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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Cool setup! I also like how you modified the best cans for the money for more comfort too =p. What is that speaker setup in your ceiling?
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    Sixteen Years Old, $1.7 Million in Revenue: Max Hits It Big as a Pandemic Reseller

    Yeah I think most people get hung up about paying over MSRP, when MSRP usually exists to protect margin and not the consumer. Think less about the 700 dollar generator you paid 1500 for when you were freezing your ass off, and more about how you spent 12 dollars on a pack of zip-lock bags at the...
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    Sixteen Years Old, $1.7 Million in Revenue: Max Hits It Big as a Pandemic Reseller

    Honestly it sounds greasy but it really isn't. Holding product costs money, and those generators weren't going to sit somewhere and be readily available to the people that needed them. Sometimes being able to pay a premium during an emergency is a luxury in itself.
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    Sixteen Years Old, $1.7 Million in Revenue: Max Hits It Big as a Pandemic Reseller

    I spent some time learning the process last year and have been able to get stuff for myself, friends and family. That kids parents clearly enable him with a large line of credit, and he could have made way more flipping collectables vs. scalping. If you have a decent job you are likely going to...
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    Sixteen Years Old, $1.7 Million in Revenue: Max Hits It Big as a Pandemic Reseller

    Yeah and if its not him its going to be someone else. Operating at that level is difficult and really easy to end up in the red. Most people don't realize that there are hundreds of thousands of resellers competing for this merchandise and spending anywhere from 60-2k+ per drop. Managing bot...
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    PG32UQX - ASUS 32" 4K 144 Hz HDR1400 G-Sync Ultimate

    Vega are you still playing FPS? Is the motion blur difference crippling in twitchy games?
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    JBS cyberattack forces shutdown of all company's USA beef plants

    Yeah if you can stomach eating liver, having an animal with 4 stomachs process the veggie for you is a far better way to get those nutrients.
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    Sony is FINALLY working on bringing Discord to Playstation

    They have the aim assist with controller on console dialed through the roof most of the time. Some games now have top players using controllers on PC, but we are seeing aim assist for controller + PC being reduced below console levels. Depending on the game and play style mouse and keyboard can...
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    Hut 8 Purchases $30M Worth of Nvidia's GPU Miners, Looks to Push Capacity to 1,600 Gigahash

    For real man f&#$ clouds. Long hard week and I wanna golf, clouds. Long hard week and I wanna crawfish/beer, more clouds.
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    Activision Blizzard CEO To Get Even Bigger Bonuses...

    She would be so damn good for Activision, and gamers.
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    Thousands. Really easy flip at the 1,000-1100 range.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    Yeah I think the 10GB of RAM might be a limiting factor at some point on the 3080, but boy did Nvidia hype this launch. Not really sure any of the launch cards are worth draining my loop for at 1080p high refresh rate.
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    GPU Market Gets Flooded With Used GeForce RTX 2080 Ti’s

    Yeah after getting my wife an A7iii and 2 lenses I am debating going 3090 myself or just keeping my 2080tis for a while. That camera does absolutely destroy the A6000 she had been using before.
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    Call of Duty streamer accidentally reveals he's cheating, loses his Twitch channel

    Remember when PUBG came out on console and it didn't have aim assist so everyone was basically just trying to run each over in cars because nobody could hit a shot?
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    Call of Duty streamer accidentally reveals he's cheating, loses his Twitch channel

    Its happens but not as bad as CoD. I just started playing D2 again and had some fun in competitive. I'm not the best but manage to complete all the PVP challenges despite hackers showing up every so often.
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    What is going on with performance-pcs website

    Love this thread. While I love their service and inventory, the website is such a PITA.
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    Asus ROG Strix 3090 = 400W GPU

    Yeah I am hearing people say 800ish is probably the recommended depending on how the rest of your rig is looking, but 1k is probably a safer choice. We have no idea how much these overclock but if they are anything like the last two generations I wouldn't be surprised if feeding these things...
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    WOW!!! TLC 55" THX Certified Game Mode VVR + ALLM 120hz 1440p HDR 1000 Nits MiniLED Roku eARC Alexa and Google Voice Control ( IN STOCK ) $649

    I wouldn't get a TCL unless you got it from BB with an extended warranty. TCLs have great picture/features for the money but they have the worst reliability out of any display brand I have ever owned.
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    Fox Sports will use virtual fans created in Unreal Engine to fill empty stadiums in MLB broadcasts

    Anyone who looks back on this season needs to see these stadiums empty. Fox is going to be virtually advertising the entire time and nobody asked for this.
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    Drama is the only way to get a vacation and come back to even more revenue in streaming.
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    PS5 game box art revealed

    Really wish they would have built this gaming with the art style from Spiderverse.
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    Suggestions needed for gaming headset.

