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    vid card for multiple monitors

    I've tried looking for an integrated solution but most of the motherboards i've found (micro atx) won't support this or just doesn't work from what i've read, i'm looking for a low profilish vid card that'll support 2 monitors off displayport and 1 off hdmi...i really don't want to spend the...
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    Motherboard suggestion

    I'm in the market to buy a new motherboard and processor...leaning towards Intel Core i5-4460 processor...I'm looking for a reliable motherboard for basic usage nothing crazy, I do zero gaming but do a lot of movie watching and some photo editing and office work on the computer. Going to search...
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    Displayport HDMI question

    Been out of the loop for a while now, question I have a LG 50PZ950UA TV I also have 2 Dell U2414H monitors and am about to buy a MSI R7 265 video do I setup my monitors and TVs to all display the same thing? I already have a HDMI cable ran to where my old computer is and my TV...
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    google chrome

    so i did a lot of searching/research and finally caved to testing out google chrome, i ditched FF3.1beta3 and dove into chrome fulltime, i must say it is lightning fast but omg i have problems up the wazoo...stability, it crashes on avg twice a day (not the browser but my computer), it fills out...
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    Network driver (nas) recommend

    I'm looking to pick up a nas hard drive like 1tb and just connect it to the network for storage of my media files so I can play off of them on my xbox360 so not really looking for anything fancy but I don't want a slow slow setup either, no need for any fancy backup software either so anyone...
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    wireless networking question

    curiosity hit: can i use a wireless router to PICKUP a wireless connection already existing in my house then plug in my computers/xbox into the router so i don't have to buy 3 wireless cards when i already have a router? reason why is i can't run any lines in this old house just not feasible...
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    laptop decision

    I'm looking to spend no more than $500 on a ultra portable more realistically about $400, i would love a tablet but i dont think i'll find anything to my needs really but my requirements are at least: -12.1" or smaller screen -dual core system no preference of amd/intel -1gb ram -80gb hdd...
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    Network/Server Backup

    i am interning for a company right now and am in need of a solution, hopefully you guys can help me out...right now i am in charge of setting up a new file/dhcp/vpn server (a all-in-1 solution) in any case, windows 2003 will be the software of choice since no one is linux savvy. I'm looking at...
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    Digital File Archives

    I am doing some research for my company that i am interning for right now. They are in need of a solution that will allow them to convert their physical workorders into a digital solution so they don't have to keep buying filing cabinets in their already limited amount of space. I was...
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    cat5 cable splicing....

    ok so i've been arguing with my boss we should not splice cat5 cable together...reason being is we have tons of 25' patch cables and we need to run a few long runs (200+ feet) of cat5...i told him repeatadly we should just get a spool of cable and use that...but he is convinced it is perfectly...
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    ATi Component Cable Troubles! :(

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    brain fart diagnosing connection issue

    ok this happens to me all the time but i don't fix computers as often anymore and everytime i figure out what i did wrong i never remember it for next time...anywho...please help me figure out this issue, i know its an easy fix but my brain has been so fried from work/school/personal life i...
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    Flash 3d effects...

    I was wondering if anyone knew of an existing flash with a 3d rotating question mark??? I wanted to put it into a 3d cube flash source code i found. Or maybe someone knows of an already made 3d cube and question mark that rotates in a 3d perspective.
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    Dell Optiplex GX270 Motherboards???

    I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 with a blown motherboard, was wondering, what are my options for motherboards out there? I remember dell use to have propietary cases that wont fit certain boards but not too sure if this one was the case too? Could I get any ATX board and throw it in there?
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    ATi Component Cable Troubles! :(

    So I have a x700 with the component cables out the back...i hook it up to my HDTV and bam it should work fine right (latest drivers/catalyst installed). Nope instead its a blurry picture of what its suppose to display, i tweak around with resoution and refresh rates on the software for the TV...
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    PCMCIA adapter needed, one slot two cards

    OK here's the deal i have one PCMCIA adapter but i must use TWO PCMCIA cards, any adapter out there to help me out? or any way to have them both used at the same time?
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    MIMO question

    The MIMO routers and cards, question about them. If I have a non-MIMO router and have a MIMO pci card, can i still take advantage of the high range it can detect? Mainly all i need is that little extra reach to get to my router (basement) from the upstairs rooms. I know i wont take...
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    boost signal? solutions?

