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    Prolimitech Megahalems on AM4

    I've got an old skool Prolimitech Megahalems heatsink I'd like to adapt to AM4. Prolimitech no longer supports for AM4 but hoping a cooler master or Noctua mounting kit might be a viable solution... anyone have any experience or advice? Board would be b450 Tomahawk. All I have found is this...
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    RPCSVCHOST in OSX Using tons of CPU

    Did some work on my Unibody MBP 17 (OSX Mavericks) - all I did was replace the trackpad and then removed the DVD drive and replaced with a HDD bay. Booted up fine but I noticed the fans on full speed - I check the activity monitor and something called RPCSVCHOST is using up 99-100% of a...
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    MadCatz Fightsticks - TE and Regular - Modded with quality parts

    Decided I have to let these guys go, really sad to do it. Tournament Edition w/ Seimitsu parts + Plexi top + CHIMP Regular w/ Sanwa parts...
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    Corsair Obsidian 650D $108 AR + Shipping @ TD

    Not sure how hot this is but it seems hot to me. Then again I live in Arizona. I'm not sure if I'm going to bite to replace my Lian-Li mid tower. The cooling alone would be the most worthwhile upgrade. $128 - $20 rebate + $19 ground shipping. **EDIT - looks like shipping isn't free -...
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    Would watercooling only 1 card in crossfire make me a chump?

    I know this sounds really n00b, hell I shouldn't really be asking this! I wanted to experiment with my 2 rigs after scoring a great deal of a 480gtx for the spare computer. This allows me to crossfire my main rig with two 6950's. The catch is that in my loop I currently have my CPU + GPU...
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    Blu Rays in Stereo 2.0 - Crazy Dynamic Range

    My HT setup is pretty low tech. I've got a Sony BDP-s370 which I have hooked up to an ancient Luxman r117 receiver which powers some old Athena floorstanding f2.2 speakers. I've never been a huge fan of surround sound and the garbage they sell these days at retailers. I've recently started...
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    Gigabyte GA-z77-ud3h + 6950 (flashed) = no post

    Frustrating week I've had; ended up with a bad 2500k and re-buying several mobos and now I've got a 6950 flashed to 6970 that's simply not wanting to post in this motherboard. I think there have been others with a similar problem, no post or display with a 6950 installed on the motherboard...
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    XBL Subscription card invalid

    Sold an old unused 12 month XBL card to a forum member and it seems the code is not valid. I literally cut open the package (it is older version in blister pack), peeled back the tab, and typed the code out for him. Anyone else run into anything like this?
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    Newegg is a wasteland

    So I have my Google offer for $40 I need to spend asap and looking through NE and have come to the realization the site has become a wasteland of "marketplace" sellers and out of stock for almost anything I would want. Not to mention the stuff I do find is usually way more expensive than...
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    Dayton DTA-100a owners -- channel imbalance?

    Scooped one of these up off of eBay and I think I should have paid more for one from Parts Express. The amp was new and is real but I'm getting the infamous channel imbalance issue. I think it's worse at low volumes (left channel will be playing but right channel not) so to get around it I set...
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    Fry's 750AX $135 no rebate

    Deent deal on a excellent power supply!
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    *Warm* Samsung F4 2TB $69.99 Free Ship @ Newegg

    Been watching for a cheaper price on another one of these drives just thought I'd share! $79.99 - $10 off w/ promo code EMCKBKH22, ends 8/8 - Shipped FREE
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    Downgraded the $%^& out of my phone

    So I went from a Nexus S w/ Cyanogenmod 7 and Netarchy Kernel to Nexus One with Cyanogenmod 6. Sold the NS for a good chunk of change and picked up the used N1 for super cheap. It feels good to be back. My reasons? NS Problems: 1) Unable to send/receive files with my PC's or Mac with any sort...
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    Weird Craigslist find I just had to share this story, sorry if it's a waste of your time! So yesterday I was in need of a cheap, but not garbage video card and I stumbled on this Craigslist ad for a lot of "as is" video cards. If the link doesn't work above...
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    XSPC DDC Top Issue w/ G 1/4 outlet hole

    Just got my acrylic DDC pump top and ran into an issue with the outlet of the top. It seems it may be slightly tapered resulting in a fitting that doesn't quite get to the point of compressing the o-ring ~ instead it gets stuck maybe one-rung out before bottoming. Anyone run into this issue...
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    Please critique!

    I can't stop thinking about this, Summer's around the corner and I'd like to maybe get back in watercooling. I don't have any GPU cooling going on though :( I swap video cards too often. MCR320 QP Rad Variable Speed d5/mcp655 pump XSPC Res Top Bitspower Compression Fittings XSPC Rasa...
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    Why not to use Ontrac (Amazon)

    I don’t know what’s wrong with these people, it’s like they are smoking crack whilst making deliveries or something. Last week I ordered a few Filco keyboards off of Amazon. I had one to be delivered to my office, one to be delivered to my home. Ontrac batted 0 for 2, it’s like a bad joke...
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    Slow Torrenting + Gaming = High Ping

    Long story short I have an e4200 router that I was very excited with at first but now it seems the times have caught up to me. Our internet provider didn't like the new modem I introduced and I ended up having to register it with them to get our internet back. Ever since then it's not been...
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    Fry's has MSI Boards in store

    *Edit YMMV* Forgot to mention guys, I was at Fry's this morning and they had their MSI p67 lineup on display. This is for the revised b3 of course! Location Tempe - AZ.
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    800D With Blowhole Cutout - Worth it for a decent price?

