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    NFS Mount - CentOS w/ multiple users

    Background - Moving NZBGet and Sonarr to CentOS from Windows. Have multiple accounts: root, stephen(me), NZBGet, and Sonarr. Want all of the accounts to have access to the NFS mount on system startup. As root I have mounted my Synology NFS share [root@PVR stephen]# cat /etc/fstab # #...
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    Looking for recommendation on AIO for silent build

    Looking to build a SFF ITX system that is near silent as possible. This will be my work computer for home and my desk area is in the same room as my main living area. I will not be overclocking the CPU or GPU. I do run the GPU @100% when I need to do some brute force / hashing work. Here is...
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    Help w/ first SFF Build

    Hey guys, looking to build a SFF PC. Will be used as my daily driver w/ occasional gaming use. GPUs will mostly be used for work purposes (cracking hashes). Smaller the better, but being quiet is my #1 concern. On to the questions. 1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Photoshop...
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    5x Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000

    Selling 5x Seagate 5TB HDDs that i pulled from my Synology and replaced with 8TB drives. Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000
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    Workstation License included with Horizon Advanced Edition

    My Understanding is that Workstation 11 is included with the purchase of Horizon Advanced Edition. However, when I install workstation and attempt to put in my Horizon serial number it does not work. How do i get the workstation serial out of my horizon license?
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    VMware Networking for Home Lab

    Looking for some advice on how to configure my NICs & virtual networks for my vmware lab. I have the following setup 2x ESX5.5 Hosts with 2 NICs each 1x Synology 1812+ hosting an iSCSI datastore 1x 1810-24g switch My original thought was to just setup NIC teaming on the ESX hosts, but...
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    Moving to ESX - Need a NIC

    I'm going to move my lab to ESX from Hyper-v since I am starting to use Linux more regularly and the support for Linux guests on HV still leaves a bit to be desired. With that in mind, my current NICs are not detected and even using a custom ISO i am not getting them recognized. I have...
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    Triple Monitor Stands

    Guys - I am looking for a triple monitor stand that will also have a 4th VESA mount so I can mount my NUC on back. Any suggestions?
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    Hyper-v ISCSI Cleanup

    I have an interesting problem, the disk space started to fill up over 75% on one of my LUNs so i went through and deleted checkpoints, compacted VHDs, etc. Now if I go onto my host and get the file size of my VMs it totals about 120GB. However, on my Diskstation, the LUN is showing its over...
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    Wireless Security: Open SSID & Dynamic VLANs

    My Condo is considering switching wifi providers and they are telling us that everyone can have secure wifi connections without using WPAx. This was email i received below. To me this sounds like complete bullshit, but I would like someone smarter than me to provide some insight.
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    Home Lab Advice (Teaming vs MPIO)

    Hi All - I am in the process of migrating everything from Xenserver to Hyper-v 2012 R2. Part of this will include the transition from NFS storage to iSCSI based storage. Components Storage: Synology NAS (iSCSI & NFS) w/ 2x 1GBe NICs (currently in LACP team) Network: HP 1810g-24 Compute: 2...
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    Picking an mSATA SSD

    I need to pick up an mSATA SSD for my laptop. Typically run office applications and 2 VMs at any given moment. I was looking at the new Crucial M550s and the Samsung Evo in the ~500GB capacity. I am not concerned with price.​​ Which one is a better drive? Should I consider a...
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    Switching to Android

    I have been using my Nexus 7 for a while now and I really like I am dumping my iPhone 5. I still have 8 months left until I can get an upgrade on Verizon. But I would like to see what I could get used from the FS/FT or ebay for around $250. Recommendations?
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    Interim Replacement iPhone

    Guys - I am looking for some advice on what to do here. My wifes iphone 5, just isnt working well anymore...mostly her fault. (battery life is awful, lock button doesnt work, IOS just acting buggy even after a restore). So I need to get her a new iphone. Her work only support IOS, so an...
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    Haswell Ultrabook Shopping

    Looking to get a new laptop. Was pretty much set on the a MBP 15 Haswell 16GB, 512GB SSD.....until i realized it would cost me nearly 3k with applecare. Seems a little high, especially considering I couldn't care less about about MacOSX. I run a company provided Windows VM, but I used CentOS...
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    Load Balance Infoblox DHCP Servers?

    I have 500 Locations 2 Datacenters 2 Failover Pairs of Infoblox DHCP servers Right now I have to place each location into a "Site Group". Depending on the Site Group, the VALNs on the switches at that location will get a different set of IP Helpers. Problem we have is that we provision...
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    Vsphere 5 Crossover Network for 2 VMs?

    I am trying to test the HA capabilities of BlueCat DNS. In production environment, we will be using Physical appliances, but I only have VMs for the test environment. Can I connect two VMs directly without using a host-only switch or Port groups?
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    VLAN help w/ 1810g-24

    Over the weekend my Astaro box for my lab died, and I figured i would just virtualize it....yes i know its not best practice, but I dont want to get into this converstaion. Its a lab for learning. Right now everything is on a single default VLAN of 1 - I would like an Untrusted...
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    Home VOIP Planning

    Hi all this is a little out of my area of expertise, so I am hoping you can provide some insight and direction. Recently, I have not been traveling for work, which is great, but I dont have an office and taking all my call on my cell phone is a PITA. Most importantly its not that reliable and...
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    Thin-ITX build for under $300?

