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    WTF - Z690/uATX ?

    Looking over the list of Z690 mobos that are coming out early next month. The huge percentage of these are ATX or eATX. Since we are not relying on SLI/Crossfire that much these days I don't understand the need for a huge system. I've done ITX builds and managed to work out some tight situations...
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    Cerberus (uATX) - air cooling (tower)

    This Cerberus case is a little narrower than I thought. Not many options if you aren't going AIO cooling. Looks like I'm going to stuff a Noctua NH-U9S black version in the case since it is lower than 140mm in height. I will tack on an extra 92CM fan for push pull to make sure the i7-7700K can...
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    new Lian -Li V series / micro ATX

    I was disappointed when they discontinued the PC-V600 case a few years back. I thought I saw an update on a new case that is micro-ATX only and is a very similar size to the V600. It has top mounted buttons and USB3 connectivity. I haven't seen anything in here or on the current Lian-Li site. I...
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    unavail in US - buying options

    One of the cases I am looking into is a Lancool PC-K7C. I can not find it at any US dealer for Lancool (Lian-Li). The dealers I've checked in the UK do not have options listed for shipping to the US. Anyone else ever dealt with this issue? Know of any alternatives.
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    Ultra EXO aluminum case

    I've managed to get though almost 2-1/2 years with my two Lian-Li / Abit/ Core2 builds. It looks like the time will come for at least one new build this year. The Lian-Li V600 has been discontinued and it was my case of choice - I build both a silver and black version. The only change I made was...
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    a quick comparison..

    I had to check since making the move to widescreen 22". As a point of reference the height of the LCD screen on my new LG L226-WT is the same as my old Viewsonic VX800 18". I guess that is one reason why the 20" screens didn't appeal to me as much. 22 works out really well.....
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    20/22" LCD without speakers / 5 ms

    My main criteria is a quality screen with at least 5ms response and don't bother with speakers. Other than full blown LCD TV's that have PC inputs, I have not heard one LCD monitor/speaker setup that has impressed me. That being the case I am leaning toward a thin bezel for aesthetics. A good...
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    yet another PC-V600A