    I recently got a pair of Beyerdynamic T1.2s which I have been extremely happy with. Like you said the HD800/HD800S probably have the best imaging/soundstage, but the 1.2s get really close without the brightness fatigue.
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    Suggestions needed for gaming headset.

    +1 on the MMX-300. I had the gen 1 for a long time and they have good imaging for a closed back. On the LCD-GX I am sure they are good, but that price point is kinda high. I actually have the mic/cable that I used an adapter to connect to my Ether Flows, and the mic is mediocre at that headsets...
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    How to get headphone surround sound in COD Warzone?

    You may want to trying messing with a software EQ to elevate treble/mids if you have a bass heavy headphone. Also make sure doors are open and windows are broken in game if you are indoors. This methodology can be applied using DSPs as well where you can create an EQ profile specifically for...
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    NVIDIA Launches GeForce Game Ready 446.14 WHQL Driver

    Like killing your video settings and choosing random render resolutions? I feel you its aggravating.
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    G2A admits it sold stolen game keys

    This is probably a major driving factor for every studio wanting their own game client.
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    NVIDIA Ampere to offer 10-20% IPC increase over Turing, 4x RT performance with minimal FPS impact, up to 2 GHz OC clocks, and an overhauled software

    I think the end of this year is going to get interesting. Consoles are getting higher refresh rate options, crossplay, and mouse/kb support thats more broadly adopted. If I can get 100 frames with 99% less hackers, I may not give a shit about a 3080ti.
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    Monitors sold out on Amazon

    Is the used market for gaming displays getting good? I have a few I could sell off.
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    NVIDIA Ampere to offer 10-20% IPC increase over Turing, 4x RT performance with minimal FPS impact, up to 2 GHz OC clocks, and an overhauled software

    Hopefully this is an undershoot. I was hoping for 20-30% increase in raw performance over a high end 2080ti. I am more interested in higher frames@higher resolution than RT.
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    How to get headphone surround sound in COD Warzone?

    I have had a really hard time making virtual surround sound have any type of advantage in Warzone. I would get some headphones with great soundstage, and if your onboard sound can power them you are likely fine. The in game settings to make the sound brighter is going to be the biggest...
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    Creator of one of the worst viruses ever finally fesses up 20 years later

    It was. I think there were casual IRC users who ended up moving to ICQ/MySpace during that time frame, but IRC was still popular.
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    LG 48CX

    Yeah TCL/Vizio could make things interesting. Sony makes great TVs but most of their current tech is focused on TV/Movie watching, and the input lag is a bit higher.
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    The Z Build 2.0

    Yeah I had to put my Enthoo Elite upstairs to have more room to work. I think it gained about 15 pounds since it went up there, and it was already really heavy. Coming down is going to be scary.
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    NVIDIA CEO Promises Raises, No Job Cuts in the Wake of COVID-19

    Sorry to hear that man. I would kill for a delivery growler service right about now.
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    corsair 1000D or Phanteks Enthoo Elite Black

    This is good advice. Performance between these two cases should be one of the last considerations because they are both built for high end water cooling. I wanted my rig to have a certain look I could have achieved with either case. When I looked at the 1000D it was cheaper, however to achieve...
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    corsair 1000D or Phanteks Enthoo Elite Black

    Brushed metal, swinging glass door is great quality kit with hardware is nicely organized Comes in a very nice case comes with vertical GPU bracket (cable needs to be replaced for optimal performance) nicely layed out for dual systems with adequate controls also mapped to the front 1000D is...
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    corsair 1000D or Phanteks Enthoo Elite Black

    I looked at both and went with the Enthoo Elite when a deal arose, but I would have also been happy to use a 1000D. I think both are great are offer the capability to cool just about anything. There is a little more space for radiators in the 1000d, but the Enthoo Elite is a higher quality...
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    Expanding Swiftech H220-X - is this Barrow res a good option?

    I've only used Barrow for fittings and been more than happy with them. Honestly I think Bitspower, Byski, and Barrow make good stuff for the money. I see tons of rigs leveraging distribution plates they sell, so that reservoir should be a decent bargain.
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    The Z Build 2.0

    QQ are you only running one Aquero? I think you are going to need at least 2 for 24 fans.*EDIT* saw that you are using the unit that has the screen. I wonder if you just need another one of the simple aqueros that runs into one of the fan channels on it, and the simpler aquero can provide extra...
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    The Z Build 2.0

    Man sorry to hear that. Going to post a reddit link to a guy with a similar fan setup. Hes a good dude and will probably answer any questions you have. Take a look at his connectivity setup: On my build I got the fans working, but using double sided LL120s/Silent Wings 3s (2 Corsair fan/led...