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    JVC HARX or Monoprice 8323

    I was working with a budget pretty similar to yours a couple months back. After asking around r/headphones a bit, I ended up going with the Superlux HD 681. They look a bit hokey but sound pretty incredible for ~$30. If you've never used open-ear headphones, they leak quite a bit of sound in...
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    Voltage and Power Control in MSI Afterbuner

    Have you tried playing actual games with the Afterburner OSD showing your voltages/clocks? I have the exact same card and a lot of the time it likes to revert to stock for some reason. No artifacts or freezes at all, it just runs at stock until I go back into Afterburner and set the OC again...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Wow has the author of that article ever even played a TES game? Every other lore name is misspelled or butchered.
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    T-Mo Upgrade in ~4mo

    4 months puts you at August and historically, new Nexus phones are launched in November/December. If you're a crackflasher, ~3 month wait for a Nexus is a no-brainer.
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    Not quite a "forum" but there's a GW2 subreddit that's ballooning in size since the media blitz a week ago. Plus the AMA the dev did shows they at least pop in occasionally.
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    Dead Isalnd

    If you're willing to buy "grey-market", there's plenty of sites willing to sell you Dead Island keys for about $19.99.
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    Star Trek Online Free-to-Play is on STEAM now

    I'm about 5 hours in and so far at least, the game pretty much holds your hand. So honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just have a general idea what kind of role you want to play (tank, DPS, etc.) and follow the prompts. :) Optionally, plenty of stickies with misc info in the official...
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    Star Trek Online Free-to-Play is on STEAM now

    This thread convinced me to try it out. Spent 2 hours making my PC, hit "Play!" and then I get "Character Creation Failed". :( Turns out there's a 15 minute idle autokick and it ignores character creation. Then in my rush to do it all again in under 5 minutes, I forgot to set her uniform. :o...
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    Pc racing game

    Not much in the way of modding, but if you like circuit racing then NFS: SHIFT and NFS: SHIFT 2 Unleashed are pretty fun. I had a blast with both SHIFT games on the HTPC with a 360 gamepad. Makes me wish for a steering wheel/pedal setup though. :(
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    Skyrim Modding Megathread
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    Skyrim Modding Megathread

    Be an Altmer? Tallest/fastest race I believe. Edit: Yes. But if you just want to be taller, "player.setscale" is the command you're looking for.
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    6-7 hours now standard SP gameplay?

    NFS is only 2-3 hours?! And the way I see it, Skyrim makes up for everything else. :D
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    You think you take competitive gaming seriously?

    I thought EG has been doing this for a while now? Anyway it's too bad Idra isn't what he used to be.
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    How many hours gaming?

    52 Hours in last 2 weeks. All on TF2.
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    World of Tanks MMO

    Sounds like what happened in CBT. I remember getting burnt out really fast after 200+ matches. And that was with the free premium every day, I can't even imagine how bad it is without.
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    x2. Still on the killing everyone stage though. Kinda fun to infinite ammo PEPS my way through all of Detroit.
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    Windows 8 Beta

    Conveniently forgot Windows 2000.
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    optimizing 8gb for windows 7

    That looks like either Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects.
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    I've got it on my Nexus S. Running a nice mix of themes atm. Apple boot animation, East Jade lockscreen, icons, launcher, Default font and Transparent status bar from a theme not in english. MIUI is the only ROM I haven't switched out of after a week. Lovin' it.
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    Halo 4 Starts "The Reclaimer Trilogy"

    Too bad everything went downhill after Halo: CE.
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    Best 120mm fans

    I think it's Jab-Tech that you're thinking of with the knock-offs. Funny thing is, I just checked and they're selling the genuine YLs right next to the knockoffs as "DIRECT FROM YL". Looks like $2 more for the real ones.
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    Latest Metro: Last Light gameplay footage

    Same boat here. From these short clips though, it definitely seems less unique and more maintream-ed. :(
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    Cthulhu Saves the World? ROFL
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X ----- Add-Ons?

    Last time I installed FSX I remember the engine was HORRIBLY unoptimized for my old 9800GT. Is it still a pig or did they fix that?
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    Shogun Total War 2 battle mechanics

    Compared to Empire/Napoleon, yes, the battles are shorter and the general pace has been quickened. Especially in 1v1 you see alot of short battles. Better chance of skirmishing/terrain usage in 2v2s if that's your thing.
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    Hyper 212+ Orientation

    I like the standard way because it gets a little airflow over my RAM slots.
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    Steve! Our chapter is falling behind! Kick it up a notch! :p
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    Motorola Atrix or HTC Inspire?

    Wow, I feel like a dumbass. OP, I meant "Infuse" when I said "Inspire" up top. Firm supporter of Samsung's phones. :) And the accompanying xda link I meant to post. As for AT&T's SGSII, all signs point to a launch before August though you...
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    Motorola Atrix or HTC Inspire?

    You definitely want the Samsung Inspire here. The Moto Atrix is REALLY lacking in comparison when it comes to dev support. That and after you OC the Inspire, you won't even notice the lack of a dual-core. Edit: I mean look at the sheer number of ROMs...
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    Sorry if this was asked earlier but can clans include Enforcers and Criminals?
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    Yep, the newest patch yesterday made matchmaking MUCH improved. Actually can almost go mission-to-mission with some opposition but it seems like they eased up the R restrictions. I'm constantly up against guys completely pimped out now. :(
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    Can I get some space based RTS suggestions please

    Not quite an RTS, but if you like seeing (keyword here) massive, epic space, you should give Gratuitous Space Battles a try. Extremely nerdy game where you design any type of ships you want (cruiser, bomber, fighter, etc), set up your fleet, set all their tactics and then basically hit the "Go"...
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    THQ states "Metro Last Light to be the poster child for high-end PCs"

    Was that the AK47? I think I went through the second half of the game almost using nothing else. Felt legitimately like an ass-kicking Russian. :p
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    Any interest in old style ps3's?

    Why don't you just edit out your intent to sell it? Just discuss the desirability of PS3 generations. Then it doesn't sound like you're trying to sell the thing.
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    Is there an app for that? thread

    1st app: You're referring to the updating/auto-syncing of the widgets right? If so, just go to Settings and turn off auto-sync whenever. Or try Widgetsoid. You can make a toggle strip widget that can include tons of other toggles too.
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    LOL Carly Fiorina an AMD CEO candidate?

    +1. Just wikipedia'd her and I don't see the outrage...?
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    Official Xbox Magazine Disc 1?

    I thought the 360 did great because it was the only next-gen console for almost a year and then it just snowballed.
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    samsung galaxy s2 vs htc sensation vs evo 3d

    The carriers usually make minor changes but there have been major changes too. Take the Galaxy S line from last summer: Global: Galaxy S (touchwiz, led flash, google apps, etc. GREAT aftermarket support) AT&T: Captivate (touchwiz+at&t apps, no flash) Verizon: Fascinate (Bing apps, cdma)...
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    Crashing for months - EVGA GTX 280 to blame?

    I bet it probably is a power issue. I have a VERY similar issue that seems to happen randomly but (thankfully) rarely. As you can see from my sig, I'm powering a GTX280 too and an OCed C2D on a 550W Antec which I understand is dangerously near the minimum requirements. When your screen goes...