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    Amazon - $5 off $35 - Requires Facebook

    If you link your Amazon account with your Facebook account (or something along those lines), then you get a $5 promotion that is valid on orders that are $35 and above: "Simply shop on and add items that say "Ships...
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    DEAD - $2 Amazon Credit

    Free $2 Amazon Credit: "This is a limited time offer. The promotional credit expires at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on December 29, 2013 and may only be applied towards eligible products sold and shipped by and any digital...
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    Free Games

    I have some games to give out. Rules: 1 code per member. 2[H]4U and above only. Greyed out text means that version/game has been gifted and is no longer available. Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - Steam or Origin Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising - Steam or Origin Burnout Paradise: The...
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    Amazon: $5 off $25 Promotional Credit (Facebook Required)

    Found on SD. Get $5 off of your $25+ order on Amazon (only for goods sold directly by Amazon). Good for those of you who don't care if Amazon has your Facebook information and vice versa.
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    Free $3 Amazon Instant Video Credit

    Found on SD: "You must claim your $3 Amazon Instant Video promotional credit no later than 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on August 6, 2013 or while promotional credits are available. The promotional credit expires at 11:59 p.m...
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    20% Off Amazon When Using Amazon Rewards Visa Card

    When using promotion code JUL20PER you get 20% off your stuff when ordering products sold directly from Amazon and paying with your Amazon Rewards Visa card. You can get a maximum of $20 off per order. Yes, the code works multiple times even though Amazon didn't intend it that way so they'd...
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    Thinkpad X61s with AS5?

    I've been thinking about disassembling my Thinkpad X61s and putting AS5 thermal paste on the CPU. For those who have done this to laptops, is it worthwhile? Also, the CPU shares the same heatsink as the GPU, and the GPU has a thermal pad. Can the pad be reused?
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    Static sound while playing games

    While I am playing a game on my desktop PC (see sig for specs), I get a constant static sound that varies in volume and pitch depending on the game. In Skyrim, if I load my saved game and then hit Esc to enter the menu, the static is not present in this menu; however, everywhere else it is (even...
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Thousands of mods exist in the wilderness, waiting to be used and enjoyed. The only problem is that many people do not have the time nor willpower to go through page after page of mods to find what is worth their time and what isn't. This post, and thread, has a goal of making mods easy to find...
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    Leave extra empty space on SSD?

    I think I read that it is best to leave some extra space on a SSD otherwise it won't be as fast. Is this true? If so, how much should one leave?
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    Fallen Enchantress

    Stardock's new 4x turn-based strategy game Fallen Enchantress was released a few days ago. I decided to give this one a try even though WoM was horrible and, as it turns out, I am enjoying FE quite a bit. Performance is subpar (tip: definitely turn off outlines) and it has its fair share of...
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    Computer sometimes shuts itself off during hibernation

    For the past couple of months (I believe this problem began in the beginning of July), my computer will sometimes shut itself off when it is going into hibernation. It makes it to the black screen but then keeps running until I either hold the power switch in to shut it down or wait 20-30...
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    Free $5 Amazon MP3 Store Credit

    More Amazon MP3 credit, this time it is a whole $5 worth. If you have trouble applying it to your account, then you can chat with Amazon's MP3 support and they will apply it for you (and if you do it that way then it is applied to all of Amazon's intangible areas [MP3, Kindle, App, and Movies])...
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    This thread will be closed due to post size limitations. See new thread here: Thousands of mods exist in the wilderness, waiting to be used and enjoyed. The only problem is that many people do not have the time nor willpower to go through page...
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    Free $3 credit for Amazon's MP3 store

    1. Download a free Android app from the Amazon Appstore. Details and list of qualifying apps here...
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    Logitech G27 Racing Wheel (Open Box) for $150

    Logitech has some open box G27 wheels for $149.99 on their site. Comes with free shipping.
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    TES: V Skyrim for $35 on Best Buy's Website

    Skyrim is $35 with free shipping on BB's website for any platform (PC, X360, PS3): PC: PS3...
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    Video Card Advice for Modded Skyrim

    Between the 2GB GTX 680 and the Radeon 7970, which would be the better bang for the buck when it comes to playing a heavily modified Skyrim? By heavily modified, I mean HD texture packs (1024x1024 and above textures), ini tweaks such as increased ugrids, new villages that do not use interior...
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    Android: $.49 Sale on Some Apps

    Some Android apps are now on sale for .49 cents.
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    CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich for TouchPad

