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    Curious about WEI score

    What speed on the newest Intel chips will give you a WEI of 7.9? I thought going from 7.7 at 4.2 Ghz on a 920 to 5 Ghz on a 2600k would give me 7.9, maxing all my categories, but it only went up to 7.8. I haven't tried 5.2 yet. Pffftttt. Now my CPU is the low point.
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    Need confirmation on new Z68 SRT setup

    OK, so I decided to go with a z68 board, the Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z, with a 2600K cpu over my 920 on a FTW3 board. I just recently purchased a Corsair Series 3 GT 120 GB SSD and it runs great on my X58 board, but I wanted more CPU speed and the max SSD speeds. I know X79 will be better, but I...
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    To SSD now or wait?

    I'd like some input from you guys about whether I should upgrade to an SSD at this point or wait until the next generation of chipsets/cpus from Intel. I just replaced an EVGA X58 SLI motherboard to the newer FTW3 with SATA 3 support, so I'm going to skip Sandybridge. As I understand it, the...
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    Can triple channel DDR3 be used in dual channel?

    More specifically, can I use my Mushkin DDR3 1600 memory, which are triple channel sets ( 2 sets of 3x2 GB), in a new Sandy Bridge mobo? I'm contemplating going to a Z68 mobo from X58 simply because my X58 fried yesterday and I might just upgrade the mobo and cpu, which is a 920, to a 2600k and...
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    Upgrade GTX 275 SLI to what?

    So, I have 2 GTX 275s in SLI, which are basically the same as a 295, although mine are overclocked to 675Mhz (from 633). I was wondering what card(s) would you guys recommend to replace these, allowing me to utilize DX11 and keep my system "high-end" until next summer. My only needed upgrades...
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    Need advice on a possible upgrade

    My current gaming rig is in my signature and I am thinking about upgrading a few components. I wanted to get some opinions from my favorite community. I mostly game with some office work thrown in. The games I play are some of the most demanding, so I try to keep everything updated yearly...
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    Alienware m15x, m17x, or Sager NP9262?

    I really need a notebook pretty soon and I am torn. I game frequently and would like a notebook with some power to last me well into next year. I won't be taking it away from home often, except for trips and hot spot visits. I have read on here and other places about the Sager NP9262...
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    Problem with my system - need assistance

    My system specs are below. To start this off, my computer was making a bad whining noise a month or so ago and kept getting worse. Checking here a few weeks ago led me to the Northbirdge fan problem so many have complained about and have had RMA'd through ASUS. I called them and promptly...
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    Modular PC Power & Cooling 510 Deluxe anyone?

    Not sure if this has been posted, but I found this a week or so ago and was in awe. I kinda wish I hadn't bought my Neo PSU. They are a tad expensive, but the...