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    Locked at 40x multi with i7-6700k and Maximus VIII Hero?

    I'm working on overclocking a new build but for some reason I seem to be locked at a 40x multiplier. I've disabled (at least so I think) all speedstep and any power reduction features. TPU is set to "Keep Current Settings" and CPU core ratio is set to "Sync All Cores" followed by a ratio limit...
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    DirectPath on ESXi 5.1 not saving USB adapters

    I need to be able to attach USB devices to certain hosts like printers and USB storage. When I first added them and rebooted the server it saved and I was able to add a thumb drive to a host to install an OS. At some point it seems that config vanished. Now when I try to add my USB adapters to...
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    Batch file loop help, extra iteration?

    I'm trying to put a batch file together to run a program on each logical drive on a system except for optical drives. It filters out the optical drives just fine but for some reason my echo of the built up command I am testing with runs one extra time except the variables have no values. It's...
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    Water Cooled Bulldozer Build

    I'm still living in the Core 2 generation and I decided it was time to do a big upgrade this time around. My signature shows the parts I am putting together for this build. Since I don't have my cooling components listed in my signature I'll list it here: Swiftech MCP350 EK DDC X-RES Top 140...
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    Handwriting notes on a Touchpad

    I want to use my Touchpad to take hand written notes. Can this even be done well on the it? What software is recommended? What should I use to provide the pen input?
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    Stand alone speakers good for close placement

    I have some TSC bookshelf speakers that I like but in my apartment they are placed really close to me (I have to put them on my desk) so they will often sound boomy. I am looking for some smaller speakers that are suited for closer placement to the listener until I can get a bigger space. I...
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    PHP: Preventing Session Hijacking, CSRF

    I am creating what amounts to a pretty basic PHP application. I am doing this because I want to learn important concepts in PHP programming and in securing PHP applications for a much bigger project that I have. So I've been doing my best to read up on different ways of securing PHP...
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    8GB 2x4GB G.SKILL F3-8500CL7D-8GBSQ SO-DIMM $27 $27 if you don't have to pay tax, free shipping. EDIT: CRAP. Dupe! Sorry! :(
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    My computer, now with added ghetto!

    I got a new Antec 920 and a QX6850. I come to discover that (obviously) with my huge northbridge heatsink, the 920 will not fit in my case with even a single fan attached. My solution? Attach a fan to the outside of the case :) I am going to gather the tools/stuff together to modify the top of...
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    SSD with the lowest power consumption

    I am looking to get a SSD for my eventually arriving T420s. One thing that is very important to me (to an extreme extent) is battery life. I like to make cuts at every component possible to give me even that extra 5 minutes. So here is my question: for a person like me, what SSD should I get...
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    MP3 Player, Expandable storage, FM, FLAC... SanDisk Fuze?

    I am looking for a new MP3 player. It doesn't have to be something currently sold but it does have to have the following: FLAC support FM radio Expandable storage (SD would be amazing, microSD is good) So far the player that I have found that best fits the bill is the SanDisk Fuze (not...
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    No POST/Video

    Ok, so I have had a bit of a renewed desire to overclock my setup (in sig) since I have a GTX 470 on the way. Got 2GHz FSB/3.5GHz CPU/DDR2-1000 stable which was really awesome. I wanted to see if I might be able to squeeze out another 100MHz. Well, The computer failed to boot and did the normal...
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    CitiesXL 2011 50% Off (Pre-order, must own CitiesXL) CitiesXL 2011 for $20 when you pre-order and you own CitiesXL. CitiesXL 2011 is pretty much CitiesXL without the huge memory leaks and such. There has been some content added but I think the majority of the changes are...
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    Dolby TrueHD, Windows 7

    I have ripped my Blu-Ray collection to my media server and I have discovered an issue I have with only rips from movies that use Dolby TrueHD. When I play a movie with a DTS-MA audio track everything works fine. When I play it in Media Center or in TMT the computer outputs in DTS (my receiver...
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    Making Windows 7 Sleep With a Schedule Task

    I am trying to set up a scheduled task on my HTPC to make it sleep. Everything I have tried so far (that I found on google) causes the computer to hibernate and not sleep. What gives? This is what I am currently using in the task, but like I said I have tried several variations. Any...
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    Lian Li, Intel HTPC

    I just moved into an apartment and I planned on not getting TV service to cut down on my bills. Since buying a ready made streaming box isn't nearly as fun as building one yourself, I went ahead and built my own. Hardware: Case: Lian Li PC-C37B PSU: Enermax EES400AWT_II CPU: Intel Core i3...
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    Steam weekend deal: Sid Meier's Civilization IV Whole package for $10. I picked up just the game for $5.
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    Windows 7/Samba Issues - Unable to connect to shares

    [2010/01/31 13:31:44, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(1012) '/home/master' does not exist or permission denied when connecting to [master] Error was Permission denied [2010/01/31 13:31:44, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(1012) '/var/www/html' does not exist or permission...
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    Looking for a flash/javascript MP3 player that allows navigation

    I'm looking for a MP3 player made in flash or javascript that allows navigation. By navigation I mean I want to be able to throw together a bunch of MP3s and allow the user to select an artist then album to bring up MP3s to play. The reason being that when I say a bunch I really do mean a large...
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    Trouble tracing down compile errors (C++)

