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  1. SnowBeast

    AMD Mountain Bikes! Only $299!

    Cpu=check, Gpu=check, Hat=check, Shirt=check, and Mountain Bike.....WHAT?
  2. SnowBeast

    Sega doubling down on pc, possibly shifting to new game releases also on PC at same time as consoles! Now where is the usual end of the year "PC Gaming is dying or dead" story? Laughing... Bring the whole arcade with you SEGA! Love Sega!
  3. SnowBeast

    Advanced Micro Devices face securities fraud lawsuit

    Straight of the presses. This is not what AMD needed right now. They are cash strapped. Damn it. Really would like to see the 300 series. :mad:
  4. SnowBeast

    No Virginia, there are no 8GB cards on the horizon....

    Gibbo has been pretty spot on at OCUK. Says he talked to AIB partners and Nvidia, NO 8GB CARDS in the near future Maybe later kids! GDDR5 shortage? Take it for what its worth. Yell, scream, do your happy dances...
  5. SnowBeast

    Titan Z now only $1499 Really? Shouldn't this card be more inline with $1000 at this point or lower? :rolleyes:
  6. SnowBeast

    2x660Ti vs. 1 970, same systems almost exactly

    In 3dmark Firestrike. I was really surprised. Well that answered my question on if this one card could beat my two 660Ti's. Guess this will be a great upgrade then. :p I know there were a few of us left overs on our twin 660Ti's...
  7. SnowBeast

    So is this the new way to buy games now?

    Titanfall, 3 months after launch $30.. How many people bought it for $59 regular, $69 limited edition, or $99 super duper bring the KY version??? #1 game so far this year and it drops that fast???? I do feel cheated. Guess we just wait every year for the Steam sale to boot! Just ripped...
  8. SnowBeast

    AMD bowing out? Says its going mobile... Time will tell. Looks like if this is true, its gonna be INTEL INSIDE for desktop users, period.
  9. SnowBeast

    Nvidia Next Gen Teaser for March 24th??? Clearly states next gen. Would/ could the 590 be next Gen? Guess we will find out soon.:eek: :)
  10. SnowBeast

    Woot! 1055t@4Ghz first try!

    Loooooove it! (Yes made the switch to AMD for now.) Asus Crosshair IV, 8GB Corsair DDR3-1333, GTX470, Corsair 750w. 286x14 1.2NB volts 1.525 cpu v-core Works under load at 50C, 12 hour 100% cpu stressed test, then 5 hours of BFBC2, Mafia 2 couple of hours, Metro 2033 maybe hour...
  11. SnowBeast

    Its Coming! (From Nvidia)

    Before you hammer me with the kitguru crap, this is on there euro, asia pages! I say its the 512sp 485 like i said a month ago. Hold on to your step ups like i did. ;) :p Aw jeez, I just realized, the 460 is out in 3 days, that can't be it, can it?
  12. SnowBeast

    Nvidia WHQL 197.45 are up.

    hopefully they fixed the 197 crashzilla monster Link is for Win7 64-bit
  13. SnowBeast

    Nvidia Single PCB GTX295 in the works.. "New GTX295 will adopt single PCB design known as P658, which means NVIDIA need to cram two G200 chips onto one PCB board. Therefore, the wiring and power supply parts as well as sandwich cooler...
  14. SnowBeast

    Forceware 182.47 out (Beta) Don't know how much of a difference they will make over the .46. But here they are.:) Of course they are Beta's.
  15. SnowBeast

    Intel Xeon 3210(2.13Ghz) Quad Core $227. 7 Left! They are getting weekly shipments though. Extremesystems had some good overclockers out of these chips.
  16. SnowBeast

    New Catalyst 5.4's

  17. SnowBeast

    Reminder! Cat 6.10's and Folding@home GPU today! Middle of the way down the page. This afternoon, the 6.10's to enable folding@home on ATI RAdeon X1900 series of graphics cards is coming. To fold on Radeon X1900's remember you need two things: 1) Radeon X1900 series GPU and todays Catalyst...
  18. SnowBeast

    AMD-ATI Merger looks to be close... Whoa. didn't see that one coming!! :eek:
  19. SnowBeast

    Radeon X1800XL $324 at the Egg... Cheapest I have found it so far. :)
  20. SnowBeast

    ClubIT eVGA 7800 GT $309.99 Shipped... Looks good. Haven't seen anything cheaper yet.
  21. SnowBeast

    Need some incite on problem with 3500+ Newcastle

    I have had this cpu for over a year and has run steady at 2.4Ghz(220x11)42C idle, gaming 52C on the dot. Same max temp for Folding. This past July, we had some power surges/problems. I checked my temps and it was staying idle at 50C and kept climbing when Folding up to 70C till I shut folding...
  22. SnowBeast

    R520 not launched at AUS event: "Hi Guys, Just came back from the Australia launch event. They didn't launch or talk much about R520, but instead 'launched' Crossfire locally. But they did have a working next gen GPU at the scene and it'll be safe to...
  23. SnowBeast

    New Catalyst 5.4's

    ATI has released version 5.4 of their Catalyst Driver Suite. Catalyst Package | Display Driver | Control Panel | Catalyst Control Center | WDM Driver | Release Notes | Softmod Drivers The CATALYST™ Software Suite 5.4 introduces enhanced HDTV support. The HDTV user interface has been...
  24. SnowBeast

    Enable SSE1 & 2, MMX, and 3Dnow in HL2.

    nice valve. r_mmx 1 r_3dnow 1 r_sse 1 r_sse2 1 Put those in your console before starting HL2 or CS:S. I have played with them and have best performance with sse2 and 3dnow for some reason. After 6 tests, increase in fps by 7-8fps on average. Hey, every little bit helps. :)
  25. SnowBeast

    Catalyst 4.11 are out. ;)
  26. SnowBeast

    Catalyst 4.11 are out. ;)
  27. SnowBeast

    Explain: How has Competition Helped the GCards War?

    Seriously. Everyone keeps saying the competition is tight between ATI vs Nvidia but how is that helping us? Price? Now were at $500 top of the line cards? Folks, get real. My Radeon 8500 64MB was $299 when it came to market. The Ti500 was $350. These were top of the line cards. Before...
  28. SnowBeast

    Get your 4.7 Betas, nice performance increases Here ya go! :) Ppl at FM reporting some nice increases and a Temporal AA Selection check box.
  29. SnowBeast

    2400+ @ 266 FSB OC Help

    BULLSHIT!! I have the Original K7N2 with the 3.9 Bios and it unlocks my Barton 2800+.(Also had the 2400+ with it for a while, unlocked.)I have had this board since it came out. You sir a very mistaken.:mad: I have had: 1GB of PC2700 Samsung, 1 GB of HyperX@PC3200, and now have Mushkin Level...