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  1. erek

    quantum3d graphite care mobo cpu ram
  2. erek

    Modded AMD K6 2+ 570ACZ to K6 III+ 550ACR CPU, 600Mhz or 633 (K6 3+ 256kb cache) Reference / Context:
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    3dfx Quantum3D Obsidian2 PCI voodoo2 Gauntlet Legends Video Card
  4. erek

    Gravis Ultrasound Classic 16-Bit Recording and WSS Daughterboard (Very Rare)
  5. erek

    Quantum3D Medusa cable *OEM* *BRAND NEW* for Obsidian2 X16, X24, 200SB, 200SBi
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    Rare Apple-1 Computer Signed by Steve Wozniak Up for Auction

    "The Apple-1 was the first Apple product created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when Apple Computer was founded, and there are few left in existence of the original 200 that were manufactured. A first batch Apple-1 went up for auction in May and sold for more than $460,000, and back in...
  7. erek

    AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo Liquid-Cooled HBM2 Engineering Sample Graphics Card
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    Thermal Grizzly Announces Contact Frame For Intel Alder Lake, Promises to Reduce Temperatures

    "As tested by Igor's Lab, the new contact frame for LGA 1700 reduced the operating temperature of Intel's Core i9-12900K by as much as 10.19 °C - from 70.48 °C without the Contact Frame and towards 60.29 °C after it was installed. The CPU was configured to run popular stress test Prime95, with...
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    QUANTUM 3d Obsidian 2 X-24 SLI2 3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI with Cable
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    quantum3d 3dfx Graphite Midway Arcade PC
  11. erek

    Adlib Gold reverse engineered

    "I present you a reversed engineered AdLib GOLD - more info will be available soon A card for the person that has all other soundcards" - Leo
  12. erek

    Asus Extreme N7800GT Duel Rare Press/Review Sample
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  14. erek

    QUANTUM 3d Obsidian 2 X-24 SLI2 3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI with box, cable, CDs, manual!
  15. erek

    Nvidia Transitioning To Official, Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Driver

    "To much excitement and a sign of the times, the embargo has just expired on this super-exciting milestone that many of us have been hoping to see for many years. Over the past two decades NVIDIA has offered great Linux driver support with their proprietary driver stack, but with the success of...
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    Duke Nukem Forever’s 2001 build appears online, may fully leak in June

    "Broussard made clear that he isn't invested in closely checking the latest leak's authenticity and pointed to an uneasy relationship with the game this many years later. "I’m not really interested in talking about it or retreading a painful past," he said. But while the build may have paled in...
  17. erek

    Gravis UltraSound Rev 2.2 with original box, instructions, software
  18. erek

    QUANTUM 3d Obsidian 2 X-24 SLI2 3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI
  19. erek

    Auctioneer puts Space Shuttle CPUs under the hammer

    "The systems were one of five pairs in the Space Shuttle Orbiter – four operated in sync and the other used to run backup software. RR Auctions points out that at the time the units flew, they were the brains of the most technologically advanced spacecraft to ever take flight."...
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    MSI Extreme 3D Series Graphics Cards Announced

    MSI Voodoo5 7000 Series Graphics Cards "Extreme performance—with a jaw-dropping 48GB of GDDR7. Enjoy incredible real-time anti-aliasing and stunning DirectX. We're proud to introduce the past, present and future of graphics with the new #MSI Voodoo5 7000 Series Graphics Cards."...
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    Kyro II SE, rare
  22. erek

    Wolfenstein 3D secrets revealed by John Romero in lengthy post-mortem chat

    "While the game series Doom and Quake have been heavily chronicled in convention panels and books, the same can't be said for id Software's legendary precursor Wolfenstein 3D. One of its key figures, coder and level designer John Romero, appeared at this year's Game Developers Conference to...
  23. erek

    Nvidia Geforce FX5900 engineer sample for Collection
  24. erek

    3dfx Psychic Force 2012 Taito Arcade Game Board - Wolf System [Rare] [Jamma]
  25. erek

    Genuine 1987 Adlib sound card
  26. erek

    Quantum3D Obsidian2 S-12 PCI (3dfx Voodoo II 12 MB) Video Graphics Card
  27. erek

    Gravis Ultrasound Extreme ESS1688 GF1 1MB Sound Blaster ISA card vintage
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    RARE 3DFX Voodoo QUANTUM3D Obsidian2 MERCURY AALCHEMY BRICK vintage video card
  29. erek

    New Mod Doubles L2 Cache On AMD's K6-2+ CPU From 2000

    "Since the K6-2+ and K6-III+ utilized the same microarchitecture, they were very similar. Only the L2 cache separated the two chips. The K6-2+ was a replica of the K6-III+ but with half the L2 cache. If this mod had been discovered 22 years ago, it would have been a gamechanger for sure. All...
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    Radeon Pro Duo Engineering Sample (2xCapsaicin GPUs one card) 2x4GB HBM untested
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    3dfx Glide Coming to Linux with Support for Modern GPUs
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    Advanced Gravis Ultrasound 256KB 16-bit ISA Sound Card

    Lots of bidders, but low price!
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    NFT advise

    what makes a good NFT collection? is there a definitive science or code that has been cracked? Just minted my first two NFTs today, one being the only viral video I have on YouTube (500K views), and then a Cartoonerization of the Sonic Garfield Meme. None listed for sale yet. Gas prices on...
  34. erek

    "The Controversial Gun Motherboard": Gigabyte G1 Assassin Lga2011 4-Chan Memory Support Rare Motherboards X79 Chipset
  35. erek

    Quantum3D Obsidian2 - S12MB - 3DFX Voodoo2 (RARE) Retail BOX (PCI Version)
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    Intel larrabee knights Ferry working prototype!!!
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    GIGABYTE GAMING OC Radeon RX 6500 XT 4GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 ATX Video Card
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    Quantum3D Obsidian2 - S12MB - 3DFX Voodoo2 (RARE) Retail BOX (PCI Version)
  39. erek

    "For me it's the most desirable piece of 3D graphics hardware" - rys sommefeldt

    Did you all know about nVidia's other big failure aside from the NV30? The NV2 otherwise known as the Mutara V08 graphics board? This was a joint development between Sega and nVidia perhaps for the Sega Dreamcast. Quite an interesting scenario that I thought i'd share with you all. See...
  40. erek

    Diamond Edge 3D 2200XL 2MB Full Bundle NV1 Chip