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    Dell 4700 chipsets burn my finger..

    My case felt pretty warm to the touch so I took the case off and toucked the southbridge and northbridge chips and they burned my finger. The northbrindge has a passive heatsink and the south has nothing on it. It's 100% stable, but shouldn't they be cool to the touch?
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    2005 connected with analog, DVI much better?

    I have a Dell 4700 and a 2005fp, It's connected through analog and the media accelerator 900 supports the native resolution and it looks good. Would I see a noticeable improvement with DVI? I don't play games really, so I don't care about that too much.
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    Problem with Azureus port

    I have 2 computers on my network, I connect to the internet through another computer. In the set up of Azureus there's an option to test the bittorent port 6881 and it says NAT error. On the pc with the interent connection under network settings I entered in port 6881 to be shared but still get...
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    Apple's new iMac G5 Why hasn't there been a PC counterpar already? Just take a laptop, put the screen in front of the hardware and put it on a base.
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    What color setting is your 2001fp on?

    I have mine set to user, 40, 40, 40.
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    Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Revision 2 $9.99 Coupon Code: svcdotcom
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    Possible Dell 2001fp problem or vid card?

    I have a Radeon 9500 softmodded to 9700. On my old cheap CTX it made the screen wavey sometimes. A couple days after getting my 2001fp there's been blotches of green pixels appearing. I have to turn off the monitor and turn it on to get it to go away. Is this a monitor or vid card problem? I'm...