitor?

    The first thing you're not thinking about here is that most of the people on this board are approximately college aged or just out of school. They don't have the financial resources to buy a larger set. Even if they did, most don't have a room large enough to fit it in. Could you imagine...
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    Joost invitation?

    I've been on the Venice Project beta for a while now and my invite level has always been stuck at zero. I don't think they're allowing beta testers to invite people yet. Granted, I haven't dl'ed the latest client with the Joost branding yet, but I doubt its changed. This is just a PSA for...
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    New line from BenQ looks promising

    Any updates on actual release dates or prices?
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    The fight for the future of your entertainment is happening now (with or without you)

    What's funny is that is a summary. It could have been an article 3 or 4 times that size, easily. There is simply too much going on right now to boil it down further. The thing that pisses me off is that when you do try and summarize it further people a.) don't understand what you're talking...
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    The fight for the future of your entertainment is happening now (with or without you)

    I see both your points on video games, but consider the Louisiana law in question Ok, who decides what is patently offensive? We have ESRB. The problem isn't that the information isn't out there, the problem is that ESRB isn't enforced at retail and most parents don't care enough to keep...
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    The fight for the future of your entertainment is happening now (with or without you)

    Since the mark up session for COPE is tomorrow, please C&P this to others, post it in other forums, and digg it.
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    New Acer 26-inch widescreen monitor

    Panel type? Inputs? I'm not sure what you mean "add HDCP later". You can't add it later. It would have to be added at the factory, which I would think would be a whole new model #. Still, sounds hot.
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    Best 24 inch widescreen LCD???

    Is that Benq going to be AS-IPS? I've been holding out for a 23 or 24" 1920x1200 AS-IPS LCD.
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    Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) FREE SUBSCRIPTION

    You sure? I went all the way through and 1. It won't let you continue unless you actually select one of the trade mags (I choose eWeek randomly). EGM is still greyed out. 2. At checkout, it only shows you signed up for the trade mag you chose.
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    Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) FREE SUBSCRIPTION

    No longer valid for me. It'll let you select some other engineering mags, but EGM is grayed out and not a selectable item anymore. Boo.
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    FAR Snapstream BeyondTV 4.0 HTPC (PVR) software (+ ship/tax)

    It says Fry's Electronics only. Are we sure they'll honor a purchase from Outpost. Yes, I know they're owned by the same people, but Fry's typically won't price match Outpost, so I just wonder.
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    ==>Newegg.Com Instant Savings - VGA/Storage/Printer Deals!

    How about some more general coupons instead of specific sale items? Free FedEx 2-day shipping, 10% off, $5 off $50 or more, stuff like that. You guys never seem to have what I want on sale :(
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    SN25P + BFG 7800 GT OC + 3800x2 =...

    I have the 1GB rev1 sticks. Work just fine for me. Didn't even have to bump the voltage to make em stable.
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    wireless pc to tv video / post your experiences

    Actually, MIMO wireless is the way to go.
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    SN25P CPU Fan is a hurricane ... Bios Y runs but I cant get into CMOS-Setup :-((

    Why would you want to use a BIOS from anywhere but the manufacturer? And based on the file names, those are the exact same BIOS available on Shuttle's website.
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    Ditching my HTPC for DirecTV DVR?

    If its still a TiVo based recorder, stay away. I've had to deal with a bunch of the HR10-250's here at work. They completely suck. Slow, miss recordings, other bizzare behavior. In comparison, the Dish 942 is really pretty good. Some propriatary Dish Network DVR software running it, but...
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    SN25P overclocker?

    Not true. I pushed mine all the way up to 333 with ClockGen. Haven't played with it in the BIOS yet. I've found the chip I have isn't that great an overclocker it seems. I did find that when you hit a wall, add a little voltage to the CPU and the chipset. Makes a world of difference.
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    Blah might as well tell you guys... Dell 24inWS lcd 780 shipped

    Because Dell has retail stores in FL.
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    VERY strange SNP25 problems

    Don't use the included cables, use 3rd party cables. Don't use the Nvidia IDE drivers, use the native XP drivers.
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    Blah might as well tell you guys... Dell 24inWS lcd 780 shipped

    Any other codes that can be stacked to that?
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    VERY strange SNP25 problems

    What BIOS are you using?
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    ATI Technologies Colossal Contest Winner

    Actually, they have to file with the IRS if you win something. Look on your tax forms next time and you'll see there's a space for income that's won through gambling or contests. If its an item instead of cash, they count the cash value of the item as income.
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    Free 10 hour trial of Guild Wars

    So basically you're pimping a demo. Just about every game out there has a downloadable demo. Why make a thread about this one?
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    Free 10 hour trial of Guild Wars

    Um, Guild Wars is free anyways once you buy the game :confused:
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    SN25P User's Guide

    FYI there are new audio drivers posted to the Shuttle website. Dunno if its any different/better than what's up at Via, but I'll check it out this weekend and report back.
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    SN25P issue

    You're infected with the Worm (ares.exe), WIN32.RBOT (gcasServ.exe). You need to clean, STAT. Also, why the hell are you running 2 instances of Apache and D-Link Wireless Adapter (wzcsldr + wzcsldr2.exe)?