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  1. agrikk

    Now that -bigAdv is gone, what are the advantages of folding on Ubuntu over Windows?

    If I recall, one of the primary drives for folding on an Ubuntu box was that the -bigAdv option was Linux only. Now that it is no longer A Thing, are there any PPD benefits to folding on Linux over Windows? [I've just flattened a folding box and am rebuilding it and I realize how much I...
  2. agrikk

    Help Troubleshoot GRO_A7 vs GRO_A4 issue?

    So I've recently set up three more folders and I am getting wildly different PPD and TPF scores for them, even though they are identical, hardware-wise. The machines are all Windows servers, running on 16GB RAM 8-core AMD Opteron 6128 processors @ 2GHz. Two of the three servers are running...
  3. agrikk

    Not getting BA Credit for WUs?

    I have a pair of 4P 24-core folders that I recently turned back on after being shut down for a few months (I relocated to a new state and had them in storage for a bit). After turning them back on, I see that only one of the two is picking up BigAdv credit for BigAdv WUs. What gives...
  4. agrikk

    My new F@H stats site hosted on AWS (in progress)

    I've recently become an employee of Amazon Web Services, and one of the perks is that I get a free AWS account that essentially allows me to run what I want wherever I want. I haven't bothered to turn up a monster EC2 instance to fold on it, but in order to learn a bunch of their different...
  5. agrikk

    Quick and dirty mod to put a Supermicro motherboard in a 4U case

    I've been folding two naked 4P rigs but I needed the surface space back and decided to put them in cases on the cheap. I found that the proprietary form factor of the Supermicro H8QME-2+ will actually fit in a standard 4U 19" rackmount case if you strip the inside fitting and move the way the...
  6. agrikk

    List of projects only available to BigAdv?

    Is there a list somewhere that lists all folding projects only available with BigAdv enabled? My google-fu is failing me. edit: Also, do I put BigAdv or -BigAdv in FAHcontrol to be eligible for bigadv projects?
  7. agrikk

    Tool to monitor both Ubuntu and Windows boxen?

    So I've recently stood up two Ubuntu boxes with the FAH6 client, and I'm trying to figure out how to get them into the Windows FAHcontrol applet that comes with the folding client. Is there a guide somewhere that shows how to configure the Linux client to accept monitoring requests with a...
  8. agrikk

    Help with L2ARC in Nexenta CE

    I'm setting up a Nexenta CE iSCSI-based SAN for use in a SQL Server lab and I'm wondering: - how much cache I'll need -how to determine the L2ARC / ZIL cache usage - if having SSDs allocated for L2ARC / ZIL is actually helping or not I currently have eight SATA-2 (3.0gbps) disks in a...
  9. agrikk

    Folding with bigadv on a HP DL180 possible?

    I have a Proliant DL180 G6 with 48GB of ram and 2x Xeon E5620 CPUs @ 2.4GHz with Hyperthreading enabled, giving me 16 processor instances. It is currently sitting idle and I want to fold with it. Can this server fold with bigadv enabled? What are the implications if I turn on bigadv and it...
  10. agrikk

    FreeNAS / Openfiler / Microsoft iSCSI performance shootout

    In this thread I take a look at the performance capababilities of three free iSCSI Target software platforms: FreeNAS, Openfiler, and Microsoft iSCSI Target. I will be comparing file copy performance as well as raw Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) in various test configurations...
  11. agrikk

    Work log: Turning an unfinished basement into an entertainment room.

    (Since this is a worklog and while not a casemod, it's a "room mod" so I hope moderators will cut me some latitude. :D ) I recently converted our unfinished basement into an entertainment room. I did all of the work except for the taping and spackling the drywall since I can't get my...
  12. agrikk

    Our New Compellent Storage Center [pics]

    Our company is building a new data warehouse and has run out of iSCSI storage in our VMware cluster, so it was time to figure out how we wanted to add more storage. We are currently using a NetApp FAS2050 that I absolutely hate. Don't get me wrong- it's a really solid performing device and...
  13. agrikk

    Looking for an inexpensive gigabit-enabled router with VPN tunnels

    Like the title says, I'm looking for an inexpensive router/firewall with gigabit ethernet interfaces on both sides that is capable of managing at least ten VPN tunnels to other concentrators. I've recently switch to Comcast Business Internet for my home office and now my network speeds are...
  14. agrikk

    Passive GPU heatsink for a GT 220?

    I received a Zotac GT220 from a friend and it's the active model with a loud 40mm fan. I'd like to plop it into a HTPC I'm building to take advantage of its HDMI output, but I need to silence it first. Anyone know of a good aftermarket passive cooler that will fit this card?
  15. agrikk

    Motherboard for a 1U Hadoop cluster?

    I'm looking to build a Hadoop cluster out of whitebox servers so I'm looking for some hardware. Right now I'm looking for a motherboard that has the following specs: - 2x quad core CPUs (either AMD or Intel - no preference) - 16GB RAM - Integrated Video - 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports...
  16. agrikk

    Recommend me some monitor stands for office use?

    We have a bunch of people using 1-, 2- or 3 reams of paper under their LCD monitors to bring them up to comfortable viewing height and I'm supposed to replace them with a real monitor stand before some bigwigs show up in the office. Can anyone recommend me an adjustible monitor stand capable...
  17. agrikk

    Remote management card for a white box server?

    Like the title says, is there a card that will allow remote management of a home built server? I'm thinking of something in the same vein as HP's iLO, Dell's DRAC or IBM's RSA. Something that could provide at least remote power cycle, but remote console would be kickass.
  18. agrikk

    Extend a VLAN from one switch over a layer-2 link to another switch?

