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    Need help with dual boot using image of 1st boot

    mod, please delete.
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    Need recommendations for upgrade

    Hey All, I'm looking to upgrade my main system and would like some help finding options. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc I mainly will be using it as a file server but I also will need it for video cap/editing, photo editing. Gaming would be...
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    looking to upgrade

    Hey, It's been a long time since I've upgraded my gaming PC and would like to do so for Battlefield 3 coming in the fall. I'm sure prices will come down later but was wondering what you guys would consider upgrading with the hardware I currently have with what's out there now. It'll give me a...
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    PSU Requirements for RAID

    Hey All, Just curious... what's your PSU rated at that powers your RAID system? I have a 600W PSU for 6drives, mobo, raid card, video card, and a dvd burner. When I add another drive, the box constantly reboots. I'm wondering if I need to upgrade the PSU. What do you use for your RAID and...
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    Need help replacing a fan on Areca 1210

    Hey All, I could use some help finding a replacment fan for the Areca 1210 RAID card. The fan died and I'm having a hard time finding one that fits. Areca support is non-existent at this point. The fan is 40mm and I bought a 40mm VGA card fan but that doesn't fit. The fan on the areca...
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    games for laptops

    Any recommendations for games to play on laptops that doesn't require 3D? This is for 11 and 12yr olds. Nothing too gruesome or violent (some ok). I think they would like adventure games and simple RPG types.
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    Halo 3 Disc Replacement

    For those of you with scratched/unplayable Halo 3 Discs.. Looks like it's free if you have the Limited Ed version.
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    Partition Table Repair

    Can anyone recommend a good tool for repairing a disk partition table?
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    Areca 1210 Raid volume not recognized

    Hey All, I just started having a problem with my raid volume that's been working fine for several months. I had a RAID5 volume (nonboot) on XP for several months working great. I installed Windows XP MCE 2005 on a second partition on the boot drive. After this, the RAID volume would not...
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    OTA HD in NY?

    Anyone in Queens, NY that receive OTA HD? I'm looking to getting the vbox 150 and want to know if it'll be usable. I'm in the Forrest Hills area.
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    4GB Pro Duo memory

    Anyone got a HD for a 4gb Pro Duo memory stick? I'm looking for one for my PSP! sorry for posting in the wrong subforum
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    NEW: Acer 26", 24" and 22"

    Acer just released info on their new widescreen LCDs. The 26 and 24 inchers sound NICE!!! There's also a 22" LCD. No prices on any of them yet... here's a pic of one of them...
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    GRAW over VPN problem

    Anyone playing GRAW over VPN without problems? I tried Hamachi with a friend of mine and we can see each other and GRAW sees the LAN game.. but as soon as the client connects to the host, the pings shoot up to 1200+ ms and nothing happens. The client sees a black screen and the host sees...
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    Dell 2405 for $639

    I just saw this on Slick Deals.. thought you guys may be interested..
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    Dell 2405 for $639

    reposted in HotDeals Forum