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  1. Zoson

    HWLabs Nemesis radiators are garbage.

    I made the mistake of buying a few 120 GTS and 240 GTS nemesis radiators without closely comparing them to the older variants. Here's a summary of why they're total crap compared to the older ones. 1. Reduced performance compared to classic GT Stealth due to reduced fin density. GTS Nemesis...
  2. Zoson

    Anyone have a WD Passport X 2TB?

    Was wondering if anyone had tested this drive with CDM and the like? I found thread on reddit that showed it was significantly faster than a WD Passport Ultra 2TB. Also, the X has a black sticker on the box, unlike the green sticker on the Ultra. So it should be a very high quality drive...
  3. Zoson

    Swiftech confirms they've killed the Unisink. Really not happy about having bought MCW82's under the premise that I'd be able to get unisinks in the future and my cooling would be able to follow my GPU upgrades.
  4. Zoson

    [H]ot: EVGA 780ti Classified $420 after MIR at Newegg. Wow. If you use the visa checkout promo, you get another $20 off making this $400 even! Code: VISACHECKOUT. Only works if checking out with visa checkout...
  5. Zoson

    344.16 causes my GTX 980 to TDR... A LOT.

    Downloaded it two days ago when it was beta and *every* game I loaded up caused an instant TDR. When I saw it went WHQL today, I figured they must have fixed something so I installed it again. Same issue. Tested all of this at stock speeds, and I've never increased the voltage on the card.
  6. Zoson

    Ode to the Corsair 950TX.

    I bought this PSU after my two Silverstone 1000W PSUs died(which, seriously, were the worst psu's I've ever owned). I want to say that was about 4 years ago. This past weekend I noticed that the voltages on my 950TX are really starting to go. Here we see a test with my old i7 970 beasting out...
  7. Zoson

    Is there a USB3 NZXT IU01 equivalent?

    As the title says, I'm looking for an internal usb hub that takes a single USB3 20pin and gives two USB3 20pin connections.
  8. Zoson

    MSI N770 2GD5/OC is a *reference PCB* !

    I wanted to watercool my GPUS, but the EK configurator showed the PCB for this card was the same as the TF version. Turns out that is NOT TRUE. I just disassembled one of my GPUS and here are the PCB shots. This is very, VERY clearly a reference PCB. Time to buy some full cover blocks! Wheee...
  9. Zoson

    Lately, lots of broken ads.

    Here's the url to one that was broken. <img src="//;ttid=2&amp;;r=0.4726491724140942">
  10. Zoson

    PCIE RAID card with Intel southbridge?

    I've got an x58, and an x79 system... Both are getting rather long in the tooth as far as storage performance is concerned. I'm not ready to upgrade off either system, but was hoping to get a pcie card that I could use my existing intel raid arrays with, and get some better performance...
  11. Zoson

    Upgrading my 3x 560ti 448 setup...

    Even though I have three 560ti 448's, I'm NOT running triple SLI. I'm running two card SLI and using the third card as physx as well as to drive a third display(my tv). This was necessary back in the 5x days since a single card could only drive two displays... Now that a single card can...
  12. Zoson

    Solution to "No drives found." installing Windows 7.

    I helped my boss build a computer for his mother, and when it came time to install Windows 7, we could not get it to allow us to install onto the SSD. It would tell us "No drives found." And the list of drives would be blank. The most puzzling thing is I formatted the drive on another...
  13. Zoson

    X-COM Lone Wolf, Flight of the Valkyries, and Xavier Achievement Guide

    The guides out there were somewhat bad, so I figured I'd write some up myself. With a step by step walkthrough. Game time was May 2016 for all of the below scenarios, obviously you can do these at any time. If you don't want to deal with Ethereals, it is possible to do all of these early...
  14. Zoson

    Newegg 4TB WD Black $289 AC

    Western Digital WD Black WD4001FAEX 4TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s Hard Drive -Bare Drive $359.99 Your Price: $289.99 With Promo Code EMCXVWR34 ~40 bucks less than amazon
  15. Zoson

    ICH10R 4 Disk Raid 5 Stripe Size/Block Allocation Size

    Recently set up a 4x3TB WD Red Raid 5 array. Much to my dismay, my write speeds with the default stripe size and default partition allocation block size was around 15MB/sec. Of course I then found all the information regarding the fact that Raid 5 arrays with even numbers of disks is...
  16. Zoson

    Warm: 3TB WD Green $129.99 @ Newegg today only.
  17. Zoson

    Fluke Networks CIQ-100 $960 after promo code EMCJHND45 If you need one this is the best price I've seen on a brand new Fluke CIQ-100... The promo code is actually the "Save 20% off on all PC tools/Testing equipment" It apparently maxes out at $200. EMCJHND45
  18. Zoson

    Insane new Lian-Li case PC-CK101 - It's a TRAIN. What the...
  19. Zoson

    High failure rate on Mushkin Redline 99x057?

    I bought two kits of 999057, several months ago and they came with the dark green, almost black PCB. The printing on the circuit board is "Levin ####"(four digits). After about a week, one of the six sticks failed and I sent it back to Mushkin. They replaced the stick no questions asked...
  20. Zoson

    Cooler Master Gemin II S524 Socket 2011 Mounting

    The mounting system for LGA2011 is... HORRIBLE. The overhang on the heatsink coupled with the crowded nature of the LGA2011 socket makes it nearly impossible to install. You have to use this tiny little wrench with a tab over it to push down on the nut(because of the springs) while you screw...
  21. Zoson

    New HTPC build.

