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    CypriUm - The Ultimate Water Loop Case

    I haven't logged into this site for over a year..but I came back to show my buddy samples of water cooling systems. So I found your build. Two thumbs up, mate. Fantastic job.
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    Video Game Inspired Crime Spree

    QFT Some people just need to stop reproducing. I seriously think having babies should be licensed like in Starship Troopers... I don't know who's worse, the stupid kids who pull this crap or the stupid people who buy into it being the fault of violent video games.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Soulassassin I like your keyboard :)
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    I just had too many torrents going :)
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Some of you may remember my workstation from back in the day when I had no money... Pretty fugly, eh? So anyway, here is the new model. Much better! Up close on the towers... Oh yea', that's good stuff. One more... That's some yummy lookin' guts. If that...
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    Sons first computer. Mountain Mod Water cooled Bob Slay

    I had to build the first computer that was just for me...truly lucky kid.
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    What thermal paste do you use now?

    My tuniq arrived today, kind of disappointed. A fresh application of it yielded temperatures 2-3 degrees higher than my 3 year old tube of as5 did after a fresh application. Lets hope after a little bit of set up time it performs better.
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    What thermal paste do you use now?

    Just ordered some TX2...hope it works well.
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    Disabling the auto shutdown on a 680i

    Is there any way to disable the automatic shutdown at 100C on the 680i boards?
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    Project: The Sleeper

    I agree. I tote my triple rad setup around all the time. I've had sATA cables pop off before but my loop never leaks. Not sure if this actually affects anything, but I try to heat my system up as hot as it'll go then seal the res so there's a vacuum instead of pressure in the loop. Good...
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    Distilled water vs fluidxp

    No kinks in the hoses, the pump runs fine, it's at 4000rpm at the moment. I found this to be very interesting though, this screen shot is with all 4 cores enabled at 3.5ghz, and 1.5375 volts. I'm starting to wonder if maybe the probe has just gone bad, no matter how high I crank the...
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    Distilled water vs fluidxp

    How do the two stack up? I'm currently running a triple rad setup with a D-tek block and swiftech pump, on my q6600 and I feel that my temperatures are a lot higher than they should be. With two of the cores disable and 1.575 volts at 3.6ghz, everest is reading 92C at load after an hour or so...
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    Where else to buy Delta fans?

    Thanks for the tip mate. However, after quite a few beers I had an idea, I put the model # into froogle and came up with two more sites to get the higher flow fans.
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    Where else to buy Delta fans?

    I probably should've been more specific. I need 120mm ones. I've been checking ebay twice a day...I've yet to see a single 120*38mm delta on there, most are just 60mm server fans. Am I missing something? How can these wonderful fans be so hard to come by. Thanks for the tip about...
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    Where else to buy Delta fans?

    Does anybody know where else to buy Delta fans besides Performance PCs? The only high flow deltas that work with my fan controller (20 watt max) have been out of stock for almost a month and I can't find any other sites to buy them from.
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    In Depth Review of MSI 8800GT 512MB

    That card looks sweet...but I'm going to hold off and see what's going on with this 65nm 8800GTS I keep hearing about :D
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    7900GTX, or 8800GTS?

    Take his advice on this, I threw an 8800GTS into my rig (Mine is running at 630mhz core, 1ghz mem) and I'm only scoring 8900 in 3dmark06...compared to other people on the forums with the same card running at slower speeds but with a Core 2 Duo that are getting somewhere in the range of...
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    Zalman's New 8800 Cooler VF1000 LED + ZM-RHS88

    Just ordered mine this morning, we'll see what kind of impact it makes on a GTS
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    Weird problem with FiOS connection...

    I just had FiOS installed today, and I'm having a rather weird problem. with any 1 computer running and the other one off the network, I get a nice solid 15000kbps speed...When I have them both on the network...I get about 500kbps speed.... I called tech support and the person said that he had...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    My mom keeps taking mine away too. I'm on my 5th one. Btw, to the guy who posted the pic of it, is the Balisong pictured the Typhoon build-it-yourself kit? and if so how easy was it to put together?
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    Project: Feeding Frenzy

    Looking very very interesting. Can't wait to see this one finished :)
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    Project Lament: HellRaiser Tribute Mod

    Damn fine job dude.
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    Pics of my new Antec P180!!

    Lookin' good dude.
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    .:: ~ PROJECT: BLU ~ ::. pics, pics, pics

    The point was I can be happy without it, anyways, enough crapping on this guy's thread, I'm clearing out my other two posts, if anybody else feels compelled to say something about them, then PM me.
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    .:: ~ PROJECT: BLU ~ ::. pics, pics, pics

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    SLI WorkLog:The Conversion.

    It'll be interesting to see if that X-Conenct can handle an SLI setup.
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    Old pentium 2 tower mod.

    Simple yet effective. Props to you, man.
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    Which card for BF2?

    Aren't the go cards supposed to have less onboard memory or something? I seem to remember most mobile graphics cards having half the memory of their desktop counterparts.
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    .:: ~ PROJECT: BLU ~ ::. pics, pics, pics

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    .:: ~ PROJECT: BLU ~ ::. pics, pics, pics

    My guess would be the college he attends...
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    Project: Satan's Deuce

    That thing's gonna fingerprint like a mofo. You better give whoever wins it a box of latex gloves so they can move it. 'Tis beautiful :D
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    PC-7B WaWa Project

    Is this supposed to be themed after wawa the store, or something else? Either way it's lookin' nice so far. I wish I could dremel
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    fx5200 vs radeon 9000 vs geforce 3 ti200

    I've owned both a geforce3 ti200 and a Geforce FX 5200. (The fx5200 is for sale if anybody wants it, $50, pm me) the FX 5200 was about 50% faster than the Ti200, and was able to handle anything I threw at it with 1024*768 resolution (Yes, that's including HL2, Doom3, and Far Cry) The only games...
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    Lian Li earns the "WTF" award for this case.

    It's obviously for nVidia or an nVidia fan. The case is not only shaped like their logo but it's sorta etched into the window. I agree, it isn't the prettiest thing, but I think an nVidia shaped case is kinda cool.
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    Project: Ultra-portable PC (handheld like OQO or Tiqit)

    My 366mhz laptop was able to handle DivX no problem, you should be fine.
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    Converting an external HDD to an internal HDD - 56K beware!

    If you're like me, and have a decent investment in your IDE drives (400gb worth here) and don't have money to replace them all with Serial ATA drives, this will be a good idea for converting them into a USB drive, to make them hot swappable. It also eliminates the need to buy a controller card...
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    what to do with bawls bottles

    Are you fucking serious? Btw, the CompUSA around here charges like $17 for a case of 12.
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    PS1 LCD

    I made one like that and just used trial and error to figure out what goes where. There'll be 4 wires on the inside of your s-video cable, two of which will be thinner than the other two, and these will be sleeved. Splice these together, and then splice the remaining wires to each other. Now...
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    psu, ontop of the case

    No. If it were an Al Queda PSU it would hijack your computer and use it to attack the internet.
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    can i sleep with 5 tornados in my box?

    Dude, that was like 5 months ago that I had it. I've since bought a lian-li and moved my server into my X-Dreamer. Had to sell the tornados to help pay for the lian-li ($120 is damn expensive for a case when you have no job) I'm currently running 5 Coolermaster L.E.D. fans in my Lian-Li, and...