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    May DC Commandos

    I believe the BOINC project for this month is NFS@Home. We had a good push starting at the end of last month, and it would be nice to continue it. We've gained 10 spots in the last month to move up to 21 in the project, but we should be able to gain at least 7 more this month. Note that...
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    FS: Phenom II X4 940, C2D E6600, 9800GX2s

    I have the following items for sale: AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition 3.0GHz quad-core CPU (specs) CPU is used and includes stock HSF in retail box. I never overclocked it. Worked great but I just upgraded to a 1090T. $90 shipped Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (Conroe) 2.40GHz dual-core CPU...
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    New "D"

    I picked up the L5640 combo from FLECOM's sale, so I now have six hex-cores all folding bigadv. I overclocked to 3.65GHz (203x18) just to get it up and running -- the specified maximum of the DDR3 1066 ECC RAM :eek: . However, during LinX testing it was faster at 180 BCLK, so I'll do...
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    New GPU3 client released

    From Vijay's blog:
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    bigadv point issue?

    My output has been extremely stable recently since I've only been running F@H on the SR-2 with L5640s (3.33GHz), and I've been getting steady bigadv. However, today I only got 53,730 points for a P2686. It finished in less than 24 hours and should have been worth 114-115K. I also notice it...
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    [H]orde SR-2 Owners Club

    I think we need a thread to track all of the SR-2 owners here, and their configurations. If you own an SR-2 and fold for the [H]orde (or otherwise contribute to DC projects on behalf of [H]ard|OCP), please post below. I will keep a list of all the owners here, plus a link to the owner's...
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    Dual SR-2 club

    Just ordered my second SR-2 from Newegg. I was tired of having two Xeons sitting around unused. So how many other crazy, I mean [H]ard, folks are out there? I know a couple, but maybe we can start a list. Club Members: musky Kendrak may i be worthy gama SazanEyes (soon)
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    NVIDIA tech conference: CUDA-x86

    Some interesting announcements from NVIDIA today. There's the new GPU roadmap, and also the news of CUDA-x86 which allows CUDA apps to run on CPUs. I'm curious to see what the performance of F@H CUDA WUs would be like on a CPU. It seems like GPUs would be a lot faster, but if WUs are...
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    F@H bonus explanation

    Recently there have been some questions about the bonus system for SMP and bigadv WUs. I didn't really understand it either, so I did some research and decided to share it. I hope you don't minde the length. If you notice any mistakes, let me know. Bonus Calculation Stanford has certain...
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    pulling away from EVGA?

    Has anyone else noticed we seem to have reversed course a bit as far as team output? I think at one point we were 1.3 months from being overtaken by EVGA, but that number has been slowly going up to 1.7 months today. That doesn't mean they still won't overtake us, but we're not making it...
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    Heat wave!

    So it's still 90 degrees outside at 11PM. My A/C can't keep up, and the temp went above 80 inside. I shut down the quad 9800GX2 box entirely before it melted. I pulled the middle GTX 295 card out of the three-way box to keep temps and power usage reasonable, since I was seeing spikes of 950W+...
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    dual GTX 480 from ASUS

    Overkill? I think a dual GTX 460 would be more interesting from a heat/power perspective. This is just too much.
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    SGI Makes Leap Into 'Personal Supercomputing'

    Interesting new hardware from SGI. It seems like a desktop-size "blade server" that supports up to 80 cores, and runs Linux or Windows. Price starts at $8K, and "a fully populated enclosure with 10 dual-socket Intel Xeon L5520 processor nodes, 240GB of memory, and integrated GigE has a list...
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    Computer Clusters That Heat Houses

    Neat article in MIT Technology Review: My computers already heat my condo, but it would be nice to be able to replace my water heater with a server rack. :D
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    Single-PCB GTX 295 for F@H

    I've been looking at the new single PCB GTX 295 card. Aside from the single PCB, the other big difference from the old GTX 295 is the lack of an HDMI output. Isn't this good news for folders? According to Tigerbiten's post in this thread, Vista has a limit of 8 monitor outputs, but sees the...