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    I Broke a $900 Motherboard

    And this is why I hate these types of sockets. Sadly AMD is even going that direction with AM5. I have had replacement RMA motherboards sent to me at work that were bent right out of the box. So it's totally possible they were like that when OP got it.
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    Borderlands 3

    I got this back from some AMD bundle giveaway. It's ok... not as good as BL2. The story is bad the primary bad guys are annoying AF. But if you just want to play a looter shooter and ignore the stupid story, it's ok. Especially for free.
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    Gravis UltraSound Rev 2.2 with original box, instructions, software

    I remember these, my roommate had one. I had an SB Pro.... so this is also crazy. $228 and counting... I think I gave that thing away like 25 years ago or got like $20 for it
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    PC wont BOOT with RTX 3080ti and HDMI to TV

    So is using CSM a problem? Does it impact performance or anything?
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    Sony GDM-FW900 CRT Monitor Brand NEW in BOX

    My back hurts just thinking about this thing.
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    Gran Turismo 7

    I got GT7 for my bday.... I envy you people with wheel setups. I'm not loving this game with the gamepad. This game is certainly beautiful.... but is it fun? Doing the driving tests and slogging through the low end races in the junk cars.... I'm not having fun yet. To me, I have more fun...
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    Wolfenstein 3D secrets revealed by John Romero in lengthy post-mortem chat

    Yeah we all remember the Larry games and King's quest. One of my personal fav's were the Space quest games.
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    Wolfenstein 3D secrets revealed by John Romero in lengthy post-mortem chat

    You are thinking of Forsaken. It was a glide/3dfx powered 3d Descent type game... and it was glorious in 1998. It also gave me massive motion sickness, but so was so cool to play and look at that I would force myself to do it until I got physically ill...
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    Wolfenstein 3D secrets revealed by John Romero in lengthy post-mortem chat

    Interesting article. Funny how Sierra missed out big time on buying up Id, all over $100k which really is peanuts.
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    Madden 22 + Surviving Mars "free" on Amazon Prime Gaming

    Don't care about Madden (hell I didn't even know they made a PC version), and already have Surving Mars. Did get some Destiny 2 swag though.
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    2080 Super vs. 3070Ti: Do you recommend the upgrade?

    Prob not worth it for a 20% bump. Sit tight until 4xxx next gen.
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    Nvidia hit with a Major Cyberattack

    I just read that Nvidia "allegedly" unloaded some smackdown on the "hackers"
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    Warm Ryzen CPUs getting that price drop ?

    Funny I was looking at the 5600G or 5700G as a backup plan if my GPU decided to croak on me. No jinx! <lights a candle>
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    Warm Ryzen CPUs getting that price drop ?

    Thanks.... I'm not dying, got a cold or something (no fever so prolly not Rona...) and just don't want to deal with the crowds at MC. Maybe next week, we'll see.... I don't really *need* this, just want.
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    Warm Ryzen CPUs getting that price drop ?

    I tried BB pricematch and they flat out said they would not match Microcenter bc it is in local store only, cannot ship. Don't think it matters anyway the BB site says Delivery Not Available (and if I wanted to go to a store to pick it up, I'd just go to MC anyway) but maybe that's due to stock...
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    Warm Ryzen CPUs getting that price drop ?

    I have had the $299 5800x in my cart for a week, but haven't been feeling well enough to drive to MC to get it. I wished they shipped this stuff. Not really in a rush, my 2700x holding strong and haven't been doing much pc gaming anyway lately... I too am interested in the 5800 3d cache...
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    WD SN850 gen 4 2TB $250 at Newegg - expired

    shows 329 on NE for me
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Damn solar flares!
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    Google sidelining Stadia

    Not shocked, Google is famous for cutting off side projects before their time. Stadia can actually work very well provided you have awesome internet connection. I did Cyberpunk on it and it was mostly fine (at the time a year or so ago, hard to tell if some bugs were CP's fault or Stadia...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Any way to rig a remote kill switch to the battery backup? Maybe some kind of simple remote 12v relay or something from a hobby shop. Or just unplug the battery but maybe that leads to other issues. All I know is my bro in law has a house in middle of nowhere, and he has to reboot his...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Woah, that totally sucks. Imagine having to do that in bad weather. There has got to be some way to remote switch....
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    ooooh I like that better!
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    I call dibs on "Eye of the Tiger"
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    Ancient GPU needs replaced. Suggestions?