    I have found several combos boards/CPUs/RAM, but I cannot seem to figure out Chassis & PSU. I was going to buy an Apple TV 2...until i saw they were going for $300 on ebay. So I figured why not try to build something of similar size for a similar price. I have basically no requirements for...
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    Good books on Network Architecture/Design

    Looking to learn more about network design. I understand the basic technologies(DNS, DHCP, IPAM) but wouldnt consider myself "fluent" in any of them. Not looking for something super advanced, but want to take my knowledge to the next level. Something that is easy to read while I am on a...
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    Two HTTPS sites, same domainroot, different servers, one public IP?

    I have a single public IP Single Domain name pointing to that IP ( Right now I have a Citrix Access Gateway setup I have a godaddy cert for That all works great I am trying to setup OwnCloud, so i can do file syncing over HTTPs What i would like is...
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    Domains, CNAMEs, DMZ? How do I do this?

    As of right now I have a pretty simple network. No VLANs, no DMZ. Internet --> Modem --> Sophos UTM --> Switch I have a single static IP and I have a single What I want to do is have VPN access and VDI access through Maybe something like...
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    Windows Logging

    I am trying to wrap my head around windows audit policies. We have IBM QRadar SIEM and would like to be able to monitor local account activity. (e.g. A local administrator account is created/deleted). I currently have my domain controllers sending their logs, but I do not see local...
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    WTB: Dummy Plugs

    Looking for 2x dummy plugs
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    ECC Memory for Home ESXi hosts?

    Any reason for me to spend on ECC Memory for my home lab virtualization hosts?
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    Mobile Device Mgt for Small Business

    I have quite extensive knowledge when it comes to Mobile Iron, but an enterprise solution like that is simply not affordable for most small businesses. I am looking for something with similar functionality: Device Policies, Active Sync config. Managed Apps are a nice to have. Supports iOS...
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    PFSense or Sophos

    or something else? This is for my home. Requirements Firewall...duh VPN - Iphone Vlans
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    UPS Purchasing Help

    I am in the process of planning a complete overhaul for my home lab and I need help figuring out PowerDist/UPS for my new setup. 1x Synology DS1812+ w/ 5x 4TB + 3xSSD 2x Citrix Nodes (Intel ITX board, Xeon E3-1265L, 16GB ECC) 1x Motorola Cable Modem 1x PFSense Router (Jetway ITX, Atom 525)...
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    ITX Cases w/o Power Brick?

    Looking for a basic ITX Case. This will be for a headless server. No GPU, No HDDs, just mainboard, memory and cpu. Case should have PCIe Exansion slot. Also my biggest concern is finding a case that does not use a power brick. I Like this case as far as sizing goes, but I dont think...
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    Rules Question

    Mods - I would like to post in Genmay a thread about a charitable organization that my family has become involved with. There would be a link for people to contribute to my fundraising goal. Looking through the rules I am not sure if this is allowed, and im not sure how the rules are...
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    WiFi Options: Interferance

    I live in a high rise an urban area, so there are a lot of residences within 500ft. There are over 600 units in my building.Problem is everyone has their own wifi through ATT or TWC, etc. so there is a lot of interference and competition for channel space. Basically if I walk out of my front...
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    Netscaler VPX Help

    I have XenDesktop setup in my home lab, and I can start up a Windows Desktop from my iPad, when I am on my internal network. What I would like to do is make it so that I can use my iPad when I am not at home to spin up a desktop session. Has anyone here done this? I cant seem to find any...
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    Subnet Help

    I am trying to create a new subnet for some lab machines that i use for work, at my home. At home i have a basic network, but I have a server 2008 box running AD, DNS, DHCP. DHCP Scope is - Just passes out IPs to my wifi, computers, tablets, phones, whatever. I...
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    HSF <37mm ?

    Looking for an HSF for a Silverstone LC19b can be no taller than 37mm.
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    New Switch Reccomendations

    Looking for a new switch for my home lab. Nothing too serious. Dont really have a budget in mind, obviously cheaper is better. :) Web Managed 16Gbe ports + LACP VLANs Low noise Shallow Depth Nice to Haves 2x 10Gbe mini gbics/uplink ports A couple of POE ports for phones Thoughts?
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    SFF Build for XenServer

    I have been going through a massive consolidation effort at my house and the next step is to replace my servers with a more robust, smaller and quiet "server". I have my Synology DS1812+ for all my storage, so I just need room for a small sata drive to boot. No GPU I will not be...
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    Nitro's FS Thread

    ALL ITEMS MUST GO I WILL CONSIDER ALL OFFERS PM your Folding Badge for 10% discount Any requested pictures are LINKED next to the item, and shown in bump posts. All prices are negotiable. The best way to contact me is through email nitrobass24 at gmail dot com I'm always interested in...
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    What did my Exchange Admins do?

    So over the weekend, our company upgraded to Exchange 2010. Outlook 2007 everything works perfect. Outlook 2010 Mail works fine, but I cannot open shared calendars and when i go to schedule a meeting and view available times i get an error "no information, your server location could not be...
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    Long Range Access Points

    Looking for a long range access point for my beach house. In the process of remodeling it, and i have all of the electronics for the house in a closet. I would like to put an access point that has a really long range, so i could get wifi on the beach. The beach is about 50yds out from the...