    Building this little guy for a pair of friends getting married. -edited out- i3 2105 4gb corsair ddr3 1333 cas 9 Gigabyte H61N-USB3 WD scorpio black 750GB (it was on sale, and was less than any other 750gb drive... lol) samsung 8x slim dvdrw habey emc 800BL(120W psu, 60W brick, gonna purchase...
  22. Zoson

    old 980x heatsink on a 3930k?

    If I understand the whole mounting deal with socket 2011... it's the same distance holes as 1366, it just basically has threaded posts? Does anyone know if those posts have the same size thread/screw as the old 980x heatsink? Edit: this one
  23. Zoson

    Help me find a non-sucky HTPC case and heatsink.

    I'm building an HTPC and I need a case, and heatsink. Case: 1. The case needs to be no greater than 17 inches wide, 7.5 inches tall, and 15 inches deep. 2. It must have at least 1 external 5.25" bay for a blu-ray drive. 3. It must have at least 4 internal 3.5" bays for hdd's. 4. Optimally, it...
  24. Zoson

    New Swiftech "Gentle Typhoon AP-15" Seems to be really damn close to a GT AP-15. Real tempted to buy one just to see. 'Z-Axis Bearing'... 1800RPM... Maybe the price of real GT's will finally come down!
  25. Zoson

    Triple Monitor w/ SLI and overscan questions.

    Last night I hooked up my TV to my second GPU. Apparently you can't run SLI with three monitors? Is there any way around this, or am I doomed? Kinda hoping to avoid having to put a third gpu into my system just to handle the tv... Seems kind of backwards too... How does triple monitor...
  26. Zoson

    nVidia HD Audio?

    For as long as I can remember, installing HD Audio always broke the hell out of my onboard or discrete audio. Now, I'm in a situation where I want HD Audio to be installed so I can send audio over HDMI to my receiver. At the same time, I want to be able to output, say, my game sounds to the...
  27. Zoson

    Good photography community with fs/ft?

    Anyone know of a large community such as [H] in the photography world that has an active fs/ft section?
  28. Zoson

    Geminii S mounting hardware has been changed.

    And it's super retarded. I recommended this heatsink to a friend based on my personal experience building a rig with it. Previously, you would screw a pair of arms into the base of the heatsink, and then screw some reverse-threaded screws into those arms. Now, you screw the pair of arms...
  29. Zoson

    5GHz. Sandy Bridge not included.

    i7 990x Batch 3101A239 Water cooled. System specs in sig. 5GHz: 4.8GHz: 4.665GHz with 18GB 1866MHz RAM: OPT1 is my ambient temp, OPT2 is my coolant temp, and OPT3 is my exhaust temp. IOH PCIE +1.5V #2 is my CPU PLL(1.35v).
  30. Zoson

    Just ordered some GT AP-15's

    We'll see how well they compare to YL D12SH's. I got them because I'm hoping to drop the decibel level of my machine a little. I was never quite happy with the noise that the D12SH's make.
  31. Zoson

    Physically small and sturdy(read: metal) usb3.0 flash drives?

    I've read a number of articles on the newer usb3.0 flash drive offerings, but they all seem to be rather large physically. I recently saw a Patriot Swing, which is a usb2.0 drive, and really liked the tiny form factor and all aluminum construction... Are there any usb3.0 flash drives...
  32. Zoson

    Replacing my Z560 4.1 set with a 2.1 set - need suggestions

    Z560's are dying. My room layout is no longer good for a surround setup, so I'm looking for something more compact. Currently I'm considering the Swans M10... I'm wondering if there are any newer offerings that bring equivalent or better sound quality at around the same price? Sub on desk...
  33. Zoson

    Google +1 on threads?

    Just a suggestion. There are many things from the forum that I share with other people on social networking sites. I usually just copy/paste the URL's, but it would be nice to have a +1 button that shares to G+! I'm sure it would decrease the amount of typing Kyle has to do, on occasion. ;)
  34. Zoson


    When support for that app was added did we lose the old skin?
  35. Zoson

    Ignore list and PM Email notification.

    If someone's on your ignore list and they send you a PM, you still get an email notification for it. I feel like that's broken. Also, I'd prefer to not even see that I've received a message from someone on my ignore list, rather than the 'this person is on your ignore list, click here to...
  36. Zoson

    Tabbing from Quick Reply

    Used to jump to the 'submit post' button. Now it is jumping to the 'disable smileys' checkbox. <click on quick reply box> <type type type> <tab-spacebar!>
  37. Zoson

    15GB out of 16GB usable in Win7?

    I do a LOT of virtualization. My work pc had 8GB ram, and I recently got it upgraded to 16GB. However, when I look in system properties Windows says 15GB usable out of 16GB total. It's a C2Q, running on a Q45 motherboard. When it had 8GB ram it said 8/8GB. I am using a discrete...
  38. Zoson

    Sandy Bridge P6X Chipset Shipments Halted.
  39. Zoson

    MSI GTX 460 1GB $149.99 after MIR - Newegg. Best price I've seen. Holding out for the 560 myself tho.
  40. Zoson

    20% off Lian Li cases at Newegg must be a newsletter subscriber.