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    Need help designing network for VMware

    The question is mostly network so it's in the Networking subforum, but it would be very helpful if VMware folks chimed in: Thanks!
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    My first dive into VLAN with a managed switch, need advice

    I just bought my first managed switch. It's a Zyxel 1910-24G. I understand the benefits of VLAN for performance and security, and I made a decision to make use of VLAN, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how I am going to implement it. It's a fairly basic design for most network...
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    24 or 48 gig switch for small business use

    Yes, another one of these threads. I just can't decide on what to choose. My budget is $200-250 for a 24 port, used or new. I would pay extra for 48 ports. My priorities, in no particular order, are: Very light use, I will only ever use about 20-25% of the 24Gbps available Quiet Rackmountable...
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    What VMware software should I download for Vmotion, DRS, HA, etc?

    I have been using free ESXi for years. I now want to set up two matching hosts in order to make use of advanced features such as Vmotion, DRS, HA, etc. Honestly, I don't understand VMware's product line. There seems to be hundreds of software titles. Can someone tell me what I should be...
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    Cheapest/easiest way to store archived data in the cloud? 5TB and slowly growing

    I have a storage system (ZFS) at home that is approaching 90% utilization so I am looking to archive about 5TB of data that I almost never access. I am interested in paying for a service, rather than building/upgrading on-site systems. My goals are: Very low price that is comparable to...
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    Advice on building a JBOD expander unit? How did YOU do it?

    I'm looking to build a JBOD unit based off of a 12/16/24-bay chassis and a SAS expander card. I will be connecting it to a SAS HBA on a Linux or Solaris host to be used with ZFS. I need advice on pretty much everything. I haven't bought any parts yet. If you don't know what I'm talking about...
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    Question about ESX guests and SAN storage

    I'm drawing up plans for a new vSphere lab. I will have a storage server and multiple ESX hosts, tied together with infiniband SAN. Obviously the storage will be used to store VM guests. My question is: How can the guests make use of SAN storage as well? Is it even possible? It must be, but I...
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    1U PSU or PicoPSU that is quiet/silent/fanless

    Cross-post with Power Supplies subforum. I thought it would be a good idea to post it in SFF subforum also.
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    1U PSU or PicoPSU that is quiet/silent/fanless

    I am planning out building a MicroATX or Mini-ITX system that fits in a 1U Chassis. It should be silent or near silent (15dBA). And YES, I understand the challenge with building anything silent when it comes to rackmountable equipment. That's what makes it fun for me. I have to put this thing...
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    Check out Supermicro's new Mini-ITX mobos (3rd Gen Core CPUs, 4xGigE+IPMI, 16GB ECC)

    Can we get a discussion going on using these in a vSphere lab? Why haven't I seen any mention of these around here? I know I'm not the only one that has been waiting all my life for a low power/noise Mini ITX server board with integrated IPMI, ECC memory, VT-x, VT-d, etc...
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    Problems sharing OI ZFS with NFS to Mac clients

    I would like to share ZFS data to my Mac clients using NFS but I am running into problems. Take this filesystem layout for example tank tank/data1 tank/data1/spring tank/data1/fall tank/data2 Problem #1) - Mac NFS client is unable to traverse the nested ZFS filesystems. For example...
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    What are the options for a high availability ZFS-based system?

    For example, I would really like to deploy two ESXi/ZFS AIO servers for a true HA solution. How would I go about doing that?
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    Question about adding a second host to my ESX lab and using shared storage

    Googling for about an hour now but can't find what I am looking for. I would like to add a second host to my ESX lab but I don't understand how the shared storage works. I have an OpenIndiana server capable of exposing block level storage to ESX hosts over network via iSCSI. Once I master this...
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    Isolating DMZ guests on ESXi

    Let's say I have a DMZ vSwitch with 3 hosts: WWW, FTP, and Mail. I want each of the three hosts to be isolated from one another even though they live on the same broadcast network and even the same subnet. How would I accomplish this in my ESXi home lab?
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    Please move thread I feel it would get better attention under the Virtualization subform. Thank you
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    Opinions on my ESXi networking config

    Hey guys, I have an ESXi lab with "All in One" style setup. Since it is a test/dev lab, it is designed to be non-critical to the rest of the home LAN. PCs have Firewall,DHCP,DNS,etc served up by a small DDWRT-based wireless router device which has all routes from the ESXi network configured. So...
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    2012 Lab Project - Should I scrap the ESXi/ZFS All in One? Whats next?

    Last year I did the All in One but I think I'm ready to move on and do something more traditional. My favorite features of AIO is it's simple, fits in one energy efficient, quiet, and cool chassis. My least favorite features of AIO is that it gets no respect from my colleagues since it's very...
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    Choosing a small rack cabinet for a home office

    Hey guys, I've decided I want to build a rack cabinet to house my equipment. Has anyone done this before? No more tower cases and cables all over the room. I need at least 12U and full-depth to handle long server cases. Noise is probably going to be an issue but I'm ignoring it for now, hoping I...
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    What else can I do with vSphere in my lab?

    I've been using the free ESXi for years and now I'm interested in learning other VMware technologies. What else should I try? I have access to VMware licenses but since it's not production I wouldn't mind if they were actually legal or not anyway.
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    Newegg - Get 2 Rosewill RSV-S8 for $400 (SATA 8-Bay RAID 0/1/5/10/5+spare)

    Mind if a post a hot deal here? Hot deal if you ask me. Nice and quiet 120mm fan, 8 hot swap bays, nice looking Some quick googling tells me that the port multipler uses...
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    wrong subforum please delete

    wrong subforum oops
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    About to do "zpool create raidz" on 6x WD20EARX drives. Any last words from anyone?

