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    need help finding decently priced wireless access point

    well i bought a psp and i want to get on teh internet with it but saddly i dont have wireless internet just wired so i am wanting to buy a wireless access point since we only have 1 laptop (which is perfectly fine wired) and the other desktops in the house all ready have wires ran to them...
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    getting a game to stretch across 2 screens?

    well i jsut hooked up my dads 2 17" lcd's to my 6800 gt and it looks amazing but but i want to find out how to get the game to stretch across both in a game any help will be GREATLY appreciated
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    flashing a 6800 gt to an ulta, need help!

    well i atempted flashing my leadtek a400gt (6800 gt) to a 6800 ultra by flashign its bios to teh ultra's well i downloaded nvflash and i searched leadtek's site for the a400 ultra's (6800 ultra) bios amd i found it then i unziped both files after that i formated my floppy and had it setup...
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    lookin for a radiater that will fit in a cd drive bay

    well im going to start making my second newer computer soon and i would like to water cool it but i dont want an external setup like i curently have so i would like to find a dual radiater that i can fit in a cd drive bay perferably one that i can fit 2 120mm fans over thanks for any info
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    which of these 2 6800 gt's should i get

    2 slots lots of games this has 2 power conectors and i compaired it to an ultra nad it looks the same besids the fact its 1 slot and has the name gt i...
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    just finshed putting together my waterbox

    freakin finally my pump came in yesterday and i installed it and im pressure testing it as i write this only thing that kinda freaks me out is the fact that the pump like every 2 minits i like sounds like its going under load and then it like eats my water and water bubbles go through my...
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    2600 mobile in this mobo

    i may be getting a 2600 mobile this week if things go good for me but i want to know if it could fit in my mobo (A7N8X Deluxe) im just wanting to make sure cuz i dont want to spend 100 bucks on something that wont work
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    whats a really good pump?

    i need a water pump for my wc setup with 2 Heater cores rbx and future add on of the 6800 water block from danger den i have looked at several pumps but im not shure wha to get this is what i have heard of that sounds like they would be good or maybe theres soemthing better then these...