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    AMD Reports 3rd Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    Minus an Intel laptop (mea culpa, mea culpa), I've been AMD even when they are slower...
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    AMD Reports 3rd Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    Yeah yeah ok, takes time, takes time AMD 2022 : 2.3!!! Billion WOW!! AMD 2023: back at 1.6 Billion, 2024 re-broke, is AMD going to survive? All over again. It matters little how 'the server world' works, it works with a persistent Intel first tilt , that I am seriously doubting it can be...
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    AMD Reports 3rd Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    Not that I like what I see with investors kind of punishing a bit AMD for doing better.. but I have to agree with it .. as I agree, not enough growth, not fast enough plus most like none of it comes from capturing it from Intel... is a clear indication that mayor growth in this market is a near...
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    AMD Reports 3rd Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    I thought the article stated that AMD did provide de fix to partners, but partners aren't moving their asses. AMD isn't big enough to pressure partners in any meaningful way, let's be honest. (Unlike Intel). AMD itself has demonstrated decent reaction and dedication to improve quality and fix...
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    The Mandalorian- new Disney+ Star Wars series

    The Expanse is very good. I enjoyed Defiance a whole lot. I think SGU was the best Stargate, but it didn't take too well cancelled a bit too soon due to being kind of dark/ unfunny. But the Expanse is pretty awesome (to me anyway) sci fi done right is you ask me.
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    AMD Reports 3rd Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    Amd is going to have to buy a server and super computer integrator.. even if a small one. Vendors will always be screwing AMD out of real growth, they must know this by now.
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    GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Launch Review Roundup

    Price cut " sends the wrong signals" or some shit?
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    Gamers Nexus response to TPU smear

    Huh, didn't think of that way.
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Bottom line, some pudding is in need of proof, and It sucks becuase its not a library access... Its just pay not to own a game. Ok sure Google.. you already have my CC info, go ahead and charge what you will./s
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    Gamers Nexus response to TPU smear

    I like digital jesus... But man, I think he is working too hard, getting worried he might burn out (hopefully not) Good fun video.. That being said.. Sentient hair hehehe that got me. And losing faith in humanity.. I was like shit, I pretty much said the same thing at looking at similar...
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    InWin presents "Alice" a new take on PC cases

    To be honest, my regular computer I ended up placing sideways because I have to access the back quite s bit, so then I ended up with poor access to both the front and the back. Becuase its now sideways behind the monitor, now accessing the inside is a pain in the ass. Its just poor access to my...
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Well, not that Google will see any money from me.. but comparing Google with a game with a server in god knows where its really no comparison. The service might work well enough, with all the servers Google has. I would imagine they certainly would target population dense areas. I think standia...
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    Intel returns to Atom series - Tremont core announced

    Intel should just do an ARM team and a RISC V team.. it would be bewildering why they haven't (maybe they have?) I understand AMD, and even they did an ARM cpu.. But AMD been strapped for cash forever... Not so Intel.
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    Intel returns to Atom series - Tremont core announced

    My Atom tablet was the biggest piece of shit I have used. My god.
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    InWin presents "Alice" a new take on PC cases

    I like it. If I ever build another pc this might be it.
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    Intel files an Anti-trust Case Against SoftBank-owned Tech Firm

    Expired then renewed patents? Can you sue for money with expired patents like retroactively? Regardless... To me if Intel was to sue and win in a definitive manner then perhaps the patent landscape will change for everyone, and the system will be prone to less abuse by all players ( to the...
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    Rise of Skywalker

    I've concluded star wars is crap sci fi. Yes i am a jenouis. / S
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    Intel files an Anti-trust Case Against SoftBank-owned Tech Firm

    So when google or intel or ms sue for patents currently unused by them.. Are they trolls? So whats a troll? They don't sue to protect their unused patents? ... Cause google intel and ms (and so on) are saints rights? Should Intel "win" it might be a short sighted move. But likely they will lose...
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    Reimplementing a Solaris command in Python gained 17x performance improvement from C

    Was thinking the same thing... Largely untouched 31 year old code vs refreshed new code... Hmm is the pyton rework going to work 'largely ' untouched for 31 years? If anything i see it like statement of great things for the c language. Otherwise wise, don't think these things are exclusionary...
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    Oracle Hires Mark Hurd as President