    Just attached 6x WD20EARX to a new Solaris 11 instance. Anything I should know before I start dumping data? I'm mostly talking about dealing with firmware updates, TLER, 4K sectors, etc etc
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    Network design for home lab environment (DMZ, clients, etc) v2.0

    Hey everyone, I made this thread once before but some things have changed so I need more help. I have a pretty vanilla set up here. I don't think it's anything unusual. I am looking for "best practices" when dealing with clients, servers, virtual guests, DMZ, etc. Does anyone has any examples...
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    More vdevs, more problems

    I'm having an issue where if I add more mirror vdevs to my zpool the individual performance of each disk decreases exponentially. I calculated 10% performance loss per vdev added. That is a HUGE hit. After 4 vdevs, it equals 50% Here is the setup: I am running Solaris 11 virtualized under...
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    Problem with SATA SSD with hotswap unit

    I'm having a little difficulty here and before I go too crazy I wanted to ask you guys what you think. I bought a couple 4-bay 2.5" hotswap units (SNT-SAS425) to use with my SAS 10K and SATA SSD devices. The SAS disks work great but the SSDs are not recognized when inserted into this unit...
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    Finalizing my ESXi/ZFS AIO storage design

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am done hunting the parts to put this thing together. Everything is on it's way. Let me know what you think of this design and if there is anything I can do better. Quick details on the rest of the box: Supermicro X9SCM-F-O w/ Xeon E3-1230 CPU. 16GB ECC UDIMM (4GB...
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    Considering replacing SAS disks with SATA ones, need help

    Edit: nevermind
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    ESX/ZFS all-in-one, can't create snapshot of Solaris guest

    I have one of these AIO servers and I notice that I can't create snapshots of the Solaris host which exports NFS shares to the ESXi server. The snapshot menu is greyed out and if I try to do it commandline, I get the error "the operation is not allowed in the current state." The only unique...
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    Linux guests experience high load average (iowait) with ESXi/ZFS

    I have two ESXi environments. I set it up this way so I can compare speeds between both. One is a traditional configuration with a hardware RAID controller and 4x 15k SAS disks in RAID10. One is the "all in one" style you are all familiar with on these forums, with the same model 15K SAS disks...
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    Linux guests experience high load average (iowait) with ESXi/ZFS

    I have two ESXi environments. I set it up this way so I can compare speeds between both. One is a traditional configuration with a hardware RAID controller and 4x 15k SAS disks in RAID10. One is the "all in one" style you are all familiar with on these forums, with the same model 15K SAS disks...
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    Network design for home lab environment (DMZ, clients, etc)

    Hey everyone, I have a pretty vanilla set up here. I don't think it's anything unusual. I am looking for "best practices" when dealing with clients, servers, virtual guests, DMZ, etc. Does anyone has any examples (hopefully network diagrams) of how a home lab network should be set up? I am...
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    SSD drive to boot ESXi and Solaris VM?

    Going in a different direction from my last thread: Can anyone recommend any particular model SATA SSD to use as a boot device and small datastore for an All in One box? 16-32GB would be enough.
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    Self-contained internal RAID to use as an ESXi datastore and boot device

    I'm building an "all in one" and I notice ESXi is picky about RAID controllers. It only likes hardware-based ones. Most onboard controllers, aka software RAID controllers, will not work. If you're not willing to install a hardware RAID controller, you can always run a single drive and hope for...
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    Post your fileserver's enclosure

    Athena Power CA-SWH01B Pedestal Server Case I bought this a few years ago and still use it. I like it cause it's big and heavy (1.2mm metal), and came with two 4-in-3 hotswap enclosures. It's decently quiet, the exhaust fan is 120mm but the two fans on the rear of the backplane is 80mm. I...
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    Best 2TB drives for ZFS?

    Anyone have any ideas? No one seems to agree on this.
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    Choosing components for an All-In-One ZFS/ESXi system

    edit: This first post has been revised to be much more simple setup... Time to spend some money. This build will cost me about $1000 if I'm thrifty about it. I'm gonna post this here to gather opinions as well as keep notes for myself... My goals: Build a stable box to host a test/dev lab...
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    ESXi/ZFS All In One, designing the storage

    My friends, I have decided to do try of these ESXi/ZFS all-in-one projects using a full size ATX enclosure with 8 hot swappable bays (plus two 5.25" empty spaces). How should I set up the storage? It's the usual set up. The ESXi will passthrough the PCI storage to Solaris 11 Express, which will...
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    Can my network be improved? I have ESXi, NAS, and clients

    Hey guys, I'd like to see if I can fix up my network a little better. I'm concerned about performance, security, and "doing things right." I have: WRT54G w/ Tomato .Netgear GigE 8-port (unmanaged) ..ESXi w/ about 20 guests ..OpenSolaris file server ..Clients All servers and clients are on one...
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    Combining ESXi server and ZFS server into one

    This seems to be a pretty resourceful forum for both ESXi and storage related questions so here we go.... In my sig I have my two servers that make up my "home lab." They were really fun to build but now the heat, noise, and electricity usage is annoying me. My next phase of the project is now...
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    RedHat for home lab?

    Is it just me or is the RedHat download webpage extremely confusing? Work is sending me to get the RHCSA certification. I'd like to download a copy to throw on my ESXi 4.1 server to play around with. Which one do I want? I can't...