    Hi guys! I found a local guy on craigslist selling his 800d for only $150. He lives about 25-30 minutes away from where I work so it's a bit of a trip to get out there but I wanted to get your opinions (another one of those posts sorry!) The parts I'd use are in my sig. I like the 902 but...
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    New to BC2, any pointers?

    So I haven't played a shooter seriously since CS:S and tried to like COD but gave up after playing mw2 for a few hours. Yesterday I bought bc2 (yeah like more than a year late to the party!) and started playing it and quickly realized it's nothing like cs or cod being more realistic and less...
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    How to shrink Boot Camp partition the easiest way

    Anyone have any tips to shrink the BC partition and extend OSX? OSX needs moar space :( Currently I run Win 7 64 bit, seems Winclone, previously recommended tool is discontinued!
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    T-Mobile and Phone selection

    I'm sick of my G1. It's at the point where it crashes pretty much every time I use it, resets don't even seem to help. I found out that I'm "18 months" into my current contract and I did a little bit of researching and basically came to the conclusion that: 1) The T-mobile phone selection is...
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    Asus RMA Experience: Maximus Formula

    Well, it looks like I get to be "that guy" now. I wanted to relay this story as I've been a pretty loyal Asus customer for years but I may be second guessing myself moving forward. A few weeks ago my Maximus Formula board died ~ it happened when swapping some processors around and AFAIK...
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    LAME evga x58 classified 759 boot problem!

    Really terrible problem I'm facing with this second hand board: I installed all components and fired it up. It boots ONCE and only once before I have to pull the battery to clear the cmos (clear cmos button does not work). Otherwise if I try to reboot the system or change any bios settings...
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    XSPC FC Block = artifacts, stock = no artifacts??

    I recently acquired a gtx280 for my xspc FC block; last night I ran into a really strange problem that I again verified this morning. With the block installed, clean paste job, no back plate and ramsinks for the back ~ it boots up to an artifacting screen. I verified the block was making...
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    x38 Too Old for 45nm q9550?

    So it seems the q9550 is all the rage these days. I dropped a q9550 to replace a q6600 on my maximus formula flashed to rampage fomula with bios 0803; problem is the system doesn't like to POST anymore. When it was posting I was sure to set the DDR2 voltage to 2.2 and FSB strap to 400; I was...
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    About the XSPC GTX 260 FC Block

    I was fairly impressed with the final build quality of the waterblock especially for the price but there are a few issues I ran into: 1) There are only 6 thermal pads included for at least 7 chips and several more RAM chips, I applied paste to the video output chip(?) and the GPU core to make...
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    GTX 260 + LG 246 Not displaying properly??

    I was really excited today to get the gts 260 but immediately after install I got a nasty surprise: It seems like my resolution is set properly to 1920x1200 but my display is super cropped off! I've tried older drivers and driver cleaning to no avail; I have a hunch this has to do with...
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    Missing power profiles

    Has anyone ever run into an issue where Windows won't retreive power plan information, using the help link it says management setting may be wrong or registry corrupt, don't remember making any serious changes or having problems before :( Google doesn't come up with much, there have been a...
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    DS Advance Wars Days of Ruin - Ruins my Sleep Schedule!

    I haven't seen any posts on this game yet. I've been patiently waiting it for months now and this weekend I finally got to play! The new battle graphics look much better in person than in the screenshots; the story so far has me scratching my head though ~ very reminiscent of the Ace Combat...
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    Setting up T1 internet connection remotely *argh*

    My stepdad called me up the other day with an issue that we couldn't work out involving his new netgear wgr-614 router and laptop, I of course live nowhere near him so helping him out was kinda tough considering he has pretty limited tech skillz. He lives in an apartment complex hooked up...
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    8800gts 512 rivatuner

    Anyone try fan control or overclocking with their new GTS? I can't seem to get any funcionality using 169.21 or 169.25 :(
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    Guild Wars Eye of the North Thread

    Is everyone too cool for Guild Wars nowadays? I really like the GW series but I am not that hardcore of a gamer I guess because I never could get the gist of making a kick ass character. Anyways, the new expansion dropped last night, anyone care to let others know what they think?
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    removing/uninstalling a service in Vista

    I think acronis true image or maxtor maxblast left a doo doo in my Windows Services list due to a botched install, how the hell do I get rid of this in Vista?
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    Less than Impressed with DFI P965

    We received our boards today and compared to my now returned p5b-deluxe I wish I never left the Asus camp just to save a few bucks. I'm not having the "squealing" issue so many others have posted about although my system has always had a ringing to it (MCP55 pump). I can get it overclocked...
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    RAID Vista Install Help

    I cannot get Vista to install with a RAID 0 setup; I've setup the array properly, and Vista even detects it without loading drivers. After updating the drivers I still get the same error: "Windows could not determine if this computer contains a valid system volume." This is being done on...
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    Alphacool CPU Block Adapter needed!

    I need help tracking down a CPU block hold down bracket for lga775, the one I have is for s939 :( I can't seem to find one domestic, can you guys help a guy out?
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    PS3- When to buy?

    Now that all the launch hype/complaining is pretty much done and over with. When do you guys think is a good time to purchase a PS3? My "quiet" 360's giving me sporadic problems and I'm considering the switch !
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    Need help changing Windows Partition Icon :)

    This has been bugging me for weeks now! I want to change my Windows partition icon on the OSX desktop and the best walkthrough I can find via the interweb is utterly useless it was seriously written by the mentally handicapped (I added my viewer commentary in bold): 1. Format a USB stick...