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    Valve Index In Stock at 10am PDT 3/9

    Going to sell out very quickly because Coronavirus is as bad for virtual reality, as it is for reality reality.
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    Anyone of you running the Alienware AW2720HF or the Viewsonic Elite XG270? I've stayed away from 240hz since TN really isn't my thing, and curious how satisfied people have been with them?
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    Glorious Model 0

    Looks like the Glorious Model 0 is about to release. Very similar to the Final Mouse Ultralight but with a Zowie FK shape, and significant quality/feature improvements. Also only going to cost 50 or 60 dollars depending on the coating. I would recommend glossy for a better grip. Pre-Order Page...
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    Corsair AX1600i on Sale at Amazon If you need breaker flipping power, this is a pretty good price. Good PSU if you are going for a dual system rig.
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    9900k Overclocks

    Picked up one of the 9900ks from Frys while they were 488 bucks. Wanted a delid so I shipped it over to Silicon Lottery. Came back at 5.1ghz at 1.312 with -2 AVX offset. Curious what other folks are seeing?
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    Samsung Space Monitor

    Not the panel I need but I love the design:
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    Gigabyte Z390 Waterforce

    I think this is the biggest mobo box I have ever seen. Really wish a review would come out before I open it, as it seems they are being marked up on Newegg now.
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    Intel Core i9-9900k $488 at Frys In store only I believe.
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    Recommended PSU for Dual System Rig

    I've used some voltage calculators with varying results, so I wanted to run it by you guys. I have a Corsair AX1200i laying around but I think I may push it a bit. System specs below: System 1: i7-7820x 4.6ghz@1.25 X299-e Strix Mobo 32gb Ram GTX-1060 USB 3.0 used 2xD5 Pumps 13 Fans 1xM.2...
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    Antlion ModMic Wireless

    Decent review by this guy. However the reviews I've seen didn't address the weight, other than its heavier than the ModMic 5. I got mine in today and have it attached to my Mr. Speakers Ether Flow headphones: Back when I got my ModMic 5 I attached and sleeved the cable to my Mr. Speakers...
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    Replacement Antennas for mu-mimo 802.11ac

    Need some replacement antennnas for an onboard wireless NIC. Anyone have any recommendation on which ones to get?
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    *WARM* Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X for $199@Best Buy/Amazon

    Open and closed models are on sale at Amazon/Best Buy.
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    Threadripper Delimma

    Staring at this Asus ROG Zenith Extreme/1950x in the package wondering if I actually want to use it. Not really thrilled with buying a new non-native cooling solution. Also wondering if this non samsung b-die memory that was on the QVL list is going to perform. Anyone else have their TR...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Smashes 5.2GHz Barrier On LN2 This makes me kind of curious if the original Asus rumor was at all accurate. Do you think the way TR is constructed that it...
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    Mining with a 4770k

    Anyone able to post their configuration for mining LTC with their 4770k? Looking to squeeze a few extra hashes out while mining with my GPUs.
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    Gaming AMP

    So I have another quick question. I have been wanting an AMP to enhance the audio levels and clarity of my sound, however I don't want to screw up my CMSS-3D Headphone. Is it the DAC functionality that would break my surround emulation? If so which AMP would you recommend that doesn't have a DAC?
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    Best AMP for this use case

    I am looking to use one pair of Headphones for 2 PCs. On the secondary PC I use an Asus DGX and on the primary I use an X-Fi Titanium HD. Wondering if a headphone amp would be more ideal than directly connecting the two sound cards. I do want to listen to sound from both devices at the same...
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    Streaming Devices

    So right now I am playing games at 1440p however I am looking to do more streaming/capture. I checked out the Avermedia Live HD, however it can only accept 1080p and encode in 1080p. I love how it does passthrough, but I don't want to downscale my gameplay resolution from 1440p. If the...
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    MixAMP Help

    I am going to start of by warning you guys, when it comes to audio, I'm not even close to [H]. Right now I am using AT AD700x/Asus DGX and I a looking to change things a bit. I have been gaming much more lately, the AD700Xs dig into my head a little, and I need to do something about it. Last...
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    Overclocking a Dell WFP3007-HC

    Has anyone modded their WFP3007-HC to run at 100+ hz? Saw some boards on overlordcomputer you could use on the 27in LG panels but was curious if there is anything out there for 30s. I know the 3007 is becoming a dinosaur, but it still looks good. I would hate to divorce this ol gal if a boob job...
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    Buying Seinheiser RS180s....but what mic?