    Here is my code Here is the list of errors: The first error is the one that has me the most, and the other errors I am just finding puzzling. Suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Asus Xonar D2 $120 w/$30 MIR + free shipping has the Xonar D2 for $120 after rebate with free shipping.
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    Streaming Media Center media without extender

    I want to set up a Media Center PC and have it act more like a Media Center server. This "server" would have all the required hardware so that on its own it would be a full featured Media Center PC. However, I want to stream live tv, recorded tv, dvds, all that media to other computers in the...
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    Getting very poor speeds in Windows XP

    I have a WD 80gb SATA hard drive on a VIA m-itx system. The computer has been suffering from poor performance and in an attempt to figure out the problem I used HD Tune to test the speed of the drive. I am getting very low read speeds (<3MBps). I have used various diagnostic tools to see if it...
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    Problem streaming media

    So I have recently set up a server that I use for among other things my movies and music. All my computers connect through a wireless router. Now when I am using my desktop (see sig) I have problems streaming audio and video. It will cut out and be choppy. Now when I am using my Eee to stream...
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    Hardware temperature monitoring

    I am starting a cooling hardware review site and I have been trying to sort out temperature monitoring. I want to be able to record reliable temperatures for various pieces of hardware: CPU, northbridge, memory, etc. For CPU temperature monitoring I would love to have something like what [H]...
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    Scheduled task won't run on locked computer

    I set up a new server (Windows Server 2003) and I have been trying to configure it to automatically turn on and off. I created a scheduled task to run shutdown.exe (-s of course) at midnight every night. I also set up the username and password so the task would be run under the administrator...
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    Dolby Digital w/Vista MCE and Audigy 2

    I am using Daniel_K drivers in Vista for my Audigy 2 and yes I have the SPDIF cable connected from my DVD player to my sound card. I have the digital out on my sound card connected to my amp. When I run the test for Dolby Digital in the sound setup of Vista the amp changes to Dolby Digital...
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    E.M.P - Eee Mobile Platform

    So I finally got my Eee PC I have been wanting to grab. Now it's time to tear it apart. The [H]ard way... :D Parts: Eee PC 4G Surf (This thing is freakin TINY) Cirago Micro Bluetooth Adapter (This thing is freakin TINY :D) GlobalTop G66 (This thing is freakin TI... well you know) 7" Touch...
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    Logitech Driving Force GT @ Fry's B&M

    Fry's has the Logitech Driving Force GT (This is their new wheel for the PS3) for $100. Cheapest I found online was $107 (w/out shipping & tax) at
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    DiRT for PC - $15 YMMV

    I was at my local Fry's yesterday and I saw they had DiRT for only $15. Good bargain if you ask me.
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    Best racing wheel for $100-$150?

    I am in the market for a racing wheel but the problem is nothing seems to be the right combination. There is the Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro that has a clutch pedal (something most wheels don't have) but it only have 270 degrees of rotation. Then there is the Logitech Driving Force Pro that has...
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    Vista Media Center will not stop changing channels

    I have Vista Home Premium (w/SP1) and when using Media Center it will start to change the channels all by its self and will only occasionally stop or slow down. I am using the Microsoft MCE remote and I was thinking maybe the IR receiver is broken and needs to be replaced. I have no clue though...
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    What's killing my memory?

    I just had a second set of memory die on me. The first set was a pair of G.Skill modules that I may have pushed a little too hard, but now I am not so sure because I just killed my second set. This time I have some Muskin sticks I was running these muskin modules BELOW their rated specs (speed...
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    Audio conversion - WMA to MP3

    I need to convert a LOT of WMA files to MP3 files. What is the best program for this? I want something that will preserve the ID3 tags. Everything I have found so far removes them and then I have to manually edit the files. What do you guys suggest?
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    Open Box: Asus P5E / X38 $100

    Newegg has an open box Asus P5E for $100. Retails for $200. Credit to ericeod on for the find. EDIT: Price has gone up to $150 :-/
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    Best way to fold with a set of identical computers

    I am looking into taking a big jump into folding for the [H]ord and I am currently looking into setting up 10 systems with identical specs for folding. What would be the best way to take advantage of all the computing power? Setup an OS and the folding client on each computer or use each...
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    Capture card compatable with Mac OSX

    I am looking for capture devices that are compatible with Mac OSX. It would either need to be a low profile PCI capture card or some sort of external solution. What is available? I am currently looking at the Plextor ConvertX PVR but I have no idea what else is really available.
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    So who here bought it one steam? I did. I played the betas and I absolutely love the game. It's definitely worth the $10.
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    My G.Skill memory died - what should I replace it with?

    My G.Skill memory died on me and I am kinda confused on what to get. Newegg is basically offering me $160 credit towards memory. With this in mind, what should I be looking at getting? I want to get something I can push really hard (after I get aftermarket cooling of course). Here are the couple...
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    2.4ghz fsb on a P965

    I am planning on upgrading this rig in the summer but there is one thing I am kinda stuck on. One thing I really want to do is be able to hit a 2.4ghz FSB (which I understand can be done but is difficult) on my motherboard. What kind of cooling solution would I need for my current motherboard...