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    Your CPU progression

    Family Computers Cyrix MII 233mhz Intel Celeron 466mhz - First computer I personally built Personal Computers AMD Athlon K7 750mhz AMD Athlon XP 1900+ AMD Athlon 64 3000+ AMD Phenom II X4 940 Intel Core I7 4790 - I stopped gaming, and I have yet to need anything more than this 7 years later...
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    LGA 2011 motherboard with no cooler mounts

    I never thought about just replacing the socket retention itself. Thanks!
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    LGA 2011 motherboard with no cooler mounts

    I recently ordered a mITX x79 motherboard from aliexpress. ( I got caught of guard building the computer today because the mounting holes do not have threaded inserts in them. every LGA 2011 motherboard I have worked with had them. If you...
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    Logitech Z313 2.1 speakers $15

    $16 shipping really kills the deal. $31 is still cheaper than amazon and a few other retailers at $38
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    How do you guys like the ultrawides for gaming?

    I bought it for $840 and 3 weeks later it dropped to $750 on amazon. This was August. It seems to have went back up in price. Gaming wise, I love it, but I honestly only play one game (Diablo 3). The big thing that I miss is being able to split the screen into 2 monitors. I still have this...
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    Amazon is having a Blizzard sale.

    The base game includes all expansion except the most recent. So if you think of it, its exactly the same way it was during the first expansion. It means if someone that hasnt played in years wants to get back into it, they still have to pay the $30-40 bucks on the current expansion, but not...
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    32GB Amazon Fire Phone (AT&T Unlocked, Refurbished) + 1-Year Prime Membership $110

    I am using this phone now (got it for $125 new from the same seller as above). It is a great phone so far, but not having google services is the killer for me. I don't even care about the play store, if It had a good working google services. I have downgraded to 4.6.3 and have the play...
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    The main reason I got it is because I have he same one at work, and didn't like jumping between split and not split. I absolutely love the mouse. I wouldn't say the keyboard is anything special though.
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    Just got the Dell. Got a new heatsink and it didnt fit in my midtower so I pulled out the old Rocketfish.
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    Rebate Horror...

    Im getting ready to send one in today for an Asus motherboard. My Mail in rebate form does not have a place to attach it. It just has a box saying its required, and a small sample picture.
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    Udemy - $20 courses

    You can buy as many of the $19 courses that you want during the special. You get access to them for life, so you can do them when ever you want, or redo them as a refresher later. I bit on one, and they immediately sent me a 75% off next purchase coupon.
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    $230 used xbox one

    This is tempting, but why did they take away media extender from the Xbox one? That is the majority of what I use my 360 for nowadays.
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    "Half Owner" OF Facebook Has Five More Lawyers

    To be fair he, at age 26, agreed to the "Giving Pledge" with Gates and Buffett. Which agrees to give atleast 50% of his worth away to charities.
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    Sony PS3 - 320GB Refurb - $219

    Good deal if you didn't get the black friday bundle, or if you had no use for the 2 free games.
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    What do you use your tablet for?

    I have been tempted, but like you I no longer have netflix. I was leaching off my parents since they only used it for the disk in mail. Since netflix changed their subscriptions, I canceled their streaming capabilities to save them money. From what I have read though, it still has some bugs...
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    What do you use your tablet for?

    Got a touchpad in the fire sale (paid more second hand though). 60% e-reader (side loading into kindle is the only decent e-reader app though, preader sucks) 35% electronic magazine before going to bed. Reddit app, browsing forums, basically reading internet content but not really interacting...
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    21.5" HANNspree full HD monitor for $89.99 w/ free shipping

    Wrong link, here is the correct one.
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    Rift for $0

    Game got boring really fast for the non-raider. You can only close so many rifts.
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    Netgear WNDR3300 Dual Band Wireless N Router $24.98 shipped This is a refurbished unit, it comes in a plain brown box with 90 day warranty.
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    ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z

    I have bought 2 OB, first one was full retail, obviously been opened, but included everything. Second one was inside a different mobo's box turned inside out with zero accessories. Bare mobo in a sealed static bag. I am guessing fresh from RMA.
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    Ps3 (2 for $30) games - Walmart

