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    data drops on Galaxy Nexus with custom roms...

    Hello, I've asked on other sites and have not really gotten any good answers... Whenever I try a custom ROM no matter what it is, I get constant data drops or constant switching from 4G to 3G and am really never able to use data. but then when I go back to stock, my data connection is...
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    thoughts on Samsung ?

    I'm looking to get a new laptop and the Series 9 ultrabooks caught my eye. What is everyones opinion on them? I won't be doing any gaming just mostly software dev and a lot of porn / streaming media... I don't really wanna spend more than $1,200~ thanks!
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    steam for linux download is out
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    valve steam survey for linux

    thought this would have been up by now. here is the survey to get in on the linux steam beta
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    arch linux install

    can someone help me install this? I get so confused tyring to figure out the wiki instructions... or is there an easy script I can use or some easy steps other than the official wiki?
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    Ubuntu alternative?

    So rumor has it that the next update to Ubuntu is gonna include ads. I've absolutely loved Ubuntu 12.04 as my first linux distro since forever being on Windows but ads are going to kill it for me. Are there any distos I can try that are similar / maybe better? thanks homies
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    cases for liquid submerged system?

    Hello, I'm getting ready to do my next system build and instead of mineral oil, I'll be using 3M Novec 7000 seen here: it looks like I'll probably be needing to custom build my own encloser, but I was wondering if there are maybe a few cases already out there for...
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    xubuntu raid drivers?

    just coming from windows 7 and I'm a bit confused. I had a raid array (mirrored) in windows 7 and a truecrypt drive partition on the 2 raided hdd that are mirrrored. How do I get the drive to show up? Do I need to make sure I have all the correct drivers installed? I tried to automount from...
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    send music to my car?

    so my car has a usb slot in the glove box. is there a way that I can make a device that has a built in wifi connection or something and make it so I see the device on my network, and can just drag and drop music into whatever device I would need, so that i can then listen to the music in my car...
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    my netgear WNDR4000 keeps getting hacked...

    is there anything I can do to prevent this? My last password was yUe!k837A!*5L^PcWgw@H06^ using WPA2-PSK [AES] and they still get through? I turned on the allow list to only allow certain devices through and they somehow add themselves to this list as well? WTF?!?!?
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    build ffmpeg2theora for use in PHP?

    Hello, Is it possible to build a custom ffmpeg or ffmpeg2theora binary so that I can upload it via ftp and have PHP execute the binary without having any other dependencies etc? I'd just like to be able to upload my files via ftp, and then from PHP do something like: passthru('ffmpeg2theora...
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    raid / ahci help

    ok sooooooo originally I had 2 2tb drives that were in raid 1, and I had 1 ssd as my main OS drive. In my bios I had it set in 'raid' mode. I could not do raid or ahci for each individual drive so I just put it in 'raid' mode because I wanted the 2tb drives to be in raid 1... I just bought a...
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    alert on root ssh login

    Helllooooo, I've got many dozens of servers running CENTOS.... I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to receive an alert on my windows 7 desktop whenever someone logs into SSH with root? I could probably figure out how to get e-mail alerts but I was hoping there was an easy to use app or...
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    javascript experts I need your help!

    Hello! nevermind I got it :( a fadeIn() was causing the issue
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    looking to replace my 37" Westy...

    What are the top recommendations? I'd like a good brand.. I was thinking one of the new 32" Samsungs or something? I'm running 2x GTX 460... Thanks!
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    manage 100+ servers?

    I have a little over 100 servers using chm/cpanel all with about 200 accounts each on them. Is there some software I can use that can securely manage all of them from one UI including functions like change all root passwords, create new account, change package, change disk quota, limit bandwidth...
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    migrate to new server

    Hello, I have a server running CENTOS 4.9 with 116 accounts/domains/websites etc on it and I need to move all of these to a new server running CENTOS 5.6. I have root access to both servers, so what is the best/easiest way to do this? rsync? Also is there an easy guide to do this? I can do...
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    best IDE/notepad type app?

    hihi I'm looking for a new 'notepad' type program for Win 7 x64. I mostly just do js,html,php now but I want something that has some built in obfuscation/minimize and also some 'pretty' formatting as well and can easily go back and forth between the two? For example is there anything that...
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    saw this at Costco just now...

    good deal?
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    unsecured network

    My dad and step mom are retired to the beach and my step mom refuses to encrypt their wireless router and does all of my dads personal finances and banking stuff over their Mac desktop via wireless etc.. I've told her it's very bad to do that and she says "people have better stuff to do then to...
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    php ZipArchive

    Hello, Need some help from [H] :) I'm having issues with the php zip function. It is working on a zip file that is less than 10 mb but it will NOT work on a zip that is 15mb.. Any ideas where this is configured?? Here is the code: $zip = new ZipArchive; $res =...
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    make filezilla default ftp:// protocol?