    Looking at picking up some Seinheiser RS180s for my new gaming build, but I will need a mic. Anyone have any recommendations for a great USB mic? Will be doing a little podcasting/streaming but mostly skype/voicechat. if you know of a strong wireless mic that would be awesome too. Budget would...
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    Best middle end card

    What is the best video card I can get for 250-300?
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    WFP3007-HC Upgrade

    Are the new 30" monitors a huge improvement over the WFP3007-HC? I mostly play games, work, and edit video. I have around a 1600 dollar budget.
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    Overclocked 5870s

    Looking to use one overclocked 5870 for 3xU2311Hs. Am I going to benefit from a 2gb model if im running all three at 1900x1080?
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    Final Fantasy 14 with Eyefinity

    Anyone play Final Fantasy 14 beta with eyefinity or nvidia surround? About to make a video card upgrade and switch off my PLP setup to 3xU2311H. Just curious what the experience has been with Eyefinity first before I go to all this trouble. Btw please leave out the comments about this gaming...
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    Which is more immersive?

    Currently I am running the PLP setup (2x2007fp + 1x3007wfp-hc) and want to move to eyefinity. I have been really liking the screenshots of the LLL configuration. BUT 3x3007wfp-hc monitors will not fit on my desk using LLL. I thought about doing PPP with them but I am not sure if it would be as...
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    Corsair 700w caught on fire.

    Came home yesterday and the fire alarm was going off. It was hard to find where the source of the smoke was coming from until I shut down all of the electronics. The PSU was actually burning on the inside but did not damage any of the other components. I had purchased this PSU maybe 6 months...
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    Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for 200 bucks

    Looking to get a pair of noise cancelling headphones in the 200 dollar range. Which pair is the best bang for the buck?
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    HTPC for my backwoods friend.

    I have an older friend that has chosen to live in BFE, the closest neighbor is 2 miles away. He collects a small inheritance check every month, hunts for a good bit of his food, and grows vegetables in a garden (along with other green substances). Hes a bit nuts but he seems happy...
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    Settle for a 5850?

    I have been wanting a 5870 for some time but they are nowhere to be found. But at my local frys they currently have an XFX 5850 in stock for 300 bucks. Going to be running 2x1600x1200 portrait 2007fps and a 3007wfp with this thing. Is the 5850 enough for eyefinity eyegasms on these monitors?
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    DD-WRT on Wireless N

    I currently use a wireless bridge with 2 WRT54GL routers. I do lots of file transfers between the two networks so the extra speed would make a huge difference. I am currently looking to purchase 2 Wireless N routers with gigabyte switches. There is a compatibility list on DD-WRT....but I was...
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    BTP-2002NP Network Printer issue

    Issue resolved
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    Eyefinity Question

    Is Eyefinity working on Crossfired 5870s yet?
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    Who is good with Synergy?

    I am current running 2 PCs. One PC is connected to my 3007wfphc in the center while the other 2 run on my 2007fps on each side. Having issues getting the mouse to move seemless across each. Does anyone have a similar configuration I can borrow settings from?
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    Monitor arms

    I am in need of 3 monitor arms. I would like them to be flexible with positioning with the ability to rotate. Going to be using these with 2x2007fp and 1x3007wfphc.
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    At what card will my CPU become a bottleneck?

    My secondary box has an opteron 165 oced to 2.7ghz. I currently have an 8800gt in that machine. Do you think the CPU will become a bottleneck on a 4870?
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    How are you liking the MX5500 setup?

    Planning on ordering an MX5500 setup. I read some reviews online and they all seem to be positive. Curious if any hardcore gamers are having any issues.
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    Jumping on the Dell 3007wfp-HC + 2x20.1" display bandwagon

    Just purchased the 3007wfp-HC and im pretty pumped. I want to get 2x20.1 dell monitors to run in portrait but I am not sure which model to purchase. Any recommendations would be helpful. I do know I would like an IPS panel for both.
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    Vertex Configuration

    Just purchased a 60gb OCZ vertex drive. Should I put my operating system on the vertex? I primarily purchased this to increase game load times and photoshop load times. Just wondering if those things will suffer from not installing the O/S on the vertex.
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    help meh