    ACDC Live: Rock Band Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Band Hero - Game Only Beowulf Bioshock Bioshock 2 Bolt Borderlands Brutal Legend Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 Cabela's Outdoor Adventure 2010 Clash of the Titans Create De Blob 2 Dragon Age Orgins Awakenings EA Sports MMA Eternal Sonata EyePet -...
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    Front Panel USB 3.0

    from the discription: This simple accessory plugs in to your motherboard's internal USB 3.0 port and gives you two standard A female USB 3.0 connections. he needs to turn one of his external USB 3.0 into an internal header that would normally be on the motherboard, since his does not have...
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    Front Panel USB 3.0

    This is the exact opposite of what he needs. Male usb to 20 pin adapter is what he needs. I did some searching, but nothing is coming up, looks like the easiest bet is to get a pcie usb3.0 with 20 pin.
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    Sony Blu-ray Remote for PlayStation 3 on sale for $14.46 + free shipping

    I bought one of these for 10 bucks. It works with my Harmony, but does not have the ability to power the ps3 on.
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    Vizio Tells Owners Their TVs Are Un-Repairable

    My parents bought a RCA tube tv from walmart about 10 years ago. They splurged got the bigger one, the one they thought was name brand so that it would last them a while. 1 year later it stops turning on. They take it to the local repair company and he takes one look, sees the part number and...
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    Diablo-like RPG's for Xbox Arcade?

    Torchlight is excellent, I just get bored with these types of games without Multiplayer. And the reason Torchlight has a diablo feel is because its made by the creators of diablo. "Development of the game was led by Travis Baldree, designer of Fate, joined by Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer...
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    HP Touchpad Wireless Keyboard $35 // HP Touchpad 360 leather case $16

    tempting on the keyboard, but i held off during the ipad 1 case sells offs. Now im glad i did. 6 dollars more for a way nicer case. thanks
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    Am I stupid to consider a M11x as a gaming machine?

    From someone that bought the m11x for exactly what you are trying, I would say no. It plays the games fine, but the 11 inch screen is the killer. I thought I would get over it, as I have never been the "high res" gamer type. If you plan on playing any kind of game with a UI, like RPGs, its...
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    DDR2 PC6400 2Gb stick 14.99 @ Directron

    the original link had /directron causing my computer to take me to localhost/ im guessing that is what he was referring to, it has since been fixed.
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    Viewsonic 10.1" Tablet - $249 android 2.2 free ship

    There are about 30 BNIB touchpads on craigslist in my area for this price.
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    Fable III PC $12.49

    Even if this was steam it wouldn't matter. This is one of those games that you have to use GFWL no matter what. I bought this for my wife through steam, steam opens up GFWL and you have to log in.
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    Viewsonic 10.1" Tablet - $249 android 2.2 free ship

    Not as good of hardware as touchpad, and no marketplace unless you root it.
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    Ratpadz XT $25 w/Free Shipping

    Unfortunately not 19.99 anymore, showing up at 24.99 on the website.
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    Survey: All Cell Phones Should Work on Any Network

    Everyone should look up LTE and how many carriers globally are adopting it (almost every major player). The major limitation right now is that so many companies are using different technologies. CDMA, GSM (850,900,1800,1900). Once everyone switches to LTE in the following years it will...
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    6ft hdmi gold plated 1.4 $1.00 shipped

    something about having a picture of a devious thief at the top of a form I am putting a credit card info into that makes me feel uneasy.
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    How I got my Fascinate.

    how big of a discount do you get? Highest I have heard of was 28% 2 4g phones on their 1500 plan is 150, after taxes ~167 to get it around 100 it would be a 40% discount.
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    Worst Company In America 2011

    My Final Four: GameStop vs Ticketmaster BP vs Comcast Final: Ticketmaster vs BP Champions Ticketmaster (Most greedy company ever)
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    AMD Up For Sale? Dell Interested?

    I thought amd had the x86-x64(amd64) license and intel had the x86. And the cross licensing agreement allowed to use each others. Wouldn't today it be more important to have the amd64 instruction over the x86. Already it is started to be called legacy support, and wont be needed in a few...
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    Fake YouTube Video Lands Man in Real Jail

    This has been tons of times by television. Is he special because he did it as an amateur? Whitest Kids you Know - Get a new daddy comes to mind.
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    Life's too short for rebates

    There are rebate companies that will bid on the price to provide x amount of rebates. This bid is usually less than the total amount, and the rebate company is gambling that there will be enough people not filling out the paperwork that in the end they make a profit.