    Hehe oh shit i thought it was a new thread, started reading from the top, stopped right before the newest post. I think this deserved its own news thread, but oh well, should have checked the dates.
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    Oracle Hires Mark Hurd as President

    Hp should have never fired him, that was stupid. I hope they lose in court. Hp been shit ever since. Hopefully he'll do well by Oracle.
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    Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown In a push to not distinguish itself from everyone else, Netflix is considering pushing back against password sharing. I predict, Netflix death spiral to start 2 years after they start cracking down. This is a humongous...
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    Nvidia / Jensen trying to kill off the AMD FreeSync Branding? The F-ing #%$@ Suckers!

    Are the monitors locked in any way in detecting nvidia graphics cards? Issues discussed aside it would be an easy way for someone in the now to buy a nice freesync monitor, just buy the g-sync combatible one and use it with your amd card..
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    Rumor : AMD Bringing Ray Tracing Support to Navi in December

    And maybe a massive wasted opportunity for nvidia. Had nvidia done ray tracing add in cards that worked regardless of gpu used, it would have been awesome. But they decided to do this 'added feature, added price' strategy of no real value.. if only to move the price brackets upwards. Seems most...
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    Forget Moore’s Law—Chipmakers Are More Worried About Heat and Power Issues

    How is stacking making things ' denser' stacking is akin to fold something, not actually making it "denser". Don't get me wrong, in the end who cares how much silicon is needed to achive more and more performance.. its not an issue anymore, chips are small enough already you can keep upping the...
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    ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo : Dual screen laptop

    Was just going to post pretty much the same.. I do think the product is a nice idea (this Asus laptop) but without proper menus and things to take advantage of it, its plenty pointless.
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    Rumor : AMD Bringing Ray Tracing Support to Navi in December

    What's the performance hit going to be like though? Im asking for a friend.
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    Microsoft has new Surface Wireless Earbuds

    These look way better than the Apple ones... That being said, EVERYONE making these double wireless headphones can go screw themselves with the prices.
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    Cascade Lake-X Pricing and Model List

    All they are doing is OEM princing for all. Perhaps is still higher anyway.
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    Cracking Entombed the Atari game. Its an article about ' digital archeology' and trying to see how the game Entombed created random mazes that worked well. While they got close to figuring it out, they still don't understand some aspects...
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    Stop Paying For Anti-Virus

    Zorin OS is a good one, you can get a distro with tons of software (open source I assume) for 40$ to support them (all other liter versions are free). The biggest hurdle with linux is the fucking console... Yes very powerful... If you know how to use it... No I don't know, ( i can go about it...
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    Meet the New and Improved Intel Compute Sticks

    Well in fairness depending on the linux distro, you could run it in your coffee maker.
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    AMD possibly going to 4 threads per core

    But this confuses me, AMD had a licence for CISC silicon, Cytrix didn't, but didn't need it... Then why do people keep saying AMDs x86 license is not transferrable or some such? If AMD is really RISC silicon with translation, then anyone can do that? Anyone can go to AMD, licence their shit, and...
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    Another Intel vulnerability!

    So I went to checking various articles here and there, and its true, full mitigation can cost as high as 40% performance loss. Can't imagine how happy some would be if you are on that boat. I only reply because i have read claims similar to yours and always think meh, its probably less than what...
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    The Biggest Problem with Triple-A, Open-World Games: "They're Boring as Hell"
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    Another Intel vulnerability!

    Hubris and greed... Every time, hubris and greed. Same as Boeing. Neither are paying enough for their hubris and greed.
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    Extremetech: Intel Is Suddenly Very Concerned With ‘Real-World’ Benchmarking

    I have an AMD A8... Still performs well in my 'real world' .. does that means its actually better than Intel's latest!! Mind blown. (Its actually feels faster than all the newer i5 and i whatever I use at work... Mind is REALLY blown at that one)
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    RISC-V CPU With No Silicon: Made from Carbon Nanotubes

    And in a decade or so we will rediscover CISC!! and it will be new all over again! CISC, the future of computing will read headlines in 2035. Large silicon and CISC!