    Just a heads up, CM9 ICS has been released! :) Alpha 2: Original Release Thread:
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    Documents To Go for Android - Free for Today

    Another office suite giveaway from Amazon:
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    Quickoffice Pro for Android - Free for the day

    Amazon's free app for the day is Quickoffice Pro for Android. Another great giveaway.
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    Free Android App: OfficeSuite Pro 5

    Free for today at Amazon's app store.
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    PSU needed for GTX460 SLI setup

    I just won two GTX460s, thanks to [H], and now I'm likely going to need to upgrade my Corsair 520w PSU. Here is what my PC will be once the cards arrive: CPU: Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.7Mhz Motherboard: EVGA 680i RAM: 4GB Crucial Ballistix Video: GTX460 SLI Five hard drives I am on a...
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    Puzzle Quest 2

    Has anyone else played it? Seems to be much like the first, which is a good thing. :) Steam link:
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    Simple EVGA 680i Question

    I've owned this board since 2007 and have always plugged a molex into the connector on the motherboard. Recently, I googled to see if this molex is needed and it seems it is only for SLI. Is this true? Even if I OC my CPU I do not need to plug a molex power cable into the 680i if I'm not running...
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    The warranty void sticker fell off of my EVGA GTX 275

    I looked inside my case and saw the "warranty void if removed" sticker fell off of my EVGA GTX 275. Looks like it was due to heat and dust, and the sticker is still completely intact. Is my warranty now void?
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    My monitor just sizzled and now I need a new one

    Hello! My SOYO 24" monitor seems to have finally died today after it decided to make a sizzling sound (lasted about two or three seconds). I shall test it out tomorrow in hopes it will fix itself. If it is still dead by then, what are some good recommendations for a monitor 24+ in size? I...
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    Assistance Please - Memtest

    I have four 1GB sticks (two sets) of Crucial Ballistix that are DDR2 800. I've had to RMA both sets about eight months ago as I was getting BSOD, among other problems, and memtest86+ found plenty of errors. So, two days ago I start getting BSOD randomly. I test them out with the same version of...
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    GTA IV: Mods for v1.0.7.0

    Does anyone have some great mods that work with this patch? I'm looking for visual improvements, more variety (mainly with cars if possible), and minor gameplay enhancements. I already installed VisualIV and love it. I tried the first person mod but I can't get it to work. Does this mod work...
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    Some Fun PSP Homebrew Games I've Found

    I thought I'd share some fun PSP homebrew games I have found lately. Many people claim the homebrew scene is dead, but I'm still enjoying it. :) Wagic The Homebrew: Discription: "Wagic is a heroic fantasy card game, in which you fight as a wizard against the...
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    Supreme Commander 2 demo is released Some images to take a gander at while downloading (taken from 1up):
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    Constant Disk Usage - Safe?

    Would it be damaging for a Samsung HD154UI to be under constant use from torrenting (uploading mainly)? Just curious if these green drives are more sensitive than regular drives in this matter. Thanks.
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    Setting DRAM:FSB to 1:1 when using a 680i

    Is it possible to set the ratio to 1:1 when using a EVGA 680i motherboard? Thanks.
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    Godrays and SSAO for Oblivion

    All of it is still in beta form and likely will be for some time, but the progress already made is quite astounding. SSAO demands much and godrays disable AA. Haven't noticed any loss in FPS when using godrays. In the end, it is fun to try them. They can easily be toggled on and off in the game...
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    RMA Time?

    Just checked the SMART status of my Samsung 750GB drive (HD753LJ) and found this (check the B8 ID): So, I assume I should RMA this drive?
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    Mount&Blade Warband Beta

    I was recently invited so I thought I'd share my opinions about the beta so far: 1) A sever seems to be able to hold 64 people max. I'm not sure if this will be higher when the actual game is released. 2) Graphics are much improved (see pictures). 3) Combat is basically the same as Mount&Blade...
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    Need: TES 4: Oblivion Registry Key

    Anyone willing to upload their Oblivion's registry key so I can compare it with the one I made? I copied my whole Oblivion directory before reformatting so I wouldn't have to reinstall anything, especially my mods, but TES4LODGen is giving me an error that it cannot find the registry key. I...
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    Mirror's Edge (PC) for $5.99 shipped

    $5.99 shipped at newegg:
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    Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina

    Found this very cool modification for Oblivion a couple days ago. As the title suggests, the mod makes use of the Elsweyr region within the game. This has all been done by a single modder in only nine months, with the help of various resource packs. Since it is a very early version, there is...