    My scenario, I have my router next to my cable modem in the first floor den, and i need it to reach all the way up stairs to the third floor, right now I get VERY low connectivity and the internet just wont work up there, now how can i boost the signal? I don't want to add wires nor do i want...
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    Help me choose a camera

    Im in need of help, im looking for a budget camera but something with AWESOME shutter lag and power on time....prolyl somewhere around the $250 range. I love the new Sony's with their decent-great photo quality and awesome speed times, but can anyone recommend me something similar? I need...
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    VGA Extension Cable question

    I was looking at getting a 100ft VGA Extension cable...was wondering if there are any quality loss in such a long extension cable? I need it so i can move my monitor across the room to watch TV near my bed...instead of investing in a TV since i have so many monitors lol i was looking at...
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    web programming gurus please help

    OK heres the deal, I want to know how can i make the site funtion like so currently it runs like this (the links) index.php?module=blah_blah&blah=1 how can i make it so it runs like this: index/module/blah_blah/blah/1 its not a site things, its something to do with the server as...
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    JS form help :( cant complete project

    I got this web design course and my js sux, i got the form working and everything but i cant get the form to NOT allow a submit when the validation error comes up...basically when the fields are missing the alerts come up (thats fine) but still lets the form submit, can someone help me out and...
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    Need help updating mysql

    How can I update mysql from 3.23 to 4.0, i just got a new server and my coding was done for 4.0 but for support they want $65 to upgrade to 4.0 anyone know of a good tutorial to update mySQL? if anyone is skilled enough i'll paypal u $20 to do it for me (running linux not windows), u'll...
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    php help

    Blah im rusty with my php (havent played with it in a yr+) can someone help me with this code //select db mysql_select_db("ouikikaz_felina") or die ("Unable to select database!"); $query1 = "SELECT * FROM pinkslipmail ORDER BY name"; $result1 = mysql_query($query1) or die ("Error...
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    Wireless Advice Needed (extend reach)

    I remember reading articles on extending the reach of your wireless card to reach out from like (example: a mile radius), here is my predicament...i live about 2 blocks (eh i'd say half a mile at most but lets say 3/4 mile) from my campus' closest hot spot. I want to reach the on campus hot...
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    Flash mx2004 Pro Help

    Im looking for a very experienced flash mx 2004 pro version flash coder. I have some issues with a flash program i'm trying to create. Causing some problems to make it not deployable. It is created using Flash mx2004 PRO and can only be altered with Flash mx 2004 PRO...keep in mind the PRO...
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    PDA pocket pc software

    what are some of the essential software that I should get for the pocket pc? Im about to make an investment on one and wanted to see what type of software you guys recommend. Essentials or worth a look at picks :)
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    Apple speakers on PC?

    I was wondering if there was a way to use the Apple Speakers ( ) on a PC like either via the iFire ( ) or any other way. The ifire looks like it'll work on PC but software wise is there any type of drivers...
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    Acrlyc case, grounding?

    How is the motherboard grounded on an acrylic case? I want to build an acrylic case full on but wanted to know how it'll be grounded.
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    power switch cables where?

    i am looking to purchase a cable for the power switch and power led, you know the one where you connect from the switch to the motherboard...i wanted to know where is the best place i can find these? I reside in the USA...
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    Blue Vandal Switch Where?

    Anyone know where I can find this switch in stock? If you know please let me know, looking for several alternative stores.
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    Logitech Z2200 or 5300

    Im debating over which to get, they are both similiarly priced but does anyone know, aside from the 5.1 setup on the 5300, should i get the 2200 over it? Or would the 5300 be way better?