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    WEI graphics performance of Macbook Pro vs. Sandy Bridge IGP

    Hi all, I realize Windows Experience Index is a very basic benchmark, but I just built a desktop with the i5-2400 Sandy Bridge with the integrated graphics and only got a WEI of 4.6 (for desktop performance). I thought at the very least at the IGP in Sandy Bridge would beat that of my late 2010...
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    NEC Multisync LCD 1810: Broken?

    I was asked to look at a couple LCD monitors that stopped working; 3 NEC MultiSync LCD 1810 XtraView displays. These were all manufactured in 1999 so they're pretty old. Here's the problem they have. If being fed a signal through VGA, the monitor would flash on for a second, then turn back off...
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    Suggest the cheapest PCI video card that supports widescreen

    I just got a widescreen 17" monitor (a Sceptre LCD TV, actaully) for my sis, but her current PC, a Compaq Presario 5BW160, doesn't have a good enough intergrated graphics processor. Anyone got any ideas?
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    USB Floppy Drive Enclosure?

    Anyone know where I can get a floppy drive enclosure with USB interface (to pretty much make an internal floppy drive an external one). I'm looking for one similar to the functionality of those hard drive or 2.25" enclosures. I made the move to SFF and decided I won't be using floppy in the rig...
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    A few couple questions for a subtle budget upgrade

    I'm new to the SFF scene and decided, after getting a job this summer, to upgrade some of my components and go with an SFF system. I blame it entirely on that Steeeeve guy for single-handedly convincing me to buy the Ultra Micro Fly with his great review (it didn't hurt that he's a Hokie, since...
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    Anyone using a controller for PC version of Oblivion?

    Since I've been playing the Xbox version of Morrowind for a few years, I'm used to the controls on it. But I don't have an Xbox 360 to play the game in, but I want to experience it with the same controls as the Xbox 360 does. I've accomplished that, partly, by using a Logitech Rumblepad 2. But...
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    Budget AGP card to replace 9800 Pro

    I've been playing TES4: Oblivion and have been less than impressed with the performance of my 9800 Pro 128MB card. I have an A64 3000+ 754 with 1GB memory. I want to spend between $120-$140 for a new card, and here are the graphics chipsets I've narrowed it down to: GeForce 6600GT 128MB ATI...