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    Intel Optane Memory Question

    such an upgrade rarely makes any sense - windows storage stack was written in 80s or 90s at best so it can't handle low latency storage well
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    What kind of routers does the NSA use?

    openbsd-all-around :)
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    New NAS for mixed Mac and Windows

    just came around this old thread it turns out they have linux version so far
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    5.25" SSD bay coverter for 2.5 SSDs

    we've been using these guys with more or less success icy dock are of the best quality imho
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    Thinking of getting a cloud service for an additional backup.

    try back blaze they extremely inexpensive and getting to a "good enough" point in terms of service (yeah, i know about days of outage but hell s3 was dead in the water twice this year alone !)
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    Huawei Storage, anyone had an experience with it?

    we have to deal with their network switches and servers for some of our non-U.S. customers (big telecom if you care) it's the most horrible hardware vendor we've ever seen :(
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    samsung 960 evo performance drops ?

    under pulsating i/o - yes for sure under heavy hammer i/o - never ;(
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    aws backup

    any reasonably priced aws backup being aware of sql server transactions ? we'd like to use veeam but they have issues on aws with no eta to resolve ;( thanks !
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    New NAS for mixed Mac and Windows

    i'd for freebsd or linux freenas is a forkout for now reason ;(
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    New NAS for mixed Mac and Windows

    haters gonna hate ;) your cell phone operator 100% runs emc vnx for billing processing and this little baby runs windows ;) back to star winds they have linux version as well afaik we used one to demo iscsi back in 2011 , 2012 or so
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    samsung 960 evo performance drops ?

    guys thanks for your suggestions !! temperature is ok (they run a little bit hot but opening a case and using huge fan just to cool them down didn't change anything) it turns out write performance drop is by design - cache gets filled and that's it ;(...
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    What's the favorite HDD brand these days?

    check this out (where wdc is)
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    M.2 Cache Drive needed????

    you'll end up with something like samsung evo (pro?) 960 mounted into PCIe bracket because you don't really have m.2 slot check this out they benchmarked m.2 with an asus bracket at it's 0% difference in between...
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    samsung 960 evo performance drops ?

    hi so i have an issue : current set of a samsung 960 evos (got 4 of them) work in weird way initially write performance is kind of ok and according to specs after some time write performance is 1/3 - 1/4 of what it should be initially i though it's my raid done in the wrong way but...
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    Migrating Old SCSI Bootable Drive

    virtualize your setup get something like disk2vhd or starwinds v2v converter and build a vhd(x) out of your disk create vm with scsi disk bootable and you're golden
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    Windows 10 Storage Spaces NAS

    storage spaces raid10 equivalent is kind of ok but you don't want to use their parity setup for anything except ice cold beer (crossed out) data
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    SAN with SSD, reliability?

    many ssd drives put into array are actually less prone to failure for a reason load is split between all the drives in array => single drive get less work to do => less burnt cells to replace
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    Storage Spaces 3x10 TB + 120 GB SSD Cache, ReFS

    run diskspd with 4kb 100% read, write and r/w and you'll be amazed tl;dr x-put isn't storage spaces' weakest point ;)
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    Optical drive for backup

    for 100% fire-n-forget you want amazon glacier and no bluray
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    Need a new SATA boot SSD. What's the current Gold standard?

    i absolutely love my 960 evos have 8 of them ;)
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    Veeam temporary snapshot not removed

    what did veeam support say ?
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    SAN with SSD, reliability?

    scale definitely has i/o performance issues their software defined storage stack is pants ;( just upgrading hdds -> ssds won't help much they don't have all-flash configs for a good reason we have a customer who wiped off their kvm...
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    Advice for Hyper-V server

    there's an excellent write up about soho builds like you have i'd also suggest to check xbyte periodically they have now new r620 with 2x300gb sas and dual cpus for $800 (it was 600 only few days ago)...
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    Samsung 960 PRO and 960 EVO Details and Specifications

    anybody please test with a DiskSDP please !! 20+ i/o threads and queue depth of 32+ thanks !!
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    Poor Storage IOPS

    try using flat images or disk bridge device
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    Nested VM options

    well 1 is a bit of a paranoid but hey "only the paranoid survive" (c) A. Grove :) 2 is a most common case indeed !
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    Poor Storage IOPS

    you never team iSCSI connections - go with MPIO to check network performance start with a RAM disk and don't move on with a "real" storage before RAM-based storage won't give you wire speed nttcp & iperf are your friend here followed by DiskSDP
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    Nested VM options

    what do you use nested virtualization for? lab use only or is there any production scenario already?
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    Pre-built NAS vs. DIY

    what's the best 8-bay enclosure on the market? thinking bout u-nas 800 but they are hard to find in UK
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    [H]ome SAN Build

    These are ConnectX-2 below, so rather slow and HP badge will complicate firmware upgrades. I'd go for ConnectX-3 (Pro), ou can find used / refurb on eBay for cheap. -- NIC: HP MELLANOX (2) $34.60
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    Storage of VMs on ESXi

    Do you plan to use SQL Server alwaysOn AGs?
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    Hyer v to VMware Exange networking issues

    I second StarWind V2V! It saved our bacon a couple of times ;)
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    $15k to spend - What would you do?

    nutanix has kvm based community edition which is 100% free starwinds have free version as well - no capacity limitations, production use is ok stormagic is performance hog :( 50k iops per node all-flash is ridiculous in 2016 ,my macbook literally runs circles around their "storage" !! i'm not...
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    Why I switched from Veeam to Nakivo: Deduplication!

    deduplication has nothing to do with data loss here there's a silent data corruption and if it happens over dedupe chunk database whole collection of backups will go south microsoft maintains multiple copies only if block reaches 100 references threshold value if you have two separate...
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    Anyone using Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)?

    nah windows server 2016 tp5 ;) 3 nodes yes but you can lose only 1 disk if you don't do 3 copies of data of course which is expensive What’s new in Storage Spaces Direct Technical Preview 5 Deployments with 3 Servers Starting Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5, Storage Spaces Direct...
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    Seagate IronWolf 10TB

    +1 to helium they all fail these days so you have to pick up between shit and shittier ;) some stats /// What We've Learned from Running 61,590 Hard Drives in Our Data Center
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    Microsoft launches cold storage in Azure

    new kid on the block DigitalOcean | DigitalOcean great pricing !! ps no i don't work for them just fyi ;)
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    Performance of Encrypted VM vs encrypting the entire host drive

    we encrypt vms and keep host unencrypted different oses including windows 7 (yeah, i know), opensuse 13, and openbsd works fine ;)