    I am trying to accomplish this: That is, I have an existing network connecting an office to a colo to the internet. I have a range of public IP addresses assigned to the public interface of a firewall. I am trying to set up a "public" wireless access network in our office that is...
  19. agrikk

    Project Log: - Office Move with Pics

    Background: The lease is up on our building in Burlingame, CA so my company decided to look around for better digs to call home. After looking around and exploring various options, we found a spot in downtown San Francisco. The unfortunate thing was that to build a server room into our...
  20. agrikk

    Reccoment me a KVM console for a two-post telco rack.

    We are moving offices and while most of my gear is going into a colo (pics to follow for sure), some if my gear is going into a two post 19" telco rack and I need a 1U KVM console that'll mount properly. Most of the consoles I find are designed for 4-post cabinets.
  21. agrikk

    cable management question

    My company is moving into a new colo and I'm designing the cabinet layout. In that vein, I'm trying to find a cable management device that will allow me to organize cables passing from the back of a 4-post cabinet to the front. TOP VIEW: I know that it would be easier to put the...
  22. agrikk

    Recommend me a solid workhorse motherboard with two PCIe 1x for RAID cards

    I'm building an Openfiler box out of parts from my current Openfiler box and I need a motherboard to build it around. I'm planning on using some current parts: SUPERMICRO CSE-M35T-1B Black 5 Bay Hot-Swapable SATA HDD Enclosure 4 Western Digital Caviar Hard Drives SYBA SY-PEX40008 PCI...
  23. agrikk

    Help setting up RAID on OpenFiler?

    I have the SD-SATA2-4IR card and I am trying to use it with Openfiler v2.3. I have flashed the BIOS on the card to the latest raid-enabled version and have configured the device for a 4-(750gb) drive 1.5TB RAID-10 array. When I start the installation process OpenFiler sees the drives attached...
  24. agrikk

    Low power home server suggestions?

    I'm looking to build a new server for my home network that will replace my dual CPU dual core rig. My requirements are basically that it will have really low power requirements (it will be on 24/7), run cool and quiet (it'll be in a work area - unobtrusive, please!) and handle the simple...
  25. agrikk

    Does vmotion require the same chipset or the same CPU or both?

    Like the title says. I'm going to expand my home VMWare lab to three hosts and I'm currently running it on ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboards (with socket AM2 Athlon 64 X2 4800+ CPUs) and they're pretty scarce on eBay. I've seen the M2N-E motherboard that's much cheaper since it uses a dumbed...
  26. agrikk

    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    I'm going to be buying some new hardware to build two 64-bit capable VMWare ESX 3.5 servers for a home lab and I'm interested in what you guys are using for your labs. Before I go out and do some research on my own, I'm looking for your experiences with the hardware you've already purchased...
  27. agrikk

    New database servers...

    A screen shot from one of our two new database servers. :hardware: Didn't know where else to post this and was fired up to get the cluster up and running. :D
  28. agrikk

    Help with Microsoft VPN behind a Cisco router?

    Here's my setup: I am trying to enable client VPN from the internet using PPTP to allow them access to resources on VLAN2 but I am having problems making it work. If I connect a machine directly to VLAN1, bypassing the router, I get a VPN connection as easy as you please, so the Windows...
  29. agrikk

    Motherboard for Dual 3.06GHz Xeon processors?

    I have come into posession of some CPUs and RAM from a broken IBM x345 server. The processors are Xeon 3.06GHz jobs (not sure about the pin count) and four 1GB PC2100R ECC DIMMS. I'm looking for a motherboard that can hold this hard ware to build myself a dual xeon workstation on the cheap...
  30. agrikk

    PSU/Mobo/CPU problem - help!

    I'm having a troubleshooting issue that I need some help with. The other day, one of my PCs started acting flaky, then died. Specifically, it spontaneoulsy rebooted then came back up. Thinking nothing of it, I turned it off for the night and then the next morning when I powered it up, it...
  31. agrikk

    Logitech G15 keyboard not detected?

    I just got a Logitech G15 keyboard and it's not being detected by my ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard during post. During POST the LCD on the keyboard flashes and I receive a "keyboard error or no keyboard present". If I plug in my old USB keyboard and boot into windows and swap keyboards, the...
  32. agrikk

    Suggest to me a sub-$200 video card.

    My rig currently uses the following components: -ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard -XFX GeForce 7900GT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video card And I am thinking about adding another video card and monitor, primarily for running two games at once (long story). Newegg has...
  33. agrikk

    Anyone want to design a logo?

  34. agrikk

    hard-shell 17" LCD monitor case

  35. agrikk

    1800 budget to buy me a laptop

  36. agrikk

    Fun with load testing.

  37. agrikk

    Replacement Pump for a Reserator I?

    The pump died in my Reserator 1 las night, bringing the temp of my CPU up to 92C :eek: Anyone know where I can buy a replacement pump for one of these kits?
  38. agrikk

    Recommend a two-computer desk?

    I'm looking for a simple computer desk that's designed for two computers. I'm hoping to find a full sized desk with two keyboard trays side by side. Does it exist anywhere or should I build my own?
  39. agrikk

    Server with a single P4 2GHz or two P3 1.4GHZ?

    I currently have a P4 2.0GHz server in a colo running with a gig of RAM. I might very soon have access to a dually PIII 1.4GHz with two gigs of ram. I can't decide if it's worth sticking with the single P4 2.0 GHz or swapping out machines for the dually 1.4GHz. Both servers will have...