    How? I want to be able to click a link like ftp://user:pass@ip and have it auto connect :confused:
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    html form help

    Hello, I'm having some issues with the following forms & inputs: I'm not sure the best way to do this... I'm trying to have thumbnails that will click/submit but then below that will be some other type of forms.. The first issue is, the first set of inputs...
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    ahci to raid mode

    Hello, I have an SSD that is currently running in AHCI mode only. I've just added 2 2TB drives to the system and switched all of the HDD to 'raid' mode because I want to put the new HDD into raid 1 mode. But now the SSD will not boot into windows and BSOD when in raid mode. Do I need to...
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    php/flash help

    okay so... I have an index.php that will just load flash.swf the flash.swf file will then execute login.php The login will take in a password and run a query to check that it is a correct password. Now the issue... I have some javascript in the index.php that I would like to run only...
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    php with cPanel script

    Hello, So I have a php script that has been working well for the last year. and all of a sudden last night it stopped working (i'm guessing some WHM/cPanel update that was pushed?) this is the part that has stopped working. mysql_connect("localhost","username","password")...
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    what program is this?

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    html problemo

    hihi, can someone help fix this please? this is for a button in my index.php page... Basically what I want is when I hit the 'update' button I want it to run update.php and then after that is done I want it to reload the index.php button <form action="update.php" method="post"> <button...
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    Samsung 46" TV I'm looking to replace my 37" westy with this. Is this a good deal for $799 ?? or should I wait for better sales in the next few weeks?
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    list number of accounts on server?

    hihi, I'd like to create some type of script that will basically list all 35 of my servers and then the number of accounts created through WHM on each server... I have root access on each with ssh, chm, and cpanel... what is the easiest way to go about this? I know some basic html and php...
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    apple video cards

    So a really good friend of mine had the gfx card die in his mac pro... he told me he took it in to get it fixed, and they charged him $615 to install a brand new nvidia 8800 gt.. okay.... WHAT THE FUCK?????????
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    windows 7 x64 freezing

    hihi, my brothers computer keeps freezing, but it doesn't go to blue screen, everything just freezes and I have to do a hard reset. at first I thought the OC went unstable but I reset everything to default in the bios and it is still doing it. I did SFC /scannow and it came back clean...
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    wired desktop remote for speakers?

    I've been looking all over the net for a wired volume controller to sit on my desktop that will let me control the volume of my speakers. and possibly have a built in headphone jack too?? I don't need one of those amps for my headphones (I don't think??? I have the klipsch S4) I just want...
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    intel ssd questions

    So I'm about to purchase an 80 gig SSD. Could someone tell me if there is a difference between these two? I see there are 5 different 80 gig...
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    itunes/quicktime broke stuff on win 7

    okay 2 issues... I install itunes/quicktime on the first of every month just to get one podcast, then I delete that garbage anyway... after deleting... when I click an mp3 in chrome or firefox an error box will pop up saying unable to load quicktime. then when I finally get it to save...
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    Comcast SMCD3G & Juniper SSG5

    Hello, I really need some help here.... I'm trying to configure this modem to work with the juniper gateway. From what I can tell the juniper gateway and the modem are both handing out IPs and they are conflicting with eachother... Could someone tell me exactly what I need to do to disable...
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    Win 7 vs OSX upload speeds

    Helllooo can anyone tell me why my Mac Pro gets double the upload speeds over my Win 7 machine through the same modem ??
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    x264 x64 encoder

    is there a good true x64 encoder for x264 for my Windows 7 machine ? I can't seem to find anything with searches :(
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    php question

    so basically I'm trying to streamline some website installs with a simple php script. this is the gist of what I want. I guess I'm just wondering if this chmod is allowed and if that will not mess up any ownership permissons or anything. I'm linux noob <?php ob_start(); system('unzip...