    Bad time to be GPU shopping. Stay put or limit to the used market. Or go APU like Ryzen 5600G ($200) or 5700G ($250). Those integrated graphics aren't terrible.
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    My azzhole neighbor with his tiny penis mandated jacked up truck with mega exhaust would disagree with that. And all my interstate road trips where it's like 3 to 1 semi trucks vs cars. All I hear is trucks....
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    Sony buying Bungie!!!!

    Oh I remember Oni. The focus on hand to hand with the anime vibe was pretty cool but hard to play on MKB. Sequel time indeed!
  27. B Status Quo is No Mo

    Pretty soon we will see hardware reviews hosted by the likes of Amouranth clones on Twitch / Youtube. Chicks in bikinis "reviewing" product from a pre-written script provided by the OEMs. With the occasional wardrobe malfunction to keep viewership up.
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    Sony buying Bungie!!!!

    Huh, I thought Activision owned Bungie (checks internet, they broke up in 2019). OK Sony, Sega is next! And maybe Take 2....
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    Mouse for when my right arm is in a sling

    That thing is crazy! Razor used to make a left handed Naga MMO mouse with a bunch of macro buttons you can hit with your thumb. All I can find now are right hand versions. I have a Logitech G600 which is a right hand version, got a lot of use out of it when I jacked up my left wrist and was...
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    Can TWO WD Easystore drives crap out at the same time?

    Agree. If they are in warranty, go that route. If not, shuck em and hook up directly to see if the drives still work. Could just be a fried controller board. At least the 3.5" models ARE shuckable. The WD 2.5" element drives have the controller soldered on... if those die you're SOL (had to...
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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (Leak)

    Just hoping they don't totally suck. We need a 3rd player in the GPU game.
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    I bet MS interest in this is like 30% King, 50% Activision, 20% Blizzard. I bet $5 Blizz gets spun off in a year or 5. Activision has not done them any favors, big corporate mentality didn't mesh well there.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    The GPU segment has gone full retard. Who in their right mind thinks spending $3k++ on a graphics card is a good idea? Other than miners.... oh wait, duh.
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    Bill Gates predicts our work meetings will move to metaverse in 2-3 years

    I'm ok with (parts of) Reddit. But yeah Facebook and Twatter for sure.
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    Found a 3070, any reason to keep my 1080TI ?

    Sell the 1080ti while the resale value is still high. I agree with the other comment about upcoming mining crash, I don't think it will solve all the supply problems obviously. But we will see a flood of cards hit the used market when the Eth mining craters.
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    Bill Gates predicts our work meetings will move to metaverse in 2-3 years

    As someone who has a daily 8am scrum and kanban sprint project review (EVERY F*CKING DAY) ..... the only difference now is we do it from home instead of from a conference room at the office. With people jammed in a small room coughing and wheezing all over each over. *shudders* I do sort of...
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    BlackBerry not Dead Yet

    I know I went through at least 5 different BB phones from work. That physical keyboard is very much missed for my work emails. But yeah hubris and management fuckery killed them. Maybe not Commodore level of ineptitude, but definitely in the same ballpark. And the QNX software... OMG we HATE...
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    ASUS Demonstrates DDR5 to DDR4 converter card.

    Doh! You beat me to it! These were fairly popular but they were blue screen / random crash generators.
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    ASUS Demonstrates DDR5 to DDR4 converter card.

    I think I had one of those running an Opty 144 and an old AGP Geforce something
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    Finally.......a 3070 will I be happy about it?

    Sell those things, Dan! I bet you could get $200 each for GTX 680's.... people are desperate. You will never get more money for those than today. I sold a 680 in 2020 for $60, like a fool. Not only will you make $$$, you are performing a community service to the GPU needy. I'm looking at...