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  1. J

    Beta NVidia driver available!!

    A beta nvidia driver is finally available. We finally get texture_from_pixmap!! I can't wait to get this going.
  2. J

    Hitachi Deskstar 250gig $50 AR at bestbuy

    I was up at best buy today to get the 160 gig WD for $40AR and I found the Hitachi Deskstar 250gig(8mb cache, 3 year warranty) for $50 after two $40 MIRs. Total came to about $140 with tax. 90 more gigs for $10 more isn't that bad of a deal if you ask me. I didn't see it in the ad and I...
  3. J

    Disable Java sounds in firefox?

    I have a friend who plays a Java Yahoo game(texttwist to be specific), and it has all sorts of clicking sounds and shit. She wants to be able to listen to music while playing, so is there anyway to disable sounds in firefox? It's on windows xp, if that matters.
  4. J

    Implement a shift register in a pic?

    I am looking to build this n64 -> parallel port adapter, and I have everything except the 4006s. I do have some pics, though, and it seems pretty trivial to implement the 33 bit shift register with a pic. I'm no pic master, though, and I really have no idea where to start. I know I have a...
  5. J

    Hard drive is suddenly unpartitioned

    Okay, first of all, I'm at school 150 miles away from home. So my mom's computer has been giving them trouble lately. Sometimes it will just shut itself off. I haven't had a chance to look at it so I don't know why it is doing that. Anyway, a couple days ago it shut itself off and now it...
  6. J

    Website for windows fonts?

    Does anyone know of any good websites that just have a lot of different windows fonts for free? Pretty much all I am finding is, which apparently charges for fonts.
  7. J 6.8.0 and ati

    Fuck this shit. The only way I can run 6.8.0 without hardlocking my system is to disable dri for my radeon 8500le. Without that, transparency and all that fancy stuff just runs slower than shit. Oh well. It is an extremely cutting edge release so I'm going to go back to 6.7 and give...
  8. J

    Good replacement for radeon8500?

    I've got a radeon 8500le 128meg card and ATI's linux drivers are really pissing me off lately. Biggest issue is my tv out won't work no matter what I do. I'm looking to convert to nvidia but I've never really followed nvidia cards so I have no idea which cards are good and which aren't. I'm...
  9. J

    New linux nforce drivers - HARDWARE MIXING

    NVIDIA has released some new drivers that supposedly enable the soundstorm under linux. This means hardware mixing and dolby digital encoding!!! Plus it has an updated nvnet driver. I was so excited to see my dolby digital light come on when I rebooted! Though I still don't have my /dev...
  10. J

    5.1 pci card

    I've been poking around on dolby's site a bit and found this. Not exactly what you would use for doom3, but it definately is a pci card that does dolby digital encoding. Though that card costs more than a lot of our computers. I know I won't be getting one any time soon...
  11. J

    Cable quality for digital audio

    What is the importance of cable quality with regards to digital audio? Is there any reason why an expensive, high quality cable will perform any better than a $2 radio shack cable? Both cables are able to transfer the bits from end to end. What else is there? Will a more expensive cable...
  12. J

    Anyone ever dye a printer?

    I'm sitting here looking at my old okipage 10e led printer and it is just begging to be dyed. Only problem is there are SO MANY different little parts and trays and mechanisms and stuff that would have to be removed in order to dye everything. I'm pretty good at taking things apart, but...
  13. J

    only one search every minute

    I'm sorry for being rude the first time around. I didn't mean for it to come out like that. Thanks for not banning me for that. Now, is there any way the time between searches could be reduced for subscribers or something? Or maybe have the limit be like 3 searches a minute or 5 searches...
  14. J

    Metal fabrication kit - $89.99

    I couldn't decide whether to post this in cool cases or here, but it is a hot deal so I am posting it here. Just got the harbor freight email and this caught my eye. It is a metal fabrication kit. I thought maybe some of you guys who like to build cases(or who want to but don't have the...
  15. J

    Fool my printer into thinking it has color

    Okay so I found an HP 3820 inkjet printer in a dumpster(which I have come to find out that is the proper place for it) a couple nights ago. Fixed the stupid piece of shit broken cog and now it goes through all the motions just fine. However, it did not have any cartridges in it. I got a black...
  16. J

    KDE 3.2 is out!!

    It's out! Anyone else excited? I'm trying to emerge sync right now but it is so fucking slow!!(I think the university throttles that shit. regular downloads work just fine). I used to use fluxbox but right now i'm running the kde3.2 rc and it's pretty nice.
  17. J

    A good screw or a good caulk

    Yeah, epoxy is fucking strong. If you can break it out easily then you didn't do it correctly in the first place.