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  1. b1rd

    How to update motherboard bios without windows? New AMD PC

    So I have a new computer that needs the latest bios,the motherboard needs the latest bios to install windows 11 immediately. This is the motherboard: Is it possible to do that and how? What is my goal? I would like to avoid installing...
  2. b1rd

    lcd tv sharp lc-43cfe4142e problem

    Hello again, I have the listed TV, is this in the picture a faulty capacitor? I took off the lid to see what was there. The TV works, but it often has image flickers, the image is interrupted, the image is torn... Do you know what the problem would be? If a capacitor has leaked then it can...
  3. b1rd

    Led headlight problem

    Hi, I have this headlight, battery and charger but i can't charge it. When I connect it to 220v then the headlight works and lights up and there is a constant green light, the problem is that it does not charge. As soon as I remove the power it no longer works. Would I need another charger for...
  4. b1rd

    rx 5500xt 8gb memory speed (clock) issue

    Why does the memory on my graphics card run at 1736MHz (and the game runs at most at 1738MHz) and it should at 1750MHz, ie 14000MHz according to the factory specifications. I'm using pcie 8 3.0, but that shouldn't be the reason. Why is my memory clock dropping? Gpu clock is good but the memory...
  5. b1rd

    What to do with the old computer?

    I have an intel xeon X3430, generic mbo from ebay, gtx 750 1gb, 8gb ddr3 dram, 120gb ssd, what can I use it for, I can't sell it, I can't give it away. And I'm slightly attached to computers because I bought and assembled everything myself. It's not my first computer, i.e., the oldest, I had a...
  6. b1rd

    Arctic MX-4 4g fake?

    I bought a 4 gram arctic mx4 paste today. It has an arctic 3D code for participating in the prize game where they give $ 1000. And now I scan the code and give me a warning that the paste is fake and has no performance like the original. And they immediately